Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Delight at Dawn

This post was inadvertently deleted & hence the re-post now.

This early morning, I was half in sleep anticipating the troublesome wakeup alarm on my mobile. In my half-awake mind, I juggled whether I must go for the jog heeding the dispassionate reminder of the alarm. It was about five am and I was startled into full consciousness by the jolting tone of the incoming text message in the phone. I chose to be lazy not to stretch out to pick the mobile phone and instead decided to believe I did not hear any that and tried pleadingly to sleep again. 

When I finally woke up at around half past six, I remembered the text message and read it. It was from C, and it said that, she has some interesting news for me and that I must call her. I tossed about in mind, what that would be. Later when another message came in a little after, I dialed her.
It indeed was news more than interesting; in fact it was such wonderfully pleasant news to be given early in the morn. She said.”Kuns’s (the pseudonym of the very amiable and loving friend of mine (us)), daughter Ammu is to be married away. And the marriage engagement will be in May followed by the wedding in September.”

The delighting news, besides it being a matter that all dear and near look forward to has more reasons for me ,C and surely some of my close friends to be beaming about. Ammu, the little girl she once was and now an Engineer in Electronics is the first child of the generation next to be born to one of the fellows in our close circuit of friends. And S, her mother was expecting her when she brushed away the trouble of the advanced pregnancy and was at our wedding, twenty four years ago.

I may not make it to the engagement in May, which C would definitely be present at. But I will surely have to make it to the wedding, come September. I called up her father, my pal later in the morning and reminded him that he and S, now need to look more like parents (they both radiate a much younger disposition and appearance than any of us).

How inexorably time fly by! Twenty and five years ago who among us would have dreamt in any of our moments of even wild drinking revelry, of such fascinating dream? Perhaps the same was true, yes certainly so, to our parents too. A few more years down and all these kids will be adults walking away into their chosen horizons, leaving…! 

And deluge would seldom happen when we may vanish into the horizon before- for the law of Nature states that matters are cyclical. There will be bees to drone and collect nectar in flowers that bloom each day, the birds will continue to chirp and chatter, the little fishes with their myriad colors swim about in the waters in delight along with the mightier ones, the dogs will wag their tails and bark lovingly when their masters come forth, the sun will rise and set giving way to the moon and the stars- the world will relentlessly turn round and move around for the seasons to enliven all the wonder and another generation will be born for another to give way..


anilkurup said...

My best wishes on Delight at Dawn
BK Chowla,
on 4/1/12

Best wishes to the couple... Youe last para is so poetic..and brings out reality in such a stark way. We shall all leave our places for the next generation to take over... it is upto each one of us to make a graceful exit or just being available when needed. on Delight at Dawn
Happy Kitten
on 4/1/12

For a moment, I just stared at the monitor, my mind blank; and then the floodgates of memory opened up... As the first one amongst us to get married, Kuntz was the envy of us all. Remember how we tried to poke out of him, the details of his 'first night'? And 25 years! How short was it! At times how meaningless, at times how full of love and camaraderie! The last paragraph is what life is all about... on Delight at Dawn
Balachandran V
on 4/1/12

that's nice. i'm a long way off from experiencing anything of that sort. some of my friends have got married and some are even expecting kids soon. it's life and i'm enjoying it. :-) on Delight at Dawn
on 4/1/12

That was lovely! Best wishes to your friend's family. As ousu said; I often stare at the mirror and wonder where did that thin lanky girl with fear go? I now worry more about the loans and expenses than my handwriting or exams! Or to see kids as freshers joining my organization; I look back in time when I was a kid with the same enthusiasm and doubt - all flooding at once. The wheel of time rolls and we need to make way for for new folks :) on Delight at Dawn
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on 3/31/12

That was indeed a lovely way to begin the day! Time really flies. I remember children who were at my wedding now getting married! Wishing the couple all the very best. on Delight at Dawn
Meera Sundararajan
on 3/31/12

Anil - d best regards to the couple getting married..may they find happiness and joy in the union and bringforth kids blessed with good parents, just like they have been... the last paragraph struck a chord with me, of the seasons changing and the earth going around bringing forth the next generation..i have often wondered myself, staring at the mirror, what has happened to the young boy, who used to look at me about 10-15 years back, instead of this man with an unclean stubble, who stares back now... on Delight at Dawn
on 3/31/12

@ Ousu, You know what, the thoughts ( don't know if it is confined to me or others too of my age) that often serenade with me now is the thought of passing away. It is strange that the fickleness of life was not a bother thirty years ago. And it was also beyond my ability to foresee what life would be and what thoughts would be when I 'm fifty or there about. As you mentioned it astonishes that the image in the mirror is me, who was more or less nonchalant twenty plus years ago.

@ Meera Sundararajan, Thanks M. Yes a pleasant way to begin the day.

@ Insignia, The wheel of time B, is relentless. We realise it pretty late.

@ AJai, Good to know that you are enjoying life. Many (includes me too) fret and worry a lot and forget to enjoy the moment. More bothered about the next day. Strange!

@ Balan, Yes dey. How we extracted sensations from poor Kuns! Yes how short life is , no wonder sages of the ancient said that human life is just a split second in the bigger wheel of time!

@ Bk Chowla,
Thanks Sir.

NRIGirl said...

I was such a child - the first one among 'the next round' of kids to be married off, among family & friends. It was a joyous occassion not just for our family but for all - almost the entire neighborhood.

It was just mere 13 years ago!

Already thinking about the 'next generation' makes my heart feel heavy...

Mhm... we move on, yes we do, just like the things you have beautifully portrayed, the bees, the sun, the wind and everything else.

Hearlty wishes to the couple and a merry celebration to the rest.

Indeed a delight at dawn. Thank you for sharing.