Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Tale Of The Fallen Apple

His idiosyncrasies are not absolutely among the kind one can put up with. They are rather insipid and quite frivolous. They are often bore and also annoying. But what the heck, he has a diploma degree in mechanical engineering, which he is quite proud of. It is true that education perse and as it is imparted today would have no bearing on one’s character and behavioral attributes. Erudition is not a panacea and a carte blanche certificate for ills in the personality either. But somewhere they do blend and can have tremendous influence on one’s personality conduct and words. It multiplies and enhances the aura when the company one keeps from the formative period in life is not trivial.

The blissful thing about him is that he is oblivious to the faux pas  he brings about by his conduct and words. They are not offensive but annoying-something I sometimes wish I could do without. No malice meant but yet he can haul you over the barbed wire.

He does not acknowledge or may be not aware of his limitations. He would go to the White House and ask the President why his mansion is not painted white but yet he dares to call it the White House. I often felt it was a bit of audacity and over confidence out of ignorance that drives him. I shudder to think of his claims to the education he had. No spite meant.

His spoken  English is awful, but once he even boasted to his General Manager that no one can draft a communicative message in English as he can. His impudence once prompted the C.E.O, to observe that he was rather rude and has no reverence to him even. I always felt that it was not arrogance that made him comment and behave as he often does, but perhaps ignorance of etiquette or a way of eclipsing an inferior complex. But he always did a commendable conclusion to the jobs that were entrusted to him. That perhaps makes him the lieutenant of the C.E.O.

It was an occasion when we were at an official dinner and was in his brassy oratory self .I was seated next to him and he picked up conversation with a couple of ladies. I do not remember how the conversation began and how it progressed to the stage when the women almost dropped the glasses they were holding and I quivered a bit. I cowered because the women knew that he was in my company! But our presumptuous friend was in no mood to notice our gape and that of the quite a few heads that turned towards our table.

As I mentioned, I cannot remember the thread from where and how the conversation or call it monologue began. However he reached the stage where he wanted to use an assertive allegory. He said,“It is like the principle of why things fall down and how that was first found out. It was a scientist called Einstein who first found that out. One day he was seated on a bench in his garden and an apple fell down from the nearby tree. Einstein saw that and wondered why it fell down to earth. Have you folks heard about this story before?”


NRIGirl said...

This story would have amused even Sir Isaac Newton for sure! :)

Sandy said...

anilkurup, what a very interesting story. This is the kind of thing that I LOVE to read. Awesome write. People are so often known because of, or looked at differently because of, or simply held in high esteem because of their education. Is this right? Great write...GREAT indeed.... Sandy

BK Chowla, said...

It is always a treat reading your blog posts

Meera Sundararajan said...

This is very amusing! We have all encountered similar people at some time in our lives surely. There is one such person who used to work with me. When a new girl called " Aparajita" joined the organization he told her during her introduction" Wasn't there an elephant by that name in the Mahabharata who Bheema killed?" - the poor chap meant " Ashwattama"

KParthasarathi said...

Such people also add spice to a monotonous drivel in parties.
I love the way you write

anilkurup said...

@ NRIGirl,

Ha, amusing yes but it was awful embarrassing then.

@ Sandy,
Thanks Sandy.

@ BK.Chowla,

Thanks Sir, value your critique.

@ Meera Sundarajan,

Ha, slip of the tongue yes, one can understand. My son once told me about the teacher telling the class, "next Monday you will have a surprise test"!

@ KParthasatahi,

True a bit of deflection from ennui , but ...!
Thanks Sir for the appreciation.

Happy Kitten said...

and here I am wondering how you managed to sit with a straight face! or did you not :)

anilkurup said...

@ Happy Kitten,
Straight face? Sometimes we master without us knowing the art of keeping a straight face.