Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ice cream parlours, Airplanes and Mallus

A female tourist or female visitor to Kerala must be given a travel dossier of dos and don’t before she is permitted to venture adventurously into Gods own country. This outdoor manual must also be provided to young girls and women who live in Mallu land.The dos may be relegated to the later part of the dossier. The don't must be prominently displayed so that its importance is seldom unseen by the visitor.
The foremost of the don’ts is to watchfully ensure to keep away from “ice cream parlours”. The Mallus predilection for ice cream has been quite perverted. More so because of the politically official blessings assigned to ice cream parlours and ice creams. Certainly multinational ice cream franchisees are exceptions. The communist minded Mallu , be it the khadhi clad apostates or the genetically disposed  red brigands, consider the multinational ice creams an anathema.

Ice cream parlours are to Kerala what Glass houses are to Amsterdam, what district of Soho is to London, what Kamathipura is   to Mumbai, or GB road to Delhi. The major difference is that they are places where the politically mighty and people who really matter in Mallu land sneak for carnal pleasures. Those are also the places where the unwitting teenager is usually initiated, and often forced into commercial sex.
The second of the don’ts is to avoid if possible, travel by air, if in the passenger manifest there happens to be a Mallu cabinet minister. And it should also be forewarned that certain ministers are like bulls when they see red. But unlike the bull, they are irresistibly aroused sexually and might in all probability want to fornicate with the co passenger if she happens to be a charming lady. Which means the traveller must avoid airlines that have prominence of red inside the air craft, be it the tight fit, clinging red skirts and blouses of the stewardess or the face towels. Mallu politicians in particular are adept at groping. That is a lesser danger but may lead to more serious violations.

Travel by buses on the roads of Mallu land is generally perilous for women travellers. The ubiquitous dhoti clad mallu cannot resist travel in crowded busses that have a sizable women contingent .And enjoys groping and prodding. So the woman traveller must consider this as a risk of journeying.

That leaves us travel into mallu land by the rail road. And unfortunately the tragedy that happened the previous week does not any more advice rail travel as a means of mobility in the travel advisory. It is astonishing how a handicapped man without a palm could brutally violate a young woman and consign her to a painful and tortuous death. The only difference here is that the man arrested for the alleged crime is not Mallu by birth. Thankfully after reading the medical reports of the autopsy of the unfortunate woman one can sigh a bit, that, sexual perversion bordering necrophilia have not yet engulfed the Mallu psyche. The man who allegedly committed the crime even beasts will not, is from a neighbouring State.

There are now clamour form Woman rights groups to post police men in the “only woman” compartments of trains that ply in Kerala after 6 in the evening. Knowing the wonderful history of the Mallu police,( and Mallu male police are Mallu men after all), in matters relating to treatment of women, that is a very insane demand, a reckless one!

On the whole Mallu land is now considered unsafe for women who venture alone. If the alleged perpetrators of crime against women are a vagabond like the one who did the unthinkable on that hapless, helpless girl in Shornur, he is sure to be booked by law. But when the crime is committed by the ones in greasy high positions and in places like ice cream parlours and aircrafts, in Government guest houses or in any other public places, well then they vanish like putrefied whiff. The law is sterile in matters they do!

A few years ago in Mallu country a former minister was booked by law for offending the modesty of a woman secretary, an IAS officer. The public outcry and the uncompromising attitude of the lady officer forced him to resign his ministerial berth. But fortunately for him, he was from a scheduled caste community and he could rally mass support from the community. Though he was a known offender with the moral weakness and history of misbehaviour, shamefully for women in general, female brigades from his community turned the tables on his rivals and opponents who took up the issue of his moral turpitude and he was re-elected to the assembly.

Are Mallu men, a race apart and sexually famished? The male- female ratio is in fact adverse to men, but that has no deterrent effect. Molestation and rape happen every moment on Mallu roads, transport systems and other public places, but in virtual reality. (In fact Mallus are fascinated these days with virtual reality shows on television).

Honestly this craving and ravenous appetite for carnal pleasures are not alien to male folks from other lands. Certainly in these matters Mallus have slews of “brothers in arms”. Though debatably they may excel the rest in real acts of promiscuity and certainly virtually.

Criminal laws have already been framed to deter crime against women. The courts have not hesitated handing down death sentences to rapists. But when capital punishment ipso facto does not deter crime in general, how will it dampen the will of a conniving rapist with a mindset that is irreversible? What assistance will a mere law on the statute provide to women against such criminals with perverted and lost mind? And particularly when the alleged perpetrator has god fathers up in the parlours of power, or when he is the man behind the parlours of power?

The answer is “none”.

One may also wish away such ghastly acts as aberrations, exceptions and superficial, because the victim is not 
his/her kin and for the very reason doesn't affect one personally.In face of this reality and man's (male gender) insatiable urge for sex, it is time that commercial sex is made legal and lawful. There are countries that have applied this, and have risked the sky caving in on top. But not yet, nothing untoward happened. And their morality and culture was not trampled. It is sheer hypocrisy that commercial sex is considered immoral, unlawful and bad. If sex outside wedlock is to be avoided then we will have to get back someone like a Sanjay Gandhi who perhaps would order the forced castration of men over a certain age. That is the lone way man's urge can be controlled , if other means of channelling and controlling sex in a disciplined and cultured way does not or cannot happen. Religion also has failed to dampen the over enthusiasm of men. The sordid stories and escapades of prelates and swamis are pertinent examples.

Like in Israel ,where  there is  mandatory military service , here in this land young girls must be given basic training in martial arts, judo and self defence. This is not a tongue in cheek suggestion or in jest.  Women have to be their own vigilantes, because the male dominated psyche will only invite more of such heinous crimes as the one that happened on that train to Shoranur. 


Insignia said...

What happened last week to that lady was beastly; when I was just coming to a conclusion about 'Mallu' men it came to light that the guy was from TN.

Whatever, my visit to Kerala has so far been pleasant. No such dirty incidents. In fact I feel vulnerable visiting TN. Nonetheless its got nothing to do with the states or boundaries.

Beastly men exist everywhere. I have had bad experiences in Bangalore; such men would not even spare a mannequin.

Sukanya said...

Yes, he is wild beast. But eventhough hearing the poor girl's
screamy voice, why the others kept silent.
Regarding Icecream parlour, airplanes, etc. there will be similar stories in all over the country. But we should not forget that we are people of god's own country and see to it that never do such cultureless activities.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

I can pretty well relate to your rage. But once the hue and cry is over we will forget it until something beastly happens again, don’t we? What needs to be changed is our mindset. In the Shoranur incident people actually heard the hapless girl’s cry and then someone saw her falling over the track. What is wrong with us? What made us so indifferent to a fellow human beings suffering? Where the hell are we heading towards in such a hurry? I know these questions have been raised, already. But what, what is to be done. What changes we can bring in, how, who is to be educated, empowered…

Balachandran V said...

The repetitious 'Mallu' was a bit tedious. Such things happen everywhere; like a former CM of Kerala said, 'Rape is as common as drinking tea in the West'.

I have a book named 'Psychopathia sexualis' written by Dr.Von Krafft- Ebing in the early 20th century, which is a huge compilation of case studies of abnormal sexual behaviour in the late 19th century Europe. 'Mallu men' are angels compared to that.

The incidents you referred to are not unique to Kerala or Malayalee men. What is the big idea of depicting them alone as monsters?

I don't honestly think that there would be any hot-blooded man who haven't fantasized at least once on a rape.

But rape has to be a highly criminal offense because of the physical and mental trauma that it inflicts on the victim; be it male or female. Death, rigourous imprisonment for a long period, forfeiture of all assets and such other punishments should be meted out to the rapist, which will serve as a deterrent, though rape and molestation will continue as long as human nature which is devoid of respect to others lie embedded in humanity.

Self defense training should be made compulsory for young girls; that would reduce the recurrence of such incidents.

I look at the young, tender, beautiful girls in the pornography sites and wonder why they submit themselves to such monstrous acts. Easy money? I look at the women's magazines in which girls coquettishly bare their nudity. If self-righteous women are indignant at rape and molestation, they should do something about it, about the flagrant flaunting of their sexual assets, shouldn't they?
One should study the data on such matters in orthodox Muslim nations, whether the incidence of rape and molestation is comparatively less or not.

Your suggestion of legalizing commercial sex has been aired by many. If it can be accepted that sex is a natural biological drive as common and essential as eating and defecating, yes, commercial sex should be legalized. I do not know, though, the statistics which can show that legal commercial sex has made any change to the animal nature of the rapist.

deeps said...

That maybe a bit exaggerated version of ‘mallu’ atrocities though I can never deny that they are catching up fast with their predatory counterparts across the world…

Hopefully, at least now on our railways, not just in kerala, but across the country take precautionary measures to prevent such sorry n scary scenes

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,
Don't you think that the word 'beastly' is often used by us incongruously?
Such acts are seldom visited by beasts.

anilkurup said...

@ Sukhanya

And where were the Gods in God's own country?( not my asking but by the bereaved).

anilkurup said...

@ Arun,

No rage.
Just disgusted with the hypocrisy.And the general mentality," well that is someones problem, not mine".
And the delusion that we do not let go of being" God's very own country".

anilkurup said...

@ Balan,

I expected the comment of " the tedious repetition".
The good thing is that for you it was tedium, but I anticipated outrage from some for categorizing Mallu men.
I do agree that the psyche is not endemic to Mallu,and the usage of the word was intentional.

When Neela Lohitha Nadar could come back with a thumping rapist majority , on the wave of women power of the "nadar" community what can we see of a Malyalee?
And again , Balan ,I do not know if an animal will violate the female sex .Copulation in the animal kingdom ,I understand is out of mutual acceptance . isn't it so?

anilkurup said...

@ Deeps,

If your uncles, father have contacts up there, and if you have god fathers up there then you can be a fabulous rapist, and have no fear . Can go about with impudence. Wanna try?

Insignia said...


I agree and surrender. Coining them "beastly' is an insult to all the beasts out there

kaalpanique said...

good post. are you a lawyer by profession? its not just mallus. there were so many reports of rape and murder recently. and i agree about teaching women self defence.

anilkurup said...

@ Kaalpanique,

No , I'm not a lawyer and have not studied law.
Yes certainly the subject is universal. I commented with a"...." on Mallus only because of being a Mallu and also because of having seen much happening around in Kerala.
No bias certainly not ,

Happy Kitten said...

"I don't honestly think that there would be any hot-blooded man who haven't fantasized at least once on a rape. "
The above is from one comment.. and for my own sanity sake, let me blv that the said opinion is not shared by the majority since I shall never understand how a normal man can enjoy the act of rape. In the opinion of many a rape in some cases has nothing to do with sexual desire but in most cases everything to do with acquiring the feeling of power and control over their victims, and inflicting humiliation on them. Those men are weak, especially since they are not capable enough to get what they want in a normal way and also since they cannot control themselves.

And if a normal man is prone to such fantasies and feels it is okay too, then what chance does one have with the abnormal?

As for legalizing sex, studies in Netherland proves that is has done nothing good to the female population. They continue to be exploited. And to prove that women in Netherlands are not enjoying the so called "lucrative" career, numbers tells us that most of the sex workers are from outside Netherland. ( human trafficking at its worst, one could say).

Let us teach our children to respect each other irrespective of gender and let us stop treating men as someone who thinks only of sex- 24 hours. But then it is a wishful thinking, since lot of money comes in by making everyone think thus.

anilkurup said...

@ Happy Kitten,
I agree with your observation on men fanatsising rape. I have not . And would fancy a mutually accepted copulation. I do not know which side of the opinion is correct with majority of men.

Yes legalising commercial sex has not helped in alleviating exploitation of women. But I guess the Netherlands is also a country that has far less if not negligible instances of rape.
A way out , not easy! Only that legal recourse must be strong and swift. Can that happen when money can buy legal immunity and reprieve?

Balachandran V said...

Anil, Happy Kitten: My deepest apologies for that thoughtless remark. It was intended as a bitter comment but turned out to be a general statement. Yes, rapists, whether real or fantasy are weak and cowardly. Honestly, I haven't considered rape as a method to satiate my sexual urge.

But the truth remains that we do fantasize about such things - killing people, for eg. But our sanity prevails and through the escape valve of fantasy we let off our steam. The problem occurs when we spill over the edge of sanity.

Once again, my apologies for that thoughtless remark.

ousu said...

having spend ma formative years in the quite town of shoranur, i can't help but be the devils advocate on this..the poor gal whose life ended was indeed a neighbor of ma best friend, my younger sisters class mate in school and i knew her..things that happened on that fatal night was beastly and no other term describes it..but den, classifying all mallus (or at least the majority) as sex starved beasts is stretching it a bit too much..
ice cream parlors do occur here..we find ministers chasing females the age of their grand daughters..a pervert committing a brutal rape every now and den..but it hardly means that all mallu guys are stuck with perverted thoughts and carnal pleasures..
at times stats do play a good part in showing the reality and Kerala doesn't come any place near the top for the maximum rape cases reported in a state the past few years..Rajasthan and North east tops the list..not fact one Outlook edition of the year 2009 named Rajasthan as the "rapisthan" of india.. rape is a serious crime against women and the concept of mother-hood which we the Indians preach so high, but it would be gross injustice if fingers start pointing at a sect of male/females as the sole reason for this..
the sense of society and guarding each others interest from a common evil is a quality that has been missing from the general indian blood for long..every time some ghastly incident occurs, the hue and cry is always made but little done to correct it..
the shoranur-cochin passenger has given me many a shrill down ma spine on Friday evenings d time i was in college..commuting back to ma parents after a tiring week of college..whole train empty except for me, the two men in the engine room and the one at the has always been like this in this train en route Trichur-Shoranur..your cries would get absorbed with the sound of the rail..
A thing to note is that probably the poor gal could have done a better job of keeping herself safe, if she had locked the doors of the ladies compartment at Trichur or maybe if she had told the Guard of the train that she is alone inside the compartment or maybe this and maybe that..
all said and done, the lose of the gal for the family is something which can never be replaced and the wound inflicted by the incident would take years to heal..but still some where there is this hope for a better tomorrow, an enlightened society and dreams of an intellectually stimulated crowd rather than a crowd stimulated by the libido.

anilkurup said...

@ ousu,

I appreciate your visit and comments.
Certainly an wholesale condemnation of all Malyalee men as criminally amorous lot was not my intention. But by and large the fact is many are so. A few experiences when I have been out with my teen aged daughter or with the teen aged daughter of my friend told me that there are a lot of lecherous ones out there.
Kerala might be better than the rapist Rajasthan only because of female literacy and the much enlightened stature of women here.