Thursday, September 30, 2010


A month or so ago bloggers flooded the sites with mutual  and reciprocal wishes and accolades on the Independence Day. Back patting, self congratulatory words, jingoistic slogans and so on  flooded the sites. "Mere Bhartah mahan” , so claimed many blogs. Suddenly many of us woke up to believe that we are a proud ,civilised nation and a free democracy.

Today when one switch on any news channel on TV the world’s largest democracy seems to be at war, Preparations are on for a possible war. Security is being beefed up all over the country. Secular credentials of the masses and the country seem to be threatened and security personnel have been deployed at places of worship, and many public monuments.The reason, the free democracy that we are may be grotesquely awakened or jolted by a judgement that a court of law will pronounce in a day. That is the extent and depth of our respect for the judicial process and law of the land. And we still claim to democratic and secular values. Bull shit! Can we be more hypocritical than this?

When we cannot accept the due process of law to which we turned to conclude a dispute what right do we have to claim that we are free? That we are democratic? We are secular? We are civilised nation that respects the law?

Perhaps Winston Churchill though brutal in his observations ,about our credentials was right , that we Indians cannot manage our affairs in a civilised conduct but are meant to be ruled over.


dr.antony said...

For that matter who accepts we are civilized? Do you believe a civilized nation would have voted Phoolan Devi and Shibu Soran in to a Parliament as law makers?
Last month,a politician in Kerala publicly called the Judiciary as "monkeys sitting in the court"!!

Do we respect any thing or any one in the world?
I was taught at the school to be proud of the fact that we,Indians showed the world the value of zero. And that is what we have become.

Balachandran V said...

Law? Justice? Demo- what the hell are you talking about? A case that is in its 60th year, two communities which hates each others' guts ( not as individuals, but more collectively), a populace whose heart is still shrouded in medieval darkness; Indian democracy is the greatest fraud in history. It is by the con-men,for the con-men and of the con-men.

I remember the Independence Day post and comments. I pity them, for they know not what they are saying.

Churchill was wrong. Indians are managing beautifully. 77000 crores of rupees and how much more god knows down the drain for CWg and all those Indians who rule us have done good, haven't they? Wish I too could get a piece of that - just a few crores would do....

Balachandran V said...

@Dr Antony: hohoho, the value of zero is a good one!

anilkurup said...

@ Dr Antony

Thanks for dropping in at the blog. I cannot help falling over at the observation of yours on the value of zero.But be on the lookout there are quite a few of true citizens of India out there who will be incensed and outraged at your comment.

@ Bals

The biggest democratic hypocrisy , I do agree. If there is any one who can refute this well pls go ahead.

Perhaps if I had got a piece of the cake would I comment with this outrage ?If the answer is no Im not fit to be around.

Insignia said...

We as a nation are not civilized sir. More than one way, we have made a mockery of ourselves.

I am amused when I read all those Independence day articles on blogs and slogans. What we achieved and so on. But turning back and realizing that we are one of the oldest civilizations, what we have achieved is nothing. If we havent even done so much for so long, we as a whole are a bunch of primates.

kaalpanique said...

but i am hopeful. democracy is not perfect least of all india. it is flawed but like churchill said, its the worst form of government unless u start thinking of the alternatives. and as for the secularism is concerned, i hold two events that have brought is to this stage. one the partition of india by the britishers and two the babri masjid demolition. it will change once ppl come out of the me and mine syndrome to us and ours. tho there will be always few rotten eggs in the basket.

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,
Primates have a sense of community belonging.
Mercifully nothing untoward happened though the verdict has been out. But the psyche of these people who dragged the matter to court was glaringly reminded by them again on TV yesterday night during some news programme. One said the battle may be lost now but we will win the war!!

@ Kalpanique

The best among the worst is of
course Democracy. But isn't Indian democracy a sham?

Insignia said...

:-o Someone said that? Thats the height of beastliness and stupidity. I feel sad and helpless. Hope they get some senses into their head.