Thursday, November 8, 2012

Audacity of Youth

The audacity of times youthful has seldom a parallel. The gift of youth is to rejoice in youthfulness. I may have had my share of impudence in my youth. Now when I see it in my kids and in the ones their age (children of friends and relatives), I feel bewilderment, some consternation and steadfastly cling on to hope. Hope in their future.

The audacity often is in the form of seemingly arrogant retorts. This happens both from the boy and the girl, though the fellow is more subtle and careful in his reaction whilst the femme terrible is very matter of fact. I wonder if this is the case with their peers’ elsewhere. At least I wish so for my comfort.
I do not know if they have any fear of the morrow. Can one be obstinately sure of oneself? Why do not they have a plan B should there has to be a detour. I did not have a plan B for my life, in the first place I was vacuous to not plan at all. But that is not even in the least a consolation.
The fellow states in as many words that he has to be let free till the year winds out and he has to think, explore and know matters besides going places before he can with passion and singular purpose pursue his line of activity. And to cement his statement he signs off by reminding that nobody shall harbour the fantasy that he is pliable to others wishes. I feel helpless more out of this audacity than fear.

Light heart banter is more often pursued with the girl though her tongue in cheek retorts usually harnesses me. More because of her emboldened comments compared to the reticent nature of the fellow.
Surprisingly to me when I compare after delving into my past the kids of this generation are sure of their footing and fear less of the future. Vicissitudes are not in their lexicon, not yet!

I often remind A, the boy (a man now) to avoid by all means riding a two wheeler without protective head gear whether he is a motorist or a pillion. The advice which in fact is a pleading was generally laughed away by him with a comment that I’m too queasy. Last week K, his friend confessed on his Facebook wall that thanks to the helmet he wore , he could save his face from distortion , though his arm ached badly after bruising from the fall from his motor cycle that morning. K went further that he learned a lesson that day and was an experience. I could only sigh relief and say, “thankfully not an expensive lesson!" That night A, was travelling to his friend in Kozhikode, where he would certainly be going around on a two wheeler, I implored him with the experience of K, he did not pass his usual comment but sounded pensive and understanding.

Sometimes one wonders if there is an overdose of apprehension as a parent. Certainly it is not the best and enviable job one has to tackle in a phase.


Happy Kitten said...

Certainly it is not the best and enviable job one has to tackle in a phase...

Very true! the job was easier when they were smaller..but gets tougher as the years go by.

The talking back is a habit of the teens.. you are not alone.

I only wish their audacity will take them somewhere in the future. As a parent I dont expect much from them; only that they should be able to stand on their feet and not depend on anyone..and least their parents.

rama said...

Arun, we have all rebelled against our parents in some ways or other, we have hated them for their advice,for their trying to impose their will on us, at that time did we ever pause to think that they were concerned about us, and our welfare? No.
When we become parents we are plagued with same worries, and tensions regarding each and every little things our children maybe doing, though we try not to be too overbearing on them, we do feel bad and hurt, just like our parents may have felt during our times, but we keep it to ourselves.
In these modern times we are all the more worried, but we also know we have to let them go, for somewhere in our heart we know that they will not betray the trust we have on them.
Whenever I was faced/ or have to face with such a situation, I look back to the person I was with my parents,and thank God I never strayed away from the right path.
Our children too, would have to face the same problems when they become parents.

....Petty Witter said...

Not a parent myself but I agree with those who say it is the most difficult job of all.

Another inspired post, I couldn't help but think of the saying that youth is wasted on the young.

Renu said...

worrying for the safety of your children cant ever be over done..
but parenting is the most difficult job on earth..

sujata sengupta said...

So true, I completely agree with you, parenting phases just get tougher with every passing year.

anilkurup said...

@ Happy Kitten,
I fully endorse the feelings expressed in your last sentence.


Your advocacy of trust in the children, pathos and empathy is wonderful.

@ Pettyt Wiiter,

Ha , who said that ? Oscar Wilde?
I'm not sure. But yes it makes sense when you look back.

@ Renu,

True must avoid overkill, but parents are parents and children are always kids to them.

@ Sujata,

yes I guess so.

rudraprayaga said...

impudence is the face value of the young generations who are far more adventurous than their previous ones.

anilkurup said...

@ rudraprayag,

Yes I feel so sometimes, but then people from earlier generations too had their share of audacious quality.