Friday, December 18, 2009

Do You want to be like the Jones Next Door????

I m called Mr. 10% percent. The pseudonym is suggested by me.
Because it is widely held that if they partake with me a share of their gotten bounty the ethical and moral questions that can come up because of their words and deeds are lessened by my plenipotentiary. And they believe if I’m offered gratification for their mendacity my temperament is such that I turn blind eye to their malfeasance and arrogance. People also call me God in Queens English and am also known by plethora of names and euphemisms. People from different creed call me by different names. ”In fact they call me names”. Well thinking about that is exhausting for me even though you may describe me as the all prevailing and all consuming.
In fact this is a confession, confession and acceptance of my absolute incapability. This is a self indictment of me for my affable view of the “homo sapiens” whose creation and existence is attributed to me.
Am accused of incompetence, irresponsibility and graft. The third allegation, for reasons that was never of my doing. Because they created the system where in greasing of hands of the giver has become morally impeccable and a quality that can be flaunted with hubris and pride. Am accused of malfeasance from inflicting epidemics, death, war, misfortune, abundance of wealth, lack of it and unexplainable hardships on mankind.
Am not disputing the biological theory of evolution of living organisms and of all man. That theory seems to be more plausible rather than an under performer like me being instrumental in bringing about all the chaos and anarchy in this planet. Nevertheless though, that misadventure is attributed to me. But the point is; now I have reached my nether and have to confess my sheer helplessness and staunchly reject all forms of innuendos, omissions and commissions that go with my name.
I will try to elucidate
My answer here in reply to my alleged incompetence and misdemeanor is “do you want to be like the Jones next door”?
Because there in this question lies the answers which would suffice for my defence. If situations sway you off your feet as it did with the 'Jones next doors',  then as it is said in the book which has allegedly my spoken words 'you will inherit the wind', and beware chickens will come back to roost. That is not of my volition. But law of nature is such!

Corruption and graft began with the Jones offering me in their little kind when they were at subsistence level and then in seemingly philanthropic tyranny when luck showered them with fortune in plenty. Honestly I never asked any. But they know where to dust their philanthropy, and they seldom part with their fortune when fan fare and fame is not at arms length. They gave in plenty to all embodiments that plunder and thrive in my name. They fabricated statuettes in their form and claimed that they were my replicas and invested them in their mansions and in grandiose places they call Temples of God...
They had some piety when their fortunes were little. But sudden shower of wealth from manna (where I do not dwell), have brought out the vile character that was dormant in them - both in young and old alike. They fathom to forget that “all the wealth will not erase the past off their back”.
But still they believe that I exist and I could be silenced by greasing of my palm.
They swear by the ten covenants fabricated in my name but immaculately cross them with impudence .Well they think they can grease my palm and get away!
They are as the quote goes, have never killed a man but read obituaries with great pleasure.
They live in delusions of Puritanism. They fornicate when the covenants they swear upon instruct against. They preach morals and embrace such conduct that suits them. They sodomise kin in spirit, words and in deed .They think they can grease my palm and get away. Pretense is their volition of heart. They are down on their knees every morning and chant gibberish with eyes closed only to remind me how traitorous they are and as what incorrigible fool they see me as. They are false unto one other. Well they think they can grease my palm and get away.
They are self-made men and women and worship the creator they created and not the creator who may have created them and given them the pleasure of existence. They have been snowed under by wealth and materialistic wellness that they would even pay off their mothers for bearing them.
That is the power of wealth they wield.
When the avarice and unremitting greed of man rule all characteristic traits in the likes of Jones, it eclipses all goodness and selfishness rules the roost. What can I do? They will then quote the scripture to their ends and morality becomes a loosely defined term to be shoved under the carpet when inconvenient truths glare back.
Man is hungry for power and to maintain power he needs wealth, wealth gathered by any means, and to have wealth he needs power. The twain is much intertwined

I the 10% percent have nothing to do with this ill blood as in fact I do not exist in flesh and blood as they want me to.

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Ashok Menath said...

OMG! You must be Bruce Almighty...