Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Modern day Pharohs

This is a brief note on the Modern day Pharaohs who crave to reach the nether world with all their trappings from this world intact.

They are  amongst us. And they lost their soul long ago when the life they chose was one of lust for riches. Now they are all in their near twilight times. But the feeling of invincibility rules the roost and has metamorphosed them into impudent lot. The audacity comes from the power of the riches that flooded to them like manna from heaven. The weird sisters of Macbeth (the three witches) where a lot that was unfairly ridiculed as the dark characters. But the witches I speak about are the wayward ones, hand in hand, and assume to be the masters of the sea, sky and land”.
They are witches of dark and contradictory nature, with filthy trappings and activities.

They know that the days of the mortals are few. But the craving to walk the earth forever and ever lingers like the undying tempest.
They have now struck upon the idea of an after life. They yearn and will to carry the booty they amassed through their very many means into the crypt they will finally be interned. Like the Pharaohs they have decided to take into their sepulcher the gold, trinkets, money and all other material garnering they possess. They fear, they fear having to leave all that they possess behind.

They fear being dispossessed in this world. The fear of being dispossessed in the nether world! And like the Pharaohs they fear death and dispossession. And they look forward to the Day of Judgment when they they believe they can carry all that they have with them. Fear has begun to give them sleepless nights.
And yes they are building the Pyramids of the present times so that they can intern in with all that they possess.


Balachandran V said...

Well! Thankfully, their riches do not include reading blogs, exp., yours; or you would feel the heat of hatred even from up there in the heavens when they take up residence there! :)

A New Beginning said...

this post has a very deep meaning :)You have a great style of writing!!

anilkurup said...

Such people fear the truth that can pulverise when its is transferred into words and letters.Hence they do not bond with the written words.They fear light , they fear awareness , and knowledge.
The museums of Alexandria came about long after the Pharaohs. Because the Pharaohs were obsessed with themselves and had no time for being aware or perhaps feared truth. They deluded.
As for the malaise that may befall from heaven in future ha ha ah aha !!!

amalg999 said...

What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world and loseth his own soul ?

anilkurup said...


What if he has no soul to lose????????????