Monday, May 12, 2014

A Conversation

“It is the easiest of all acts to display being offended and you must understand that, see through that act. One doesn’t always  have to be coached at a school of acting to display expressions to cover ones underbelly.  Ha, don’t you see that being offended is our national pastime and sport? ” I said, the last sentence in lighter vein.

Though we have been discussing the topic for a while, the protagonist was not agreeing with me completely and seemed to be in déjà vu. “It may be true; perhaps you have been right in your judgment. Perhaps! But his conduct and the utter demeaning way he speaks, he rubbishes make one feel having done something gravely offensive.  In fact he makes you feel guilty of having wronged him.”

“Now look.” I said. “That is exactly the point I want to make. Alas! He has seen through you like he may have seen through some others, who may have had the same failings as you- who may have had timorously swallowed his acts of prudishness and preferred to see his idiosyncrasies as harmless and passable. You must ignore his malarkey, his acts. His sophistry, his imperious self-obsessed self-righteousness did not allow him understand you and acknowledge your honest feelings about him.  He may have had his way with people who were timid and passive; he loves their company because he can brusquely lord over them and revel. He may have noticed that strategy worked well for him and he has continued to practice it as an art and craft that gives him pleasure. He thus acquired the audacity to expect, to demand the same unquestioned pliantness form all. Hence his arrogance, his tantrums of being offended. That is only a decoy to sustain him.” 

“I guess so.” She replied.

“And doesn't he get wretchedly personal when he has this grandiose feeling of annoyance of being offended?  When he has nothing else to elevate his ego and his imperious righteousness to levels where others cannot rubbish it?” I said.

She said.“Of course he does. I have heard him often and seen him too; he has now directed his ire towards
me like he has done to others in the past. He has the bloated egoistic feeling of having been offended. Yes, he does. Sometimes when he displays his dictatorial annoyance, he makes people feel that he is “Napoleon” the rather fierce-looking big boar, the character in Orwell’s Animal Farm; not much of a speaker, but with a fearful reputation for getting his own way. He brooks no critique and dissent. Once at a friendly gathering, he threw up tantrums that were sour and behoved people who have not been through proper education and it was gauche. It was his reaction that was offensive and peeved me and others to much extent. All because a gentleman was expressive with his opinion that he resented.His opinionated statement about the gentleman whose only fault was that he spoke his mind and conviction, even to this day is derisory. Yet we brushed  it off as a tiny dark streak on the moon. ”

“Precisely the point. Brushing it aside may have been the mistake. But we do that because each one of us has characteristics and idiosyncrasies’ that are both good and not bad. Long at last, you seem to have finally after these many years understood the emptiness in the person. Such folks are selfish, unsure of themselves, they fear their weaknesses.  They aspire but are non achievers because they revolt within than be honest to themselves. They cannot be gregarious. They are double-entendre. If you trusted him it was your error of judgment. Your limitation! They think they can get even with others if they indulge in personal diatribe. Thus they expect to plow you down. You know? Ignore him, such lot. Move on. There is much brightness elsewhere in this world than to be tethered into a dark alley that can only be lit by an artificial source.” I said.

We spoke about other matters in general, a bit of politics and what could be in store with the general election results on May 16. Orwellian possibility! We agreed upon that without ado.


NRIGirl said...

Hi Anil! Though the topic escapes my comprehension, just wanted to say hello. Hope all is well at your end. It has been a while blogging, but lately I have started experimenting with Tamil. If you can read the script please check it out at:

Friend always,
~ NRIGirl

Tracy Terry said...

"He has the bloated egoistic feeling of having been offended. Yes, he does. Sometimes when he displays his dictatorial annoyance, he makes people feel that he is “Napoleon” the rather fierce-looking big boar, the character in Orwell’s Animal Farm; not much of a speaker, but with a fearful reputation for getting his own way."

- Oh my goodness, this puts me in mind of so many of our politicians and one in particular.

Camila Rafaela Felippi said...

Nice blog! Sometimes egoistic feelings can make our day a shit! People should think before talk!

Usha Menon said...

Some people are too arrogant to understand the other person's point of view.They want to be surrounded by yes men who will boost their ego.Such people are found every where .

Renu said...

some people are so arrogant that they cant digest anything other than their own views, their own ways..

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

Hi Anil,

This is my first visit to your blog... and I really enjoyed going through this post. I thrive on interesting conversations and this one is a good example.

I really do wish people would hear others out before they pass a judgement or say something stupid.

anilkurup said...

@ Nikita Banerjee,

Thank you for coming by and your comments too. Hope to see you often.

anilkurup said...

Camila Rafeela Felippi,

Than you for coming by and your comments too. Looking forward to seeing you often here.

BK Chowla, said...

So long as one agrees to disagree.
I would stand up against dictatorial style in any discipline in life

rudraprayaga said...
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rudraprayaga said...

A post that posts the reality of what prevails in the society.You have done full justice to the topic.

I think sometimes my 'right' may be the 'wrong'for others and vice-versa also. Everything depends upon the lens you look through and your experience also.One person may be a gem to some and germ to some others.

Anyway,the subject you chose is thought-provoking.Nice,Anil.