Friday, September 3, 2010

Alone at Dawn

At dawn I sat down by the pond, and saw the wonder-
Of the nimbleness of the Sunbird glide down the mallow
Down with the dew drops and back to begin again.
The Mynas pick little may-flies that squirmed by the pond
The Munias fly by and feed the nestlings, nestled on the branch near
The warblers warble in haste to the silver oaks yonder,
The fish splash in the pond, amongst the lilies salmon and pink.
And the Toad, croak beneath the waterleaf, before it slumbers at the break of day.

I walked down the way, and saw the owls perched atop
The crow pheasant annoyed ,move into the bush as my steps near
While the Peacocks flutter in chorus, to stay away.
 I saw the sun in its amber glow; gently spread its aurora.
And the crimson clouds give way to the, brightness
 of another day.

I saw the Geckos scamper away at the alight of the day.
The birds of the sky fly by in union; the dragon- flies descend and dance a ballet.
A cuckoo sang from a distant tree.
I turned aside and saw my dog walk by my side, look longingly at me and say, ‘aye’!
Then I wondered- man, misfit in such a day?  I saw for sure the answer was, 'ye'.


Balachandran V said...

There cannot be a better description of your farm house. It is so good that it hurts... I too, love the place.

But then, remember your happiness and be grateful for the memories.

A New Beginning said...

Beautifully described :)

amalg999 said...

Reminds me of the poem of William Wordsworth in his LINES WRITTEN IN EARLY SPRING :

"....If this belief from heaven be sent,
If such be Nature's holy plan,
Have I not reason to lament
What man has made of man ? "

It is indeed tragic to let go of such a beautiful place, which has been converted from a barren rock-strewn land, to a flourishing fruit and flower garden, far from the madding crowd.

Converted not only by labor, but more so, with love, in creating a personal Garden of Eden, a haven to return to, after a hard day at work. A place of peace and solitude which restores the inner self, as it harmonizes with the surrounding Nature !

But, "que sera, sera !" Or, as the saying goes : Man proposes, ...."

anilkurup said...

@ Balan

Mostly not. No melancholia of the loss of paradise.
I wondered and tried to express if we 'Homosapiens' will ever fit in this world.

@ A New Beginning

I tried to express, good to know I conveyed.


"What man has made of man"?

deeps said...

Just wondering if it’s a byproduct of pure imagination or is it reproduction of images graced past your mind’s eye?
In any case, nicely wrought…
Well, if we are misfit, we only have ourselves to blame!!

anilkurup said...

@ Deeps

Mostly what I notice here in the mornings.
I do not dispute that Man is not fit to be amongst other creations and he has to be blamed for if he is a misfit.

Anonymous said...

excellant....... do i see tears in my eyes......?
no its my illusion........!!

anilkurup said...

@Dr Dhanalakshmi,
Thanks for the visit.

The Holy Lama said...

Been a busy week and so catching up on blogsphere. The romanticism in tese lines is so endearing and the question so natural Naturalways helps us how miniscule we are,just one of the many wonders.

anilkurup said...

@ the holy lama

Yes friend you are right.