Saturday, September 20, 2008

A small attempt know myself.

Is there a meaning to this life?? Hindu wisdom calls it karmic and re-birth. The cycle that goes on and on until you are completely washed of sins of the previous birth. A not very fascinating point to stop thinking and call out “Eureka”.
And the the Christians who found ways to wash away temporarily the sins of the present life through confession, talk about eternal hell and the the golden gates of heaven. In the youngest of all of faith Islam, as it is seen today it is easy to go the Nether world (no one knows for sure hell or heaven) by blowing one up along with the passer by. .

I cannot subscribe to these views may be because I am a moron! No, because no one has come back to clarify on these theories. And that then brings me back to the question why am I hear? It just doesn't make sense!!!!

What difference does it make if I was not born? What difference does it make when I’m gone? Deluge? Ha ha that theory is for megalomaniacs and mercifully I’m far from being one.

Then can some body out there tell me why the hell we are here???????? And what sense can one see in all the frenzy and melee we enter into???

The Sherpa who went up to the Everest top on his 75 th birthday sure must have had his priority, his look to life different.
Indoctrination, conditioning – into a conformed life, that begins at a very tender age. You are conditioned to react to situations, not with open heart a, but with facial mask. Venality and banality camouflaged from your countenance, you live an imposter, a marionette. You are indoctrinated to be some body, believe in some ism, show and profess faith in one particular path... Child hood indoctrination gets you through adolescence, gets you into adult hood by when you have learnt to profess all hypocritical acrobatics. You have become perfectly arboreal. The society wants you so. You betroth, marry and produce babies. Then you become the master at the other end, conditioning and indoctrination of your children begin- the cycle goes on. Meanwhile the relentless ebb of time cripples you mentally and physically. You are fatigued, tired and wriggle into the place behind doors, your limbs and muscles crying with pain , out of weather beaten wear and tear. You wait to squeeze through after one last exhalation into the wooden cask. or to get gobbled by the inferno in a electric crematorium, or still you could will your physical body to the cadaver hungry medical schools. Will you then ask from your heart, “Have I had the best out of the days I walked this earth.” Bearing and rearing children, living a conformed life, being goody goody, is not it prosaic? For a lover of the mountains every peak he scales, for an explorer every new frontier he touches, for a bi-plane pilot every cloud he caresses are the beginning and end of what gives life its meaning. Well then producing children and living clustered and withering away without feeling the earth that gave us life , will that be counted?

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Balachandran V said...

why not? The question is whether one is content with the state of affairs. But then, there is such a hullabaloo about contentment. Is it so important to be content?