Thursday, April 7, 2011

A small Riposte

I love brick bats and derogatory comments against my view points. But if these were enhanced with substantial points and reasoning of the opposite view, the whole process of airing on the Blog would be much thrilling and great. But when one wears blinkers and one is audaciously obstinate to open ones eyes, when one is fearful of the light, well then can we ask for anything better? Faith is not an inviolable or an absolute notion or subject. It better be substantiated, lest it may be classified with superstition and hearsay. And if faith is hurt and offended because of a contrary opinion, see how fragile faith itself is! Though I agree that one has the right to stick to faith

I wish that there were a dozen apostles, god men, alive and who could at the drop of the hat change the world. The miseries, the fear, sufferings, poverty, hunger, diseases, death, wars, destruction, the list wish can grow. If only the Gurus, the Bhagawans, the Saints, the Majis, the Swamis could get together around a table and eradicate and banish once for all, the list of bane I mentioned! Until then it is difficult and impossible to be convinced about the incarnate forms they are, or to be convinced about the sorcery and magic they connive.
The great ones who have passed through this world and some who are still amongst us do not stake claim for greatness, immortality or Godliness. They have not and do not play intrigue and stage tricks on us. They have lived their life in full and have not yearned or craved for physical immortality. But we and generations to come will notice the noble deeds they did without the trappings of pomp, godliness and magic. And certainly they are the Gods we have to bow to.
Now please read interesting comments on my views on the SaiBaba.

To Mr. anil,

There exists thin line between superstition and faith...having said that what is faith to me cud be superstion to some one else..but i beleive what i see..not unverified allegations from closed minded people..all said..whether aged or not, when some one close to you is not well..any one feels such it is very important to be cautious and to note that we dont disrespect others faith...u say sai baba is fooling my opinion you are fooling people by by writing unverified (which never happening) events..good luck dude..keep writing takers here.. Ganesh


I believe that people like Anil has to voice themselves for attention sake!They don't have a view to express, they can only be loud and can only remind us of likes of Rakhi Sawant!

Very simply he could have kept his view and expression of speech to his blog or to his like minded people, but Nah! how can we expect a likes of Rakhi Sawant to not to indulge in the acts of bragging! 

We are people of mental strength, we should completely avoid even replying to such people!! 

Especially when we all here to celebrate the man, the bhagvan and his life, my guru! ( Signature)

Mr. anil..

to question is anybody's right..but to say bad things about someone who has transformed lives of millions of ppl positively is somthing really sad..check out this link to know (a glimpe) of what baba has done to society ..

also, can you proudly say if you have changed a 100 ppl's life atleast positively? if not, what credibility we have to talk of somoone who is respected by so many..even if you want to criticize get the facts and proof..dont keep yelling.. 

, too agree with the Swapna. Media has no work other than finding some news and making them sensational by including anything in it. So, i too, request every reader believe what she is saying and do not listen and act on media sayings' blindly.  Ganesh

Mr Anil..

pls look at the faith the person who has written the blog has on Sri Satya Sai..Millions of us feel the same way the blogger feels..i think ppl like Anilkurup need to learn to respect others faith and thats is what secularity is all comment like anil in such a sensitive suituation is the height of sadistic mentality..i studied ther for 7 yrs..Sai baba is the means more to me than my parents..hope sense dwans on you Mr anil..Thxs  Ganesh


Insignia said...

Anil!! common what are you sulking at?
You have been equated with Rakhi Sawant!

Go out and celebrate :-P

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,

Ha ha B , Yes indeed I'm enjoying the equation. May be next time around I and Rakhi Sawant will be in the BIG BOSS together with some of these guys. Ha!

Balachandran V said...

Like I have always said, the cause of the believers are not something to be mocked at - but to be laughed at! It is interesting to note how they have avoided the core issue that you raised - that Saibaba resorted to cheap magic to reinstate his greatness. I had sometime ago posted a link to a video on how he produced Siva linga from 'thin air'. I have also seen how he produced Rolex watches.

The point of all this is that such believers will never learn. They are not seekers of truth, but seekers of their own comfort and security. As long as such people exist, the tribe of Babas and Matajis will increase! This tendency of humanity is not the forte of Hinduism or of this age alone - it spreads across the universe and over centuries. I am sure there have been always people like you who criticized tricksters and blind followers. It will be there even after we are dead and gone. So - just shrug and laugh it off, this duplicity of humanity. With all due respects to Babas and Ammas for their ability to accumulate billions worth of assets! Now, that is something to be respected! :-D

You should provide the link to the videos - if it is still in Youtube. The author had said that he had recd threats!

anilkurup said...

Im not mocking at their faith. I only commented with certain facts that is available to anyone and that shook them out of their mirage of a cocoon. They feel threatened, fearful. On the contrary I thoroughly enjoyed their mocking.
Here are some links,Sai Baba Exposed. One of the best videos completely exposing the fake tricks .

”One of the best video exposing the fake tricks of sai baba”.

( This document, a must read, was compiled by two ex-devotees who were once very close to this demon and was deceived by it. Their marriage was conducted by it, and were the authors of three popular books on this wretch - which they had removed from the market upon discovery of deceit)

Balachandran V said...

none of the links you provided work. Try this - it will lead to several others that expose Sai Baba.

anilkurup said...

@ Balachandran,

Try again the links are ok. Also go to you tube and paste "BBC expose on Saibaba". It is a 6 part video. Quite a revelation but that has been known for long.

dr.antony said...

There are no questions asked in 'faith'.And that is why it is called faith. It need not be the truth.

I have known some friends who were devotees of Saibaba.They were all well educated and knowledgeable.My closest friend,who is the professor of Medicine and a Harvard fellow in artificial intelligence,is his ardent follower.He must have his reasons.Like most of us have reasons for what we do.
After all,what are we trying to prove?

anilkurup said...

@ doc antony,
I'm not trying to prove. One can prove only when all eyes are open.
This is a forum for discussion and I do not say that I will appreciate only views that are similar to mine. At the same time I also do not feel offended when my opinions are refuted or pulled down. If faith is so frail and fragile to be offended by a perceived smear what is faith?

I was only reacting to certain well supported facts and certain Blog postings and opinions . When some one says that Saibaba is not ill and the suffering if he has is of his volition and he decides. he is being forced into dialysis. And all this is the planting of news by the media etc etc, any one who love to think a wee bit will have to opine.
Belief in God is certainly a private affair and I'm not questioning that. The matters we are confronting are beyond that mundane harmless subject.isn't it?

Happy Kitten said...

Can understand your frustration! Have been in your shoes myself and have realized that it is not easy to convince people when they are hell bent to blv anything. I blv one has to wait until they experience isillusionment themselves.
As they say, one can either learn from other's mistakes and avoid it or one can go ahead and commit those mistakes and then achieve enlightenment :)
In Kerala, there are so many Christian faith healers who even claim to have raised the dead, I keep wondering why our hospitals are filled to the brim. If at least one of them can cure those languishing from dreadful disease;specially the likes of cancer, then how happy their relatives would be. Their reply as always been that they lack faith which is stupid and silly. I am sure those admitted to centres like REC will easily clutch this so called faith if it was possible.

nd now we have one more Godman in the making; he who claims success in teleportation.. Sai Baba can rest in peace now :)

Happy Kitten said...

and since such Godmen bring money to himself and those around him, who will ever want to stop them!

Money is everything and there are many who will easily forget their own parents but will prostrate in front of these healers and Godmen.

anilkurup said...

@ Happy Kitten,

First of all I would like to emphasise that I intend to convince no one. I use this medium as means of putting across my point and try to reason it with facts and proof where ever possible.I'm not frustrated.I in fact feel a kind of pity at the plight of people who choose to be nit wits. One cannot talk to a fool.When minds are shut out of fear and blindness what else will help. Only Saibaba and his ilk can help.
Why the educated and the intelligent fall prostrate and supplicate to these fake phenomenon such as this , I do not know. People do not believe in God they will believe only when miracles or magic is performed by the gods.
They take cover calling it faith.