Friday, May 7, 2010


Will you know the next moment?
The incongruity of life is the uncertainty of the next moment. Because nature may or may not have a design for us and we know not what it is and what it is not .We do not leave in queue and in the order of entry into this world. The other day the TV channels reported that the Mumbai attacker Kasab may not be hanged for a long time as there are about one hundred plus convicts on the death row and the queue system has to be kept. Strange men do not enforce orderliness of the queue in train stations and public places but is zealous to have it on the death row for people awaiting the hang man.

Coming back to the fickleness of life – two bereavements took place in two different families I’m acquainted with. This happened over the past three weeks.
And both incidences were with ample irony.
The first was a middle aged woman in her early fifties. A boisterous person that she was, there was no pittance of clatter and chatter where ever she was around. She had enviable means of living and perhaps was oblivious of the inevitable that can befall from nowhere like deluge from the heavens and wash her away before she could blink. While on a vacation in the Far East with her family she died while she was gulping water off a jug. She went out even before she could blink. Strange indeed the capriciousness of life! The autopsy report noted “asphyxiation”.

The second tragic irony  happened in Atlanta US and I guess officially the boy (he was only 26) is not declared dead but missing. However all probability leads to the presumption that he is gone for ever. His parents might, as long as the corpse is not found, presume and hope that he will return one day. This boy had finished his masters in Engineering and I understand was employed in Atlanta. Last Saturday he went on a picnic and a boat ride on the lake with his companions. On the return leg when they were almost nearing the shore some of them threw themselves into the freezing waters .They all had life vests on. But this guy in exuberance ignored the life vest and plunged into the lake. He surfaced twice and then he was gone.

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Balachandran V said...

Well, in both cases death was as incongruous as the life! :)