Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am on my third glass of Signature. The Single malt bliss of yesterday and the day before while in Ernakulum went by like a whiff of fresh air. Thanks to the buddy we have there, who has this uncanny penchant to stock exotic whiskies and brandies. He in fact is rosy that the booty floats into his hold. Blessed he is! Now I’m back to earth and a commoner, so the Indian, coloured concoction is all that I can savour. Mind you it’s not too bad. Well beggars can’t be choosers all the while ha!

I remembered that I have not posted my rubbish on the blog, now for quite a while. Road block, end of the road, mental block, writers block, ischemic block, arterial block; I know not.
But here I go, with the Signature in tow!

I just glanced at the news paper lying insecure on the dining table and which extolled Manmohan Singh’s principled stand of kicking out the crook minister Raja. Well the news paper report also reminded his jettisoning Mr Chavan, the Con, Kalmadi and also a bit earlier, Tharoorr Pushkar (he was pushed out by Pushkar motion of physics). He turned out to be a pushcart even from the UN days .That is a yonder story. 

Exhilarating stories of moral promenades and principles by the Sardarji and the ma'am in Janpath!

I m quite in doldrums financially and I wonder quite loud why did not nature bestow me with the acumen, the uncanny acumen of a Raja, a Kalmadi? The manna from heaven!!!The perfectionist virtuoso of the art, the science of con!!

The underlying facet that we may not notice is that the Sardarji acts not pro-actively but after the money has been hounded and siphoned off. Well then what the heck is the moral high land he claims? He lets the thieves and robbers siphon and plunder and when the booty is gone, enacts a Mahatma.

 The parting line- “should or can one be pilloried for a dishevelled life, and a pitiable end, which perhaps was the embryonic result of one’s episodes with things around”???

Poor, silly, insipid, irrelevant, impertinent, arse I’m! So then the only alternate is cheers to 'Signature' and the occasional single malt from the benefactor in Ernakulam.


Balachandran V said...

In today's newspaper, it says that the Supreme Court criticised the Prime Minister's office for not taking prosecution steps against the minister Raja - the Court had asked to initiate action within 3 months - even after 10 months, Mr.Singh didn't do anything.

Who are the real terrorists in India?The Kashmiris who react against decades of suppression and negligence? The tribals whose lives have been mercilessly ground to earth? Or the likes of Messers.Singh, Kalmadi, Raja and a host of others who are the 'patriotic' Indians?

No. The real terrorists lurk amongst us, those who support the likes of the latter and utter patriotic gibbering.

At least you have decided to be patriotic and swadeshi for a night, thanks to Signature. Be Indian, buy Indian!

Insignia said...

The Signature has got you out of the block. Good!

Now..Now..how many times do we talk about this. If its not a Kalmadi, its Raja, if not a Raja, someone else tomorrow.........

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Luring title, let me say! “I am on my third glass of Signature” That reminded of one of the characters enacted by Srinivasan who orders for a ‘glass of brandy’; politically incorrect rather blasphemous. Have you noticed this? http://www.tehelka.com/story_main47.asp?filename=Ne201110Maariyamma.asp

anilkurup said...

@ Bals

Nothing to do with patriotism or swadeshi ness.
Nevertheless 'signature' lets you bond with the Indian ness.!!!!

anilkurup said...

@ insignia,

Ha the power of the spirits !!
As for the subject I touched well it has become a bore that has come to stay .

anilkurup said...

@ arun methalle chirakal

I ll check the link . But cheers

kaalpanique said...

ya. the classic case of locking the barn after the horses have bolted... the tamasha of coalition politics... the joke called justice.. judiciary is for the nameless... not for the real crooks.

Mediacre Minds said...

I read this with glee, and I'm penning my comment with the kind of joy Suresh Kalmadi feels when he signs deals and cheques! But honestly, you shouldn't complain of the "writer's block"; if this is what you produce while suffering from the dreaded problem, "writer's block" is fun! Great post!

anilkurup said...

@ Kaalpanique,
Yes that is it "...,, after the horse has bolted"

@ mediacre minds

Thanks for the comments , I appreciate.

dr.antony said...

Corruption is a perversive aspect of Indian politics and has seeped in to every aspect of the common man's life.Public resources are used for private benefit.A recent survey by Times of India showed that 98 percent of the public is convinced that politicians and ministers are corrupt, with 85 percent observing that corruption is on the increase.But then,what do we do about it? Or,can we do something about it other than our lamentations?

Karunanidhi continues to support Raja after the massive scam and he was given a ceremonial welcome at Madras! I doubt even the PM is involved in the scam.He kept quiet for 16 months, and like you mentioned,probably made sure that the funds reached their destinations.

In a few months from now,Tamil Nadu will go to the polls.The election campaigne will be expensive,and it is likely most of the funds will come from the money raised by Raja.The DMK chief himself is acting as the mob boss.He has placed every member of his family as Ministers or MPs.Isnt it is a shame for democrasy.

In India,we have accepted corruption as part of life.We do not respond to any thing unless it personally affect us.Even if a neighbour is stabbed or killed, we wont get out of home for fear that we might be called as witness later..It is as if the whole of India is spineless.I wonder if there is gene for such a character!
I plan to experiment on your Signature brand, seeing what it has done to you.If you are in to single malt,I would recommend Glenfiddich.Balan would object,it is not Swadeshi.As a compromise,we must accept there are some good things Videshi as well.

anilkurup said...

@ dr antony,

Doc you got quite carried away with the subject. In fact I was flirting with 'signature', and thence the subject and post.
Your points are spot on and all that we have to do is wash that out with another glass of spirit.Can you suggest any other, better options ,alternative means of action?