Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Satanic Verses"

Why do we bark up the wrong tree?

Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivm, is the wisest dictum that has been taught in our culture and that has been passed down the ages. And makes commonsense too! In my thinking it would be irrational to prefer a force that is putative, over persons in flesh and blood- one’s biological parents!

However, the cultural excellence apart, how do we see things, in what order, and in what line of importance? Every one irrespective of their religious leanings except for some satanic manifestations like me, (Satan, though religious, is yet a persona non grata in all faiths), get excited and show frenzied state of mind when the names of their Gods are invoked, be it in good taste or otherwise. Man has put God on a pedestal higher than his parents. The result, man has forgotten to be of allegiance to his God, and also he has ceased to respect and care for his parents. The sorry state is that one tolerates irreverence to ones parents, but presumes any comment that is uncommon as blaspheming his God, and indulges in violent retribution.Man has less love and regard for his parents, but has fathomless loves for his God, so he claims.

I have seen and felt quite a few examples over the past many years, where  parents are trampled and God revered.
I have felt revulsion and utter dislike for certain people who with impudence devoid of conscience throw out their aged parents. One gentleman I was acquainted with, (wonder if the adjective or noun, whatever the grammatical formulation, can be attributed to the fellow’s conduct), dismiss his aged parents from his scheme of things. He took them from his home where they were, and ungratefully threw them to fend in a small house in some remote village. This guy I understand conducts yearly pilgrimage to see his God in Sabarimala!

Yet another group of people I know have profanely used their pliable parents to further their covetous life. They thrived on the misery and financial constraints of their parents. The parents had to acquiesce mutely, because their financial capability was limited,and money was flowing in for the necessities and wants of living... Though I wish the surviving parent has saved remorse in her that may see her at peace in later life.

I have seen the total commitment, duty and devotion of a son to his mother stricken, and deteriorate with serious senile dementia.

And I have also known a son who was more concerned about the financial goodness of the business he inherited from his father than spent adequately on medical care for the old man, bedridden and sinking.
When I was little, I was immensely impressed and fascinated whenever   I saw my father supplicate at his mother’s feet and express obeisance before he set off on any journey. I can recall that, not only he, his brothers as well did the same.

But in the age that we live, interpersonal relationships evolving out of wedlock have also acted against the qualities of affection, love, devotion and gratitude one owes to ones parents. Old age homes are a new mantra and a venture for commercial exploitation. They have now become the distant out post where one can cast away ones aged and inconvenient parents.

And then one may join the beeline to  a Sabarimal,a  Vellankanni, or any other abode of the Gods.


Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

This is something I always think about. You’ve said it powerfully. I don’t understand the thinking behind such gestures like dumping one’s parents to the old age homes, or even worse neglecting them and beelining in shrines. What God they are trying to appease?

Shilpa Garg said...

Well said! It's truly a sad state! Leaving one's parents at such an age and having a callous attitude towards them is simply pathetic and terrible!
Recently, read that... the Rajasthan government has come to the aid of the elderly neglected by their children. It has decided that the guilty will be ordered to make a monthly allowance as maintenance for their parents or face up to three months in jail.

anilkurup said...

@arun meethale chirakkal
Honestly we cannot comprehend the psychology behind such acts. The sad thing is people have no qualms and then claim to be God fearing. Ironical and cruel hypocrisy, selfishness and ungratefulness.Only Man is capable of such dishonesty.

@Shilpa Garg

The abysmal fact is that to set correct a wrong of such proportion Governments have to legislate. Where did the great Indian culture people rave about vanish?

Balachandran V said...

In a way, some of the parents are to be blamed for this. Unless they themselves set example before their children, it is quite likely they suffer this fate!

Dey, I have been seriously giving thought to the idea of starting an old age home- ( hopefully my final residence!), of course different from the money-spinning old age homes. Where one can spend the last seasons of his/her life in dignity and contentment. Shall discuss with you later.

anilkurup said...


The idea you mentioned can be explored.
It is also very true that our children may be to us what we were to our parents. As they say "those who forget history are condemned to repeat it".