Friday, November 26, 2010

Musings in the Dark

It was terrific rainy night, day, and, then a night again.
The splatter of the rain outside,
reminding the gone days of Kerala monsoon nights.
The rain beat severe on the roof, and all around outside
As dusk came sooner than it would,
I longed for the elixir of life.

Not to be left behind the lightning struck
the cymbal followed ;
all the lights went out ,the sweetness of dark dawned like sunrise.
And caressing the glass of amruth- I sat in the dark.

The candle burning bright
I saw the flame haughty and regale.
The air of immortality, and lordliness
unashamedly thrown around.

A tiny fly went past the flame.
And the little turbulence bend the flare.
Yet, accepting not its frailty, the flame jumped back with insolent vigour.
It then reminded me of men and women
who bask in the feel of omnipotence ,loudly denying their ephemeral existence!

I washed down my smile
with an added mouth full of the elixir, and
continued to watch the flame with the wryest smile I could bring about.
It began to rain and howl with more vigour, perhaps telling me,
fella, ‘you have a point’.


A New Beginning said...

Brilliant :)

Insignia said...

The amruth seems to bring out the best of subtlety on you eh? :-P

dr.antony said...

For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. James 4:14

I envy you,Anil. You write so well.

The perfect ambiance and the right spirit.I always felt the rain and candle light evokes the most sensuous feelings.The mere instant of existence we live on this earth and how much impact someone may have on people for that moment of eternity.(Another flicker of the fly would have you and your elixir in utter darkness!) Let's not just life.. as if tomorrow were our last, no... but as if today were.

p.s. share the concoction!

Balachandran V said...

A little turbulence bending the flare!
That was the most graphic moment in your poem! We are all like that, aren't we, causing little turbulence in the seemingly eternal flame of life! Seemingly, of course, because one day the candle too would burn out.

'Signature', no doubt! ;)

anilkurup said...

@ A new Beginning

Thanks for the appreciation;

@ Insignia,

A little bit yes .

@ dr antony,
Yes indeed the dark shadows and the flicker of the candle, the amber flame and the incessant rain out side and to top it all the good old IMFL.
Concoctions can vary according to the availability/

The end fun is that the ignorance or the disregard for the inevitable throwing us under.Or may be the feel of invincibility.

@ Balan
Well little turbulence? goodness the air that people throw is that of their capability or belief that they can create a Tsunami.

kaalpanique said...

good one AK... nothing better than poetry to express the subtle...

anilkurup said...

@ Kaalpnaique,

Thank you, just musing and expressing in my limited ways.