Thursday, October 11, 2012


It is often that what is termed as the sixth sense or intuition, the sense of the unseen and things to come is felt when we meet certain people the first time. Call it premonition or clairvoyance, ESP, so on and so forth. I have felt that with some. In some cases I have ignored the alarm bells and have ended with bruises that would leave scars that stay. In yet other cases heeding the knell of warning have cocooned me from visitations. I guess that these were no exceptions and people out there all may feel the comfort zone with some and the putrid air with some others. We may have also felt an inner warning to distance or avoid some. In some cases it is reciprocal too.

The dead are usually left untouched and it is considered propriety to say no evil about the ones who passed on. But vile may be some of our minds, it happens that with some who are dead one may feel the revulsion that they ever walked this earth. We may wish to forget that such a one as he or she was ever known to us. I may sound mean and filled with malice.

There was this guy who was heading the bank I was then dealing with for my business account. I felt the wind howl and the skies turn ghoulish dark, lightning strike like lasting firmament and thunder rock deafening the moment I met him. The premonition was felt in my body. A profane and reprehensible man! To narrate his conduct- machanisation, ignobility is delving  only the surface.  He lost his daughter in a freak accident at home the very day he took charge after a promotion. The tragedy hardly evoked introspection or remorse in him. There were occasions when I wished that the ground beneath his feet parted and swallowed him, lest I may have to wrench his neck till he ceased breathing. He died of heart attack and when the news came to me a few days after he died, it was just another day at work and though a mortal myself, I felt a sense of justice that he is no more. How villainous I’m!

Yet there were a few who, whom when I met first was rather insipid and not entirely without portentous feeling. But later proximity and course of events saw me in close liaison with them, even drawing nearer by fate or call it destiny. Eventually the not so comfortable feeling that clutched me lead to the realisation, how true it is that fortune does not change men, it unmasks them!

Sometimes it is a flaw in the character that supersedes and is the cause of ire and resentment. There was this person and at the sight of his shadow I used to be bedeviled by irritation and anger. It was a strange dislike for him. Not that he offended or did something bad to me. He used to visit my office purely on his assignment as the employee of another firm. Sometimes I have noticed in his eyes a confounded question, an ask –“why”? And I have asked myself after he was gone, “why?” and I still have not stumbled upon an answer.Inexplicable!


NRIGirl said...

I am thinking hard to see if I resent anyone that much; the following few come to my mind:
1. Snakes
2. Hyena
3. Bats
4. Manatee

Oh! Wait a minute - there was Mr. Leo Lobo my physics professor who wore the same combination every single day - navy slacks with sky blue shirt. I had such an aversion on him that I would spent his hour in the library. Towards the end of the year he called me in for an explanation. My answer was to the point, "... Because I don't like you!". Taken aback he asked why and I said I didn't know. It felt good after that. I am not an angel after all!

KParthasarathi said...

Why such extreme dislike merely on look without any interaction unless someone had offended by some act.The best way would be to give a wide berth to those witth whom we are not comfortable.
NRI girl's dislike for her physics teacher amy not be because he wore the same dress but some distrust in him
I have in my life come across people whom I did not take to liking instantly but have found them very pleasant and good later disproving my initial prejudice.

....Petty Witter said...

Interesting post. I think on the whole it is us women who tend to be more intuitive to people and places. I've only ever met several people I've taken an instant dislike to without being able to say why and in every case, though it could be argued that I should have given them the benefit of the doubt, I was right in that they did turn out to be less than nice individuals.

rama said...

I also am very intuitive, when I see a person, I can sense the negative aura around them, and I keep away from them. If the person happens to be a relative,I have found despite my sincere efforts also they are not able to relate to me in a positive manner, for they too must be feeling a negative aura around me. Since the feeling is mutual, and I have my answer, I have no problems of keeping my distance, being cordial with the person, till it is time for them to leave our house.

Meera Sundararajan said...

I have rarely experienced intuition though I think I am rather "perceptive about people". About the dead - yes people tell us not to speak ill about the dead but I can understand the feeling of not liking somone and that feeling not passing even when they have passed on! Interesting post!

sujata sengupta said...

I am not very intuitive by nature as far as strangers go. I try not to be judgemental, but at times cannot help disliking a person without reason. I try to stay away and avoid interaction. where I cannot help avoiding, I am cordial without being warm.

Happy Kitten said...

Have not hated a person to the degree that you mentioned as yet. Maybe this guy gave you difficult times and hence this anger.

But then there are personalities whom you would rather keep away from for no reason at all.

Insignia said...

Happens, sometimes you fail to justify why. As you said; sometimes intuition tells you best; other times you really dont know. Have I resented someone this way? I dont recall now; but I think I would have a few of my list :)

BK Chowla, said...

Rightly or wrongly,I follow my intuition very strongly

anilkurup said...

@ NRIGirl,

The creatures you mentioned are all peaceful if left unprovoked.Some are timid too.
Poor Mr Lobo, he sure must have felt bad. Some of these ridiculous attributes in us , but you were a not an adult then. He would have understood your impetuosity.

@ KParthasarathi,
Yes sometimes our stupid notions are unexplained. Disliking a person who has not done any harm to us!
But there are some we are always uncomfortable.

@ Petty Witter,

Often intuition helps. But to rely on it completely may see us in awkward moments.

@ Rama,
You are the lucky kind. I feel sorry for myself that I seldom can do what you could in such situations

@ meeraSundarajan,

yes you are right. With some even death do not make us comfortable. The usual forgiveness or iota of regret over what bad blood transpired among the two ( us and the deceased) is not helpful in alleviating the dislike.

@ Sujata,

Being judgmental is prejudicial.
But,sometimes we just happen to dislike .

@ Happy Kitten.

Yes .he was single minded on tormenting. He was a psychopath, a sadist and a man of avarice,
and no morals.

@ Insignia,

Lucky if your list is short.

@ BK Chowla,

Indeed intuition helps eight out of ten.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Often, without even bothering to know the person by interacting with him/ her, we tend to judge. And judging often happens at a different level, not knowingly. Sometimes, if one tries to see what causes it all one can get to the point, and the point being just as silly as a crooked nose, protruding tooth… or any such thing. I’ve been told so many times by people who turned out to be friends that they had an immense dislike towards me, that they thought I was arrogant and inapproachable. (By this, I’m in no way trying to say that I’m super nice or anything) I think it’s just the way things are. I’m a poor judge and I’ve been taken for a ride more than once. In certain cases, if the person is really abominable it’s better to maintain a safe distance. Even among friends our comfort levels often vary, right? I’ve friends with whom I’m perfectly at ease. Can’t tell the same of all who come into the ‘friends’ slot.’

Betty Manousos said...

nice post!

i try not to be judgmental, but at times i find myself to dislike a person for some reason.
thanks for this thought-provoking post!

anilkurup said...

@ Arun Meethale Chirakkal,
I agree with you.
It is acknowledged that we all have drawbacks and are fallible. The dislike we have for another , how so ever unreasonable and strange may be reciprocal or happen to others too in their outlook towards us. Friends, if we use that term in an exhaustive wide way , indeed we have comfort levels with each,

Betty Manousos

Thanks for the reaction. I understand and there was nothing judge mental in the post.