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Saturday, September 20, 2008

On this Saturday afternoon sans “alcohol”………

On this Saturday afternoon sans“alcohol”………

The art of selfishness, hypocrisy, debauchery, manipulation and, mendacity. .

The adjectives are livid and provoking. But yet the story that may throw light into the factual of this rare alignment of qualities in a person is frightening.

It is true that a claim of sacrifice is not to be seen as a sensibility that must call for salutation, let alone virtue. Those who claim and profess that they sacrificed all they had are a dangerous lot, that some where down the line they would extract monumental value in return, that will maim many lives constantly and for ever.

Those who claim of having given away all they possess, material- are profanely dishonest. And it is vulgar to dispossess oneself. It is destructive to give away all that you have and give away free... And no body ever will.

Will it be contested if I say, God did well the first five days of creation but faltered the sixth day, and he retreated into Sabbath to atone for his pitfall- in creating "man"?
It is noted in Anonymous. “Lady what man hath the power to see through your venality and deceit?” But that is honestly not chauvinistic.Deceit and venal qualities are meant to be in cahoots with man and no beast .
There are people who as told by Oscar Wilde, who," know the prize of everything but value of nothing”.