Wednesday, February 3, 2016

To be or Not to be

It was a few weeks since I was invited to and then reminded every Tuesday about the meeting of a few blokes at the residence of a genial fellow. But it was only yesterday evening that I could make it to their meeting.

I left the informal meeting after about two and one half hours with a few feelings. Firstly, since the chat was not supplemented or sautéed with alcohol, the discussion was on a different plane, there was no impassioned oration and arguments. But most of all, the individuals present there did not have the cantankerous, menacing and totalitarian attitude. Disagreements were argued off than shouted down or fumed at like monstrous grotsoque looking dragons I have sometimes confronted. None of us present there had a termagant flip side. What relief!

The meeting takes place every Tuesday evening and a subject or topic is laid on the table. Though I did not see any spectacular debating skills or opening of repository of knowledge, I felt some of them were quite competent and were actually people from whom one could be enriched in terms of ideas, insight and information.

Rights of LGBT! That was the subject for discussion. The contention was not more about transgender than about homosexuals. It was a pity that none of us were with a strong educational background in biology or genetics. None of us would disagree that the rights of gays and LGBT is as inviolable as that of any of us. However we just could not recall any definitive scientific study that tells that a homosexual disposition is genetic nor could we quote a definite study that it is epigenetic. Indeed it was not a malediction from the heavens or a mental illness.  But heck, nevertheless how could be a gay, bisexual or transgender be seen as tantamount to a thief, rapist or murderer? We were unanimous about one thing, that even if the SC throws out the anachronistic Section 377, the antiquated persuasions that people harbour about LGBT and homosexuality in particular will corrode minds like the egregious caste bias that stays put in spite of the ambitious statements in the statute. Mindset must change more than the law and for that we must heed to the revelations and power of scientific knowledge that always opens new vistas, if only we care to notice.

We did not notice that our discussion moved on to topics and we ended up with the suicide of the research scholar at the Hyderabad University. His misfortune need not be trumpeted to highlight the plight of dalits or the discrimination they face in society and across which ever political ideology they run to for succour. One need not even go excavating and hunting for information as to the lineage of the poor chap. He may have been a dalit or he may not have been one. He may have been a half dalit if there could be one such. But as one of the guys asserted, his suicide was perhaps a genetic temperament, an aberration that he was inborn with, only that the right moment and incidences accentuated it. The guy who stated this spoke about the state of depressive disorder and he asked if we could tell what it is to be plowed under by depression and then you are bludgeoned by the effect of medication. He said that there was a time in his life when he contemplated suicide every day. There were moments when he almost ended his life. External environment also was unhelpful to his crawling out from the plight.

I could not help remembering the young boy who I knew since he was little, perhaps 6 years old. He, the 27 year old young fellow who snuffed out his life the previous month, ending his untold agony (I suppose) hanging by the neck. Was he depressed, was he unable to tell his receding plight? Couldn’t the people near him notice? Or did he decide because of all that he reached a cul de sac?


rudraprayaga said...
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rudraprayaga said...

In accordance with my feeling'To Be' not, but 'Not to Be' is the law of Nature and that is why Nature has created man as two separate categories say males and females. Of course in Plant Kingdom you will come across homo,bi,heterosexuals and that too in one kind of plants only one method is there.Man's impertinence,hallucination,unethical thoughts etc. fetch such perversions in human community. It is against Nature,against health, against the calm of mind.
This attraction may not last long between abnormal couples,as it may erode in the current of their family life. Frustration,guilty conscience,crestfallen state of mind etc may be the outcome in the long run.Normal couples also may undergo such situations, but mostly does not go long. So human progeny if be given awareness right from the childhood,such distortion curtailed from the society.

Regarding Rohit Vemule,it was indeed saddening. He had a trait of timidness leading to suicide, may be due to poverty, insecurity or the hardships he faced.He has not mentioned anything about Dalit-tormenting in his letter.He mentioned his birth background only led him to initiate such a step. Rahul gandhi and Kejrival are trying to obtain political milage otherwise they would have retorted before hand and a valuable life. During the last decade nine or more dalit students have bidden bye to their lives.Anyway proper enquiry should be done.

rudraprayaga said...

I liked your view points and the way you've presented it.

Anilkumar Kurup said...

@ rudraprayag,

I'm afraid you are mistaken here. Nature designed both heterosexuals and homosexuals. You can see the evidence even among animals and birds. Can we accuse them of immorality or unethical and libertine ways.If that weer the case how do you account for transgenders?
Medical science have enough evidence to explain that homosexuality is not a condition that is result of immoral life style. It is a genetic issue, but we have not found yet why homosexual genes come to play.
What is required from the rest of the society is an understanding and acceptance of their predisposition not an inquisition.

Loco mente said...

I believe that there is nothing wrong in being a homosexual. Its just the way they are, in the same way others are. Above all, its a very personal thing. I mean if someone look down at me because I am a man/woman, will i pardon them? Is being a man/woman is a mistake? Its the same thing for them also. The day we realise this, life would be "life" to all. Until then, its just living for the sake of others and what "others" say!

KParthasarathi said...

It is a nice arrangement where friends meet to discuss genially and intellectually even controversial topics.We get to learn many points of view and develop ourselves communication skills.
There is wide spread presence of gays and lesbians across the world and the shyness surrounding it is gradually on the wane.Such relationships would be there whether one likes it or not.Gradually some countries/states recognize this phenomenon and have given it a legal stamp.
What they want is legitimacy by law,property rights,ownership/paternity of children adopted etc as is available to other man/woman couples.Governments may delay but may have to eventually accept the situation.It cannot be just wished away.

Musings said...

@ Locomente

Mindsets may not change. Even if a law is pushed through to take out the egregious law on the statute.
Ye you are right, its like frowning upon womanhood in a way because you are not willing to accept Nature's sleight of hand.

@ K Parthasarthy,

Indeed. Laws will eventually reflect the spirit of time .

Musings said...
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rudraprayaga said...

Of course there are homosexual beings, but man is a creature with proper he should use his reason judiciously so that many a problem can be curbed.But if someone's biological characteristic is inclined towards gayism or lesbianism let him/her follow that. What I mean is it should not be legalised and also not banned.Legalisation may provoke the adolescent to experiment on what their body is not meant for.Too many people in course of time if follow that, the society as a whole will be maligned. So let it be, as it is now.Only thing some programme for such people to come to the forefront of the society is to be implemented. this is what I feel and i don't know If I think in the proper line.Anyway a relevant topic you have highlighted herein good language.

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