Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Monkey God

Polemics are always frowned upon. But that is because you feel your contention and comfort zone is threatened. At the same time when you make fantastic claims it must be supported not by fantastic faith but verifiable evidence. “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”
Yesterday on this holy and zealously individual place called “my wall” on ‘face book’ a post someone posted happened to reflect on my Timeline. It was fascinating news of Hanuman Jayanthi being celebrated. Naturally my temperament did not let me ignore it. I posted a comment which read, “Goodness me finally they found the birth date of the Monkey God!”
Now tell me was there any rudeness and disparaging tone in that remark? Absolutely not, I can tell and argue with reason. But the gentlemen who posted took umbrage at it and replied rather menacingly. “Desist...from making such an insulting words for the gods....and if you have any problem keep it with yourself ...If I start pointing the fingers ok on banana State of for yours ( Kerala)…. .” I really did not understand the last part, though. Moreover since the word 'jayanthi' is understood to mean  birth date, it was also natural to wonder , how the heck they established that.
I politely asked him in my reply what was insulting in my observation. Wasn’t Hanuman member of the monkey clan? Folks considering him God don’t alter his race. Does it? But he would have none of it. He warned me to desist from trolling. Well, I rest matters there as Facebook seems to be held and guarded zealously by many people where they can tell whatever they want, but frowns upon any critical comments. That, one must not ever agree.
But the question remained, “Did they uncover the birth date of Hanuman, the Monkey God.?”
This morning different post from another gentleman reflected on my page. There was a picture of a clan of monkeys being fed (they were seated like at a table and partaking). The caption read “Vanara sena- Hanuman Jayanthi party.”
Now, interestingly the gentleman who posted this is a staunch Hindu and an ardent fan of the saffron brigade.

Now where did I err? In asking if they really uncovered Hanuman’s birth date? Or did I err in calling Hanuman- ‘Monkey God’? I began to wonder but soon understood there was nothing to be astonished about.
I repeat the quote I mentioned earlier. “What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence”
To use the social media to purvey and assert one’s fantasies, bias, and idiosyncrasies or bizarre claims supporting ones belief system or political affiliations cannot be done without inviting criticism and scrutiny. If you do, yes you may do it, but don’t act offended when someone ask you to prove your fantastic assertion. There is no mockery and trolling in it. It is sarcastic reply to your eccentric and  assertion.
Take it or leave it. Its social media and it’s an open space.


B Pradeep Nair said...

It's like humour ... everyone appreciates a joke, until it's on them.
On social media, people are vocal about their views.
But when someone, very politely, raises a counterpoint, they take offence.

KParthasarathi said...

Your point that what is written in public space is open to review is well made. If one wishes to avoid criticism and moderate the comment,the option is available on the blogger.
That said,in mythology and matters relating to beliefs in divinity,there can be no scientific proofs or slide rule evaluations.Evidence as in common parlance can never be given.This is applicable to all religions.Much of the beliefs come from word of mouth. One can choose to be an atheist,agnostic or a believer according to one's inclinations and write whatever one wants in his blog fully aware that it may elicit different views unless comments are enabled for moderation.

Unknown said...

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Insignia said...

People get offended for everything and nothing these days.

rudraprayaga said...

It is a matter of perception. Some people believe blindly what they hear or read. They don't want any evidence or proof. Some despite the proofs, stick on to what they have framed in their minds, may it be that of faith or physical life. It is difficult to make them discern one's view.

But some amicable ones will change themselves as per belief, evidence or clarification. Each one has one's own span of expression. Here you are correct in accordance with your belief and view. The other person may be a fanatic that cannot bear any comments touching his belief.

Anyway, you have expressed your view in good language.