Thursday, September 1, 2016


“What should I do when there is nothing that I could do?” He ululated helplessly and the sea howled back with turbulent waves one after the other lashing angrily on the shore on that overcast monsoon morning. Yelling, his cries sucked up without trace by the constant sound of beastly waves beating on the shore and the howling incessant roar of the wind   he went down on his knees and punched his fist on the wet sand in anger and wretchedness. The sea continued to roar its tumultuous vitriol.

He was swept over with disgust and wrath- like in epic scale.  When all that he can do is watch and watch in utter impuissance, like a mute spectator, a eunuch!  He wished he could seize the situation and pluck her out from the infestation; bludgeon the  maggots who feasted on her and like a child does with care to a cocoon- cup safely in his closed palms and run farther and farther away from the beasts and the interminable selfish parasites . A pearl not cared for and it’s worth unnoticed. He felt a deep pang incessantly hammering in him. 
  If only one could go back in time machine! He wished.

In a suspended state of self inflicted denial, perpetually fooling her and the people who wished her good, she was hoping to conjure a feeling of goodness, and quiet; of love and harmony. Not many human beings would refuse to be be plowed down like she and still not be disheveled. Well at least in appearance.  The wounds and the scars of these years were well masked. The outward gaiety and exuberance was a decoy, nevertheless the courage and the clarity of thought was sublime and unseen. The pleasantness in the face and the  serene pulchritude was unmatched.

 Yet the fact remained that what shows on the surface- the seeming placidness is a facade meant for the world, the world of unholy curiosity and callousness