Thursday, February 2, 2012

Abu, the son of Adam

What that made me wonder and think, was the movie, “Adam inte Makan Abu” (Adam’s son Abu), in Malayalam and that which acceptably won the National and International acclaim. The movie was a well created one with good visuals and restrained performances.

The story line is about Abu an emaciated perfume vendor whose only wish in life is a pilgrimage to the Haj. To fetch enough resources for the journey, he and his wife ends up selling all they had and even almost gave away their bosom house. However still running short of the required money they are offered the means by a couple of good Samaritans. Since accepting money that is not earned or from the immediate ones is forbidden by didactic Islamic scripts, they are devastated and forlornly cast away their savoured dream of the pilgrimage to Mecca.

The fim has many scenes wherein Abu, swears that the very essence of being born is to touch upon the soil of Mecca. The Creator sends forth Man into the world, to be enriched and salvaged by the pilgrimage to the Haj. The reason being born human being is to journey to Mecca! And, Abu nor his wife, though barely eke out living, has no inhibitions or misgivings in throwing away all that little they possess to raise money for the journey of their life.

I was left wondering on many occasions through the movie, that man’s search and straying after a mirage, a faith, and a concept that is allegedly holed up at the top of the golden stairway has no bounds.
The perplexing psyche is to throw away a life in hand and anticipate a much fancied after life that no one has known, seen or come back to vouch. To barter the life to live for a concept of life in what is called “Paradise” as it is made out. The bird in hand is forgotten in the search and fascination for the two that is alleged to be in the bush. Some like Abu crave for a journey to the Haj and would readily part with the little they have for subsistence. Some murder and kill for the promised stairway up into the clouds. It is a strange matter that baffles comprehension. And we call it “faith”!

I do not find reasons to be impressed about what some may call faith , or manifestly “blind faith" and precisely because of the halo given to the term, treat it as holy and beyond impeachment. Sacrosanct that it is impervious to logic, understanding, knowledge and all that is empirical. It is secure against all criticism, argument and opinion. Commonsense is jettisoned as being an unwanted baggage. It is a matter of faith and faith is blind, the argument goes!

Well then what is faith?
 When one is blind, what could one possible see? Which means what is argued as the unquestionable notion or faith, is a state of mind that is arrived when one is blind. And since one is blind one is not sure, if it is a journey partially afloat like a drift wood. It is like a cab driver leaving you some where assuring you it is at the door of everlasting asylum and abode of happiness, while your eyes are closed or you are blind to see where he actually left you. And for that journey, you parted with all that you had and enriched life, the loved ones who made your life a cherished one, and with eyes closed faithfully.

There, then, is no faith that is blind and not, faith itself is blind. 


BK Chowla, said...

It is a matter of personal feel,personal choice.
May be,I would see the movie(hindi version) someday

....Petty Witter said...

Strange that you should mention this as it is actually one of the films being shown at a local independent cinema near us in which groups watch the film and then discuss it. After reading your post I'm hoping we can get tickets, thanks.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

I’ve seen the movie and have to say that Salim Kumar’s performance is absolutely brilliant. But, thematically, I feel that it’s a bit regressive.
Of late, I’ve been thinking about man’s insatiable urge to have something to believe in; either religious or political. But, as creatures that evolve is it possible to have a rigid belief or even a lack of belief? What could be perceived true today may seem utter nonsense or vice versa. But it takes a man of integrity and courage to accept that. Like to know your take on this.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...
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NRIGirl said...

Interestingly the faithful wonder as strongly about those with least care about the hereafter.

Life goes on... With or without faith - here and in the hereafter.

anilkurup said...

@ BK Chowla,

Certainly Sir, it is a matter of personal feel and choice. I was only attempting to think further beyond the inhibition of personal preference, that stops abrupt at the point of inconvenience.

@Petty Witter,

Yes it is a watch-able movie, and can let you think unbiased, if you like.

@ Arun Meethalechirakal.

I agree with some of your points.
About being regressive- well should we attribute or assign social responsibilities to a creation of art? I do not think so. It is the prerogative of the writer and the Director to tell a story they want.

As for the last question, my take is if we cannot tell without an iota of doubt, or the available evidences do not support a theory, is it not better, wise to suspend our judgement, than be obstinate.
Rather than offer to die for a belief that may tomorrow be proved rubbish.Or forget to live in the present?

Do frequent into Blogs.

anilkurup said...

@ NRI,

Sure life goes on. But then why do we also include discussion, debates, and search for knowledge ?

Insignia said...

Its human to trust something unknown, faith is one of them isnt it Anil? If thats what keeps some of us behave with integrity and humanity; so be it. Very few of us dont need that unknown pillar to support us. Man created faith, religion, belief for his convenience; to suppress some section; to divide, to instill fear. Way of survival. Dont you agree?

And you know what? Google might end up restricting your website because of your bold views. You may want to buy a custom domain. :)

Sandy said...

There are many of us, in all portions or walks in life, that have an inborn need to hold on to a coming thing or promise. Some call it Christendom, others call it their karma or whatever. It's what makes us the unique person that we are and what keeps us searching for the rainbow; so to speak..Well written, anilkurup....

rama said...

I have not seen this movie.
However, I totally fail to see why some / many people live under the illusion that their stay in this world is not complete without having a darshan of some particular place, before their death. Some people also dream of living and dying in such religious places.
In vaishanvism, people keep visiting the various important vishnu temples in India and all over the world, many times , or at the most they try to visit them once, and they also think their life's mission is accomplished if they are settled in Srirangam. I think such beliefs have no meaning.They think that they will surely attain moksha.
However, sometimes I feel, that I have no right to judge them, and I should not, for each have chosen their own path to reach God.
Here I would like to share some thing.
You see during my younger days I used to believe in many things, which I also stopped believing during the later years. During such a time, I had read about Ajmer Baba, in some magazine, and just on the spur of the moment, I decided I must visit his shrine, and I said to myself, that it would happen when I am ready for that.
Several years later, I was in Jaipur, and I had totally forgotten about this wish, but suddenly our taxi driver said that we could visit the famous Ajmer baba's shrine, and I was surprised, without any planning on my part I visited it.
Also another time during the same phase of belief, I had thought that I would do anga pradhashanam at Thirupathi, not knowing how I would end up doing at all. But this too was made possible years later, when one of my husband's cousin was going to Thirupathi and she invited me, and she also was doing AP there. Not only did I get to do that AP, but also since her father in law was the Governor of Andaman at that time, and since he was also with us we got VIP darshan of everything.
Now I was left wondering as to how things happen in one's life without any proper planning.
All the time, I was thinking of the people who would have given anything in the world to have this kind of darshanin their lives, and yet it was me getting it, who by that time had totally different views about such things.
Sorry for the long comment.

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,

Yes , B, look out for a custom domain!

I'm not criticising a person's belief in a divine dispensation , as long as that can keep him conscientiously from trampling on others.
But honestly can we say , looking at the multitude that throng to a Kumbha mela ( for instance), the multitude who attend Sunday masses, and the vast many who supplicate in Masjids looking westward, that they love the other and wish no harm to the other?

If faith which is a mere belief in something irrespective of any evidence for or against, can make a better world yes let it be.

In this post, I was only asking in wonder and baffled , why Man should for the sake of something that he has no surety of , not seen, and just hearsay, no proof either , forget to live his life and throw away his meagre possessions , hoping for a better after life?

@ Sandy,

Searching for a rainbow,? well we go after a rainbow when we see it .isn't it?
In fact in this case it is not a rainbow, it is mirage. don't you think so?

@ Rama,

Your points are pertinent to the question of faith. It is in fact faith out of insecurity, and greed.
But my asking is why must we forget and forego the life in hand for a promised , after life , even if be it in Paradise?

Happy Kitten said...

Faith in the Almighty need not necessarly make one blind.. not everyone need darshans, Sunday mass to keep their faith going. After a point of time, if one still wants external props to keep your faith intact, then there is something wrong with your faith. But then this is only my view and belief..