Saturday, December 22, 2012


Sometime ago, a dog breeder fell in love with our Rottweiler, Rambo. He was insistent that we agree to have his Rottweiler bitch mate with Rambo to sire. The naughty Rambo being a virgin we were rather amused to find out how he would react to the luscious bitch. Naturally the fellow was bowled over and but we did not expect to see such panache and civilised (sic) conduct from him, a dog. The female was in her heat and naturally the scent of the bitch in her sexual arousal would suffice for the male dog to go berserk. We let them together for one full day. Rambo first took her around the compound and like an obedient escort stood by her side in the enclosure. We were wondering and often thought Rambo was impotent. We in fact teased him for what we thought was lack of masculinity behind his hairy chest. The fact was that the female dog was not fully in her state of sexual arousal. And poor Rambo had to wait and know patience. He would not violate her, alas dogs do not know to rape!

The hullaballoo and outrage after the Delhi gang rape that has virtually deluged over the past few days made me remember the conduct of the dog Rambo, a creature in the family of beasts upon whom we foist the prevalence of such behavior and designate it , “beastly act”. This notion and judgment that mankind often make is unjust and preposterous. A rape victim was quoted having said “Not enough people understand what rape is and, until they do ..., not enough will be done to stop it.” As male, I cannot know the physical and emotional trauma an act of rape can do to woman. But to empathize with agony one need not have to be hauled over the burning coal.

I cannot say with certainty from the perspective of all men what emotions can jet across a man’s mind and what muscular consequences he may demonstrate when blessed with the site of a curvaceous beautiful woman. But there can be no man who will not be titillated by the physical endowment and beauty of women. Speaking for myself, necessarily it is not the feeling of sex and instant copulation that plough me down. Often it is the awe and admiration for the beauty of the female physique and charm that enchants. Lust is something incidental and not a necessary factor that haunts when confronted by a titillating female physique. And voluptuousness necessarily need not arouse the insistent craving for copulation, though it can be the catalyst. Certainly the endowment given to the human species is the faculties to think and restrain. But beasts seem to have expressed amazing prowess of restraint that we believe they are incapable of. When a man does an act that besmirches the beast, perhaps we need to redefine the lexicon.

How do we explain a father violating the daughter? What mindset is it that sets off a group of men on a hapless woman? It is just not the sickness of the mind but the decadence of the society we represent and the civilisation that we laud about. Such creatures, are they comforting beings to be unleashed in the society?

I will not be surprised if a media enterprise offers the victim of the Delhi outrage a fat sum to tell her side of the story, her experience of the gang act. Because such is the swelling of squalid, vicarious pleasure that is festering like gangrene among us.

The Mayan prophecy of apocalypse on the 21 st Dec last would not have been a cataclysm at all. It would have perhaps ensured the elimination of a civilization that has renegade the right to be called civilised.


R.Ramakrishnan said...

Rambo is a dog of royal lineage and bloodline and high class upbringing. And having lived in your house under strict rules & regulations must have naturally developed the necessary discipline and charming manners. So technically Rambo can be hardly be considered a "beast" :) Rambo would rank far higher in the hierarchy as compared to the ruthless ruffians who indulged in this gruesome act.

BK Chowla, said...

If these beasts remain on the Mother Earth ......I wish the world had ended on 21st

rama said...

We have lost the right to call ourselves a civilized society/ country long time ago. Some cases reach the limelight others are just a one line news in some corner of the newspaper.
Both as usual would have a natural death, which is what the authorities wish for.
And our limited attention would be diverted by another 'breaking news'
God save our country.

KParthasarathi said...

The last para succinctly sums it up

Happy Kitten said...

Yea.. even I ask myself why the world did end?

Your Rambo is a gentleman as all dogs are in the kingdom of dogs. Even a dog knows when his bitch is ready. Men can indeed learn from these dogs.

Happy Kitten said...

Why the world did not end!

Meera Sundararajan said...

Anil, animals should not be insulted by comparing them to humans! The animal world has clearly defined gender roles much of which are to do with survival. I admire your Rambo ! About rape I can only say that rape is not about sex- it is about power. Otherwise how do you explain rape that follows communal violence? Ofcourse if you were to argue that sex in itself can be turned into a tool of power .. then that is something different..! What has happened in Delhi is happening to women across the country. Unfortunately this is a crime where the victim feels more guilty than the perpetuator! And I do not like the word "victim". It indicates a passivity. We should call each woman who has survived such crimes as such -" a survivor"

anilkurup said...

@ R. Ramakrishnan,
Yes Pedigree matters , but equally the grooming , matters to us and animals. The incident with the dog was just anecdotal. We did not train him with a dog trainer, we brought him like we did our kids , no pampering , but much affection, scolding occasional stick. But the fellow new , though a bit naughty, to behave.
Why did he not force upon the female ? That is the question. It is easy to say man are made different. My foot.

@ BK. Chowla,
I understand the passion in that statement.

@ Rama,
Though rape and abuse is not a scourge endemic to India, the value and respect for life is at nadir if not nil in India.In that matter we are not far from jungle Africa where the gun speaks first and then the man.


Yes I wish too.

@ Happy Kitten,

Man will never learn. I strongly believe , I'm convinced man was a mistake of either evolution or God.
Call me a cynic, I would not mind.

@ MeeraSundarajan.

I agree that the" victim " is a misplaced usage here.
It is sex and lust for flesh for many and at the same time rape is the weapon of power and of subjugation.We speak nonstop and fume about the Delhi outrage. But have we thought of the rape the Indian security forces commit with impunity in the name of Naxal hunt in Central India, the Army's conduct in Kashmir and the NE?
How many legislators are cocooned in the parliament and State legislatures after having been accused of rape?
The silent survivors of domestic abuse by the parents and kith& Kin.
Here it is not the case of power. It is the act of sick, putrid and repugnant perverted mind.

Insignia said...

The rape and the aftermath is appalling. Its never enough whatever venom one spews at the rapists.

To compare them to any beast is a grace insult to the beast.

Musings said...

Yes any expression of outrage is inadequate reaction.
There was no comparison with the beast. It is obvious that the Dog in question or any animal will not violate the female of its species.

Shilpa Garg said...

Aah! The rapists should learn a lesson or two from Rambo! What has happened in Delhi is not even the tip of the iceberg. There are so many cases which are never reported and the victim is victimized by the family and society for no fault of hers and is left all alone to battle the physical, mental and emotional scars!

anilkurup said...

@ Shilpa Garg,

The story of the dog was just anecdotal.To emphasise that we are blaspheming the animal kingdom when we derogatorily say "beastly"

Betty Manousos said...

hope you have a great festive season!

happy holidays to you and your family.

anilkurup said...

@ Betty Manouso,

Thank you and wish u the same.