Friday, July 27, 2012

Dirty Dancing

Man is a fornicating species. Many in the animal kingdom are, except some species of avian. Well can we accept promiscuous behavior blaming it on natural predisposition? In any case marriage and morals were founded by society and imposed on us. Will it be proper to admit that we need not be compliant to what is from outside?

A colleague of mine is so obsessed with sex that he is wildly promiscuous and has no inhibitions to explain and revel in his exploits. He muses that on judgment day it is such wonderful indulgences that stay behind as happy memoirs. Sometime it exasperates, and at times I sigh, what a fancy life he has that which I only can dream of.

I was at a dinner at a business associate’s house and the group was pretty small too. The day before to the dinner night, I was introduced to this woman called L who I met again there. She was with another fellow in his thirties who was introduced to me as her brother-in-law. L was dressed in a short skirt about knee length and in a scoop neck tee shirt. She was not beautiful as beautiful can be, but had the oomph and was splendidly endowed. Admittedly I was fascinated! We were sitting in the garden verandah of the elegant house. She was pretty gay and full of fun. Leaning over towards me she poured another glass of vodka and I could see her titillating cleavage that was well exposed by the scoop neck tee she wore. Modesty forced me look elsewhere though the visuals stayed in mind. She asked me to join her for a dance to a number being played on the stereo. I was timid and swore that I was not able to tango. She went ahead with the guy, her brother- in- law. They held one other close and tangoed to a number. After the dance she jumped and sat on his lap straddling her arms around his neck.

 I observed all that with titillating pleasure and timidity. She was provocative, I felt and he was relishing it. She came and sat opposite me to have another glass of vodka. My eyes were roving and furtive. She moaned again, “Come on A, be a sport and dance with me”. She forced me by the hand and I clownishly did a sort of motion with her. She danced close to my body and often touching or rubbing her body on me. I was coy and was not used to such public display of rollicking.
I mused when I was on my way back that night ,L was equally at ease with me , the colleague who accompanied me, the guy who was her brother-in-law and the gentleman host. Perhaps was I stupidly thinking with some ridiculous notion? Was I obsessed with the idea of fornication, that a societal gesture of a woman was misunderstood? Was she wantonly being provocative? If a woman shows such physical closeness to her brother-in-law can the man be restrained from not reading or misreading the cue or even indulge in incest?

I thought of the colleague who exults in his prowess and keeps the number of women he has had relationships with. And, I smiled thinking of a good friend of mine who has the special knack with women and he certainly was the man for such tango and fun, not this boring, insipid timorous me.


Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Honest, brutally honest. Quite admirable, indeed!

NRIGirl said...


KParthasarathi said...

I could visualise the scenes you brought out so admirably well.Different strokes,different people.A cannot be like his colleague!!

Insignia said...

As KP said, Anil I could visualize you doing a Tango with the lady :)
And yeah, kudos to you for being so brutally honest. I am looking forward to that day when I can honest write everything about myself on the blog

anilkurup said...

@ Arun

Brutal? may be, honesty? yes indeed.
But ouch you know how difficult it was!!

@ NRIGirl,

Interesting ? thanks. I expected some of you to answer the questions I asked.

@ KParthasarathi,

Yes Sir, modesty, morality, conditioning, timidity, inability, call it what ever. As you said ,"different strokes, different people".

@ Insignia,

You could visualise me gesticulating like a clown ha ha!!

B,not at all is it necessary to regurgitate for the sake of honesty. That may be foolish.
All these may be the tip of the iceberg!

rama said...

Although you did nothing, yet you seem to have enjoyed every bit of flirting, and in your mind you boldly did everything.
No offence intended, please.
I appreciate your honesty.
However, it makes me wonder, why men are so easily titillated

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Once again creatively scripted with colorful visuals strongly confronting the reader. Getting titillated and flirting is common human behavior. Only goes to prove that you are indeed a man:) Well you had your share of fun for the evening. Have a great Sunday.

anilkurup said...

@ rama,

Ha thanks for the comments. Yes indeed it was fun and disappointment of sorts too!
I think titillation is not for man alone, and the physiological urges are transcending gender. Man is more impatient, whilst the female of species( man and animals) are discerning and discriminating. don't you think so?

@ R.Ramakrishnan,

Yes a good evening it was thanks for the comments.

Meera Sundararajan said...

Anil, this is a very interesting post - I am talking about your own reflections on this - the guilt on one hand ( sticking to societal mores and "morals"), the embarrassment of being that way and maybe a wistfulness of what could have been had you not been this way? What I like about the post is the fact that it tried not to be judgemental about the woman in question ( though there were ample opportunities for it become so). Hats off to you for the honesty and the balanced presentation!

anilkurup said...

@ Meera Sundarajan,

Yes M, I did not want to be judging more over I 'm not above fallibility. But it was much to think about.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

I just wonder what might have prompted the great GB Shaw to say, “Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.” :)

Happy Kitten said...

You kept your readers on the edge! Will he or will he not... u went half way... treading dangerous waters indeed :) yea... many dont mind a bit about such meandrings but you gave us an honest report...

So will there be a next time? :)

anilkurup said...

@ Arun Meethale Chirakkal,

Yes I wonder too!

@ Happy Kitten,
Hopefully , there may be another day ha!.
Though this was a candid narration. But can one be candid all the while? I do not think so.

sujata said...

very vivid !!
It is great to lose oneself in what one was originally created to be...

Rest all is neo-cortex. Being limbic is fun and in tune with nature.

Musings said...

@ Sujata,

Ha I like the way you expressed . Blame it on evolution.

dr.antony said...

Hi Anil,
Hormonal temptations are irresistible.
I had a friend too long time back while at school, who used to make use of every opportunity he had.I asked him once' Arent you afraid of sinning?'
He quoted the story from the Bible of the master who gave his servants coins and the clever servant who multiplied it to many times.The master was happy with the servant who did the best with what he got.
And then he asked me.
God has given you and me the same instrument.When we go back to Him, we will be asked' What did you do with the instrument I gave you ?'

I would reply ' I have managed to screw as many women as was possible.
And what would you tell him?
With whom will He be pleased?

anilkurup said...

! Doc Antony,

Hi doc. Pleasant surprise to have you here . Lost you way ?ha!
I remember the allegory you mentioned.
Yes true indeed. But the meek are left to sigh ha!!!

Elizabeth said...

Loved your guts to write with so much honesty...

When I thought more about that women, I felt that she was more or less craving for attention from people; though it could be misinterpreted as something else...( it is just a possibility :P)

Musings said...

@ Elizebath,

Thanks for coming here. I wonder how you landed up in this post of my Blog of all other posts!

No problems and have no misgivings and feel free to express in here.