Saturday, November 20, 2010


Love begets love – so they state.
But begging for love?
Can only add on to beggary!
Be it a man or woman, paramour or friend.


Insignia said...

Love cant be felt by begging. I so agree with you, why add more to beggary :)

dr.antony said...

Beggars receive alms as charity,not love. Love cant be given as charity.After all,what is the need to beg for love?

Balachandran V said...

There was a time when I thought that the begging done by the sadhus was the most detestable thing to do. But now I realise that the concept of begging for alms from others is the supreme act in ego-renunciation. I am talking about the genuine sannyasis, and monks.

When you are in true love, you surrender your ego - all you need is the love from the other.In that state of mind, begging is not a self-humiliating act.

If your love is dependent on whether the object of your love responds to it or not - how can you call your feeling as love?

kish said...

Yes, I agree. Begging is like knowing you can't have it yet asking for it :) But it's not necessary a bad thing;)

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia
Exactly the point I wanted to say.

anilkurup said...

@ dr Antony,

What is the need to beg for love. Well doc there are people who do that , and I think that is the worst form of self deprecation. I ve known people.
This has nothing to do with pleading for alms.

anilkurup said...

@ Balan,

True monks and sanyasis how can we ensure their truth?
Do we have to do menial jobs and beg for living to overcome the ego?
And as for the subject in question "begging for love", there are people who cannot live without jettisoning all iota of self respect, and such people beg and crave for love . They just cannot be let untouched.They go to depths in pleading. And their thinking that the love they think they will so beget is love is the pity part.

anilkurup said...

@ Kish

....its not a bad thing?
Well I do not agree

deeps said...

What if the end result is true love in return?

anilkurup said...

@ Deeps,

True love or false love? What are they?

Sukanya said...

Amazing lines and pictures.

anilkurup said...

@ Sukanya
Thanks for the comments. Pics are not mine they are from the NET

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Agree 100% I think the need to beg for love arises from poor self esteem.

anilkurup said...

@ arun,

You hit the nail right where it should be rammed into!!