Monday, May 17, 2010

Lust for Gold 'Akshaya Tritiya'

Mans craving and insatiable lust for gold has now been stealthy channeled by the Bullion merchants through the sudden elevation of the unheard and  obscure “Akshaya Tritiya “into a cunning marketing gimmick. The success of "Akshaya Tritiya" as a marketing tool for gold merchants tells palpably how gibberish people can be. Even the BSE was operating on Sunday the 16 th of May as the day was ‘akshaya tritiya’.

Until a few years ago I cannot recollect ever having heard of the day ‘akshaya tritiya’. 
When I poured through the Wikkepedia it gave some fascinating mythical stories. The day is considered auspicious by the Jains. But strange a religion which postulates renunciation of worldly wants, possessions and pleasures must attribute or endorse this day  for materialistic indulgence. Now the Hindus consider this day as the birthday of Parsurama. Truly I may not be a great fan of his as he was responsible as the legend and myth goes for the creation of “Gods own Country”.Certainly a thoughtless act of which we see the results piquant now.

But why gold of all metals must hold this vantage status on this day. Why not some platinum, plutonium or any higher metals? Ha this is very strange! If one must go by the value then the yellow metal is down below, even lower than a piece of shimmering carbon.

Reminds me of the old fable of the King whose insatiable lust and love for gold saw everything in his land including his daughter turn to life less gold sculptures. If spending money on this yellow metal were to bring happiness and  success what about the millions who cannot even find enough for one square meal a day? Do they not have representation in the scheme of things Gods enact? And do buying gold trinkets on this day absolve one of the sins of the past? If one’s karma were the yardstick determining one’s well being in this world and the nether, how does this strange enactment on this ‘akshaya tritiya’ day have bearing upon one reaping well being and success?

Why not some community service instead? Why not use at least part of the money that is thrown after gold  to feed some hungry?
I can understand investing in gold as an instrument of prudence. But to attribute the possession of gold on this special day to a promised and assured deluge of manna from the heavens is vulgar.
This is yet again another instance of the silliness and mindless tradition or aphorism from the religions. Most of all this lust for Gold is vulgar, obscene vanity that only human beings proudly wear on their sleeves.


Ashok Menath said...

This ludicrous nonsense has nothing to do with religion. Well, religion in the textual context. May be it is yet another mode of saffron invasion. I heard about this date when I was in Gujarat. Now the gold sellers of kerala, have appropriated this danger as a marketing tool and added the word into malayalees' lexicon. You know how secular the word is! Should we call it Achchaya Thritheeya?

It deserves nothing but contempt.

A hilarious post in malayalam could as well be read:

Yo will have to install anjali old lipi in your font folder. It is a free download. go ahead and enjoy.

shiva o said...

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