Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'De mortuis nil nisi bonum'.

De mortuis nil nisi bonum. ... , will this hold good with the many that passed away?
A few sample personalities who while they walked this world were either considered or were  evil, bad, corrupt, false, nepotic, greedy,malevolent, and rode rough shod over many lives, sending them to misery and into a life of agony . They destroyed systems and conventions, all aimed at self aggrandisement and deeply  set in avarice. Some where driven by misplaced logic of their concept of social justice. The result was havoc and devastation!
An immediate sample few who came to mind from not so recent to recent history.

Powered and driven by perverted vision of Aryan supremacy, the legacy of which the world still see in many parts and the middle- east. He accounted for more deaths only surpassed by the crusades.

Megalomania and utter disregard for life, all driven by a fanatic belief in the indispensability and omniscience of Communism, marked his reign. Researchers found he may have eliminated an estimated 60 million people during his reign of terror. The architect of the infamous “gulag” which killed an estimated 1.8 million plus.

The perverted military dictator of the impoverished Uganda, His rule was characterised by abuses, political repression, cold blooded murders, brutality and gross economic mismanagement. The number of people killed as a result of his regime is estimated by international observers and human rights groups to be more than 500,000.

The ‘lord of the killing fields’, leader of the Cambodian communist movement. He was the prime minister of Cambodia from 1978-79. He in his time as the dictator of Kampuchea attempted to ‘cleanse ’the country , and resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1.7 million to 2.5 million people .During his time in power, he imposed a version of agrarian socialism , a form of communist idiosyncrasy, forcing urban dwellers to relocate to the countryside to work in collective farms and forced labour projects, toward a goal of "restarting civilization" in a "Year Zero". The combined effects of forced labour, malnutrition, poor medical care and executions resulted in the deaths of approximately 21% of the Cambodian population.

The most dreaded terrorist,who came into lime light as a freedom fighter for a separate Tamil state in Ceylon.He was wanted by the Interpol for crimes ranging from ethnic cleansing, terror , murder, smuggling ,trading in narcotics, political assassinations  and terrorism conspiracy.A brutal killer who condoned no dissent. He brought mayhem on his own folks. 

The feminine face of the Hindu goddess “Durga”, considered by many as the harbinger and giver of prosperity for the teeming impoverished millions in India!. She was adept in decimating, systems, institutions and values that are corner stones and pinions of democracy. Driven by her lust and longing to stay in power ,she usurped the constitution and all democratic norms, perpetuated her family rule for almost two years- ruled by decree she, her son and his cronies. She tolerated no dissent, but still claimed to be a democrat. During her autocratic regime of the Emergency days thousands were imprisoned and some never saw daylight after. Basic human rights and civil liberties those are the vital cogs of democracy were trampled and destroyed. Manipulated politics to abysmal depths that states like Punjab and Assam almost broke away from the Union. And even to this day Jammu& Kashmir is a festering sore.
But she is still an icon, a goddess for the many millions in India.

And in very recent history, the man who probably would have, if he were given a chance carried the chair he most coveted to the nether world. A man whose lust for trappings of power, and blind affection for his kith and kin knew no bounds and reared its ugly face in public. Was a ruthless practitioner of Machiavelli’s theories of state craft. Perpetuated corruption, and sleaze.Became infamous for lying under oath of his knowledge and acquiescence of extra judicial murders during the emergency. Hunger for power stayed with him till his last. However encomiums and eulogy that were showered after his demise will put to shame the very same man who loved flattery and narcissism.


Balachandran V said...

Very Educative. The common factor here is that they all abused power, the same power that could have been used to emancipate the world. Show me one leader who hasn't been corrupt. In fact, they are the symbols, the representatives of collective corruption of human mind. One should remember the thousands who had/has supported these evil incarnations. The individuals sketched here are mere faces of the human nature. There are many more, like Kennedy, who has been whitewashed by the american media. Marylin Monroe was murdered because of the liaison with him.

One cannot forget that they had their better sides too. For eg., the Silent Valley N P owes its existence solely to Mrs.Gandhi.
And because of KK, Murali can still hope for a Panchayat Member candidacy with the Congress party!

Insignia said...

Neat. I would also want to add Robert Mugabe - his controversial land reform program to correct the inequality in land distribution has resulted in the deterioration of the country's economy; inflation rate at 2 million %.

All these people abused their power; were self-centered and corrupt.

anilkurup said...

@ Balan,
The thoughts were only on the beast within. And of the lot I guess Indira Gandhi though anything other than a democrat cannot be classified with the rest.She was a cornered and frightened person since her father died. And the willy villains in the then Congress were out to usurp her. It is also said all her reactions were a wall of protection against their mechanisations.
Yes but not for her intervention "Silent Valley" would have been wiped out by the Balakrishna Pillas. And the old fellow KK - I was prompted to include him in the list because even down in the nether world he would love it.

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,
Yes the list will be long.

deeps said...

With power comes responsibility, however not many utilize that power to shoo away the gloom prevailing in the society but use it for building a egotistic bulwark around them… and you got a few familiar faces who shot to the spotlight for all reasons…

Gorkha said...

Excellent. Will agree with what Balan has posted - "mere faces of human nature".

Balan was correct when he said that a Dictionary is essential when anybody reads your blogs. Thanks, my 'Angrezi' will improve.

Lastly the regimental crest, in your blog of Jan 10 is incorrect. Do rectify the same.

anilkurup said...

@ Gorkha

The pseudonym you chose is apt!
Agree much that these faces are reflections of the society.
Do not refer the dictionaries, I dont think that will necessary

And I did not understand what you mentioned about the 'regimental crest'