Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Udhara nimittam oru Gulf yatra" (In quest, a journey across the seas)

"Athilo mundee luncitha kesa
Kashyambhara bahukrutha vesha
Passyanapi cha na passyathi loka
Udhara nimittam bahukrutha sokha ( vesha)”.

                       “Men with hairs overgrown,
                         Men with a shaved head,
                         Men with a well- cut hair,
                         Men with ocher robes,
                         See the world,
                         But pretend they don’t,
                         And suffer all the way,
                         To fill their belly forever”!

No spiritual conceits this, or aided by exotics in spirits;
Reflections and musings,in search of spirit to move fore.


Balachandran V said...

All the best! Great that you could find time to blog!

Mélange said...

Best wishes..God Bless !

Insignia said...

Uh! umm..confused.

Comments give a clue that you have moved elsewhere.

All the best :)

kavita said...

Confused too .
My best wishes !

kavita said...

Oh ,now i see ....Gulf Yatra !! All the Best !

anilkurup said...

@ Balan,
Time is not a scarcity now.

@ melange

@ Insignia

Yes you have got it right. Doc Antony for company now.

@ Kavita,
Oh yes that is right.

Happy Kitten said...

Hope you are having (or had?) a great time...

nd let all the sypmathies for the Gulfies pour out .... :)