Sunday, September 22, 2013

Narendra Modi and I

I intend to vote this time around; perhaps it will be if I manage to do, the third or fourth time, I have ever exercised what is considered as a right of sorts. And I must by all means do my little part to stop this man – the poster boy of intolerance, xenophobia and the corporate India Inc.

There is nothing unashamed in asserting that he, Narendra Modi is not the representative of the Hindus or a Hindu way of life. On the contrary he, when hoisted on the shoulders as the saviour of Hinduism  and Indian culture bedevils the way of life and what is spectacular of Indianness (sic) and culture.
Why do I despise this man and do not want him to be the deciding on my life, be entrusted with the future of an already strained and simmering society and country?
The reasons –
1-He is certainly , though acquitted by an investigating buffoonery called SIT responsible for the carnage and systematic massacre of innocent civilians in the communal riots of 2002 in Gujarat that was then also under his dispensation.

2- He is the architect of a perverted and obnoxious philosophy that equates and showcases  Indianness (sic) as Hinduism and vice versa.

3- The philosophy of hate that he and his organization profess is akin to the perverted mindset and thought, professed about the uniqueness of Aryan race by Adolf Hitler or by the far right pro white mongers of the segregation era in the USA  and South Africa. India cannot survive as nation on the premise of hate, intolerance, pseudo secularism and falsehood. This is a rainbow culture we have and that is what will see this country as a nation and far from disintegration and communal turmoil.

4- The agenda of the socio-political group that this man represents is appalling if the uttering and the psyche of he and his cahoots in the party are taken and analysed ,it is not only mere saffronisation or equating saffron with Hinduism and even a theocratic state in the Hindu mould that they would probably want, but  total subjugation and elimination of dissent, diverse faith and culture. One will fail to trace Indian history even into the medieval times and fetch a society or a ruler who professed the philosophy of intolerance and elimination of difference.

In any case Hindu and ancient Indian philosophy and tradition as well as the then practiced state craft were not based on conversion, proselytism by the sword or lure. To allege that it was the submissiveness of Hinduism and ancient Indians that were responsible for alien culture and hordes from beyond the Hindu Kush invading the land is preposterous.It was  the evils that harbours within Hinduism that aids in conversion away from the faith. And to believe that one must or can undo the egregiousness of the past by a wrongful act in the present is anserine. Demolishing mosques, churches or synagogues and rewriting history text books with untruth, malarkey and saffron version of the past is not only ridiculous, myopic but grievously harmful to posterity and the generation that is growing.

If this is endorsed there shall be no difference between Hinduism and certain faith that originated in tribal lands of the Arabian peninsula  and continues to be horribly didactic and intolerant even now.

5- The corporate world and India Inc. as affectionately labelled has identified this man Narendra Modi as the messiah and the icon of resurgent corporate India. And in the corporate commercial cauldron that they perceive the  vast multitude of Indians who struggle at the door of subsistence even for one square meal a day is not accounted or noted .They are sixty five percent of the 1.2 billion Indians- a legion who do not matter in Narendra Modi’s scheme of things. They are mere puppies’ who can be run over and forgotten.
The vibrant and fast growing Gujarat that Modi has brought into the forefront and is widely showcased by his PR team is a Gujarat that is urbanized, express motorways criss-crossing urban centres, shopping malls, and huge industries that entrench displacing vast majority of the so called puppies, huge dams that channel water to the elite urban towns and industries, while hundreds of thousands displaced by the surging waters of the mammoth dams are jettisoned to fend for themselves.

A careful observation of some of the premier national newspapers in the print media and TV channels will tell that many have already been bought over by the Modi lobby. The development agenda of Modi is not inclusive and statistics that are on the websites run by NGOs and authentic portals will adequately tell. But then as they claim and so do the present corrupt dispensation of Manmohan Singh, it is all for “the greater common good”.

Imagine a development agenda that is lopsided, a social outlook that is hatefully communal and an Orwellian State that is premised on intolerance, where citizens are snooped upon and dissent brutally silenced. Yes, snooped upon, because a man with Modi’s philosophy cannot survive in an atmosphere of tolerance or dissent. He cannot and the saffron robe cannot build a tolerant and secular society. If Congress is secularly pro Muslim the Modi bandwagon is despicably anti-Muslim and anti-other faiths.

As for corruption the less expected the better. He may be above corruption, but we saw what the BJP ministers and legislators are capable of when it comes to thieving and corruption. As for their proclaimed intent of the revival of Hinduism and its elevation over Islam or Christianity it is malarkey and misleading. The hundreds of ancient and medieval Hindu temples that were submerged by the rising waters of the Narmada or consigned to nondescript oblivion all over the country, even in the BJP ruled States stand as ghostly harbinger and premonition.


jijo moolayil said...

In absolute agreement with you I would quote: "The challenge of Modi is not the challenge to the Congress. His populism and his authoritarian politics are a challenge to democratic India which values diversity, dissent and wants to dream beyond the World Bank Development Report." (India Today). Anilji, I thought you would formulate a petition in and start an Anti-Modi campaign. Hope you may do it as next step.

Meera Sundararajan said...

No disagreement Anil, I agree with all your points 100%. Unfortunately a lot of Indians (particularly the middle class) seem fed up with the UPA govt and are very taken up with Modi . I was horrified to see some so called "friends" send me requests on Face book to "like" some pages about this guy. Whatever be the verdict, if it is for this man then this would be the last election that India will have !!

KParthasarathi said...

We are not on same page on many issues.I am apolitical and not communal.Let the people in their political wisdom choose what is best for them in an election that is fair.

Usha Menon said...

Let us wait for the Election and the results,then we can we can ponder on this man's qualities.

Insignia said...

Hmm First and foremost I appreciate you writing on a touchy topic. I see that there are people who are against Modi and then there are who are waiting for the man to perform some miracle. All due to the sloppy UPA.

One thing to remember; there is no Jesus in our politics today. People would want to choose best among the worse; they are fed up.

Renu said...

I dont agree at all for many you post is written in avery harsh way..not logical way.

second modi is not what you make himne out to be

if communal rights are the blot on him then ..are they the only riots that happened in India..why everybody forgets mumbai blast in cong govt, 84 riots in also cong govt, and many more.
why people forget all the corruptio inlast 4 years.

Secondly we must honour democracy, if majority wants anyone, we must honour the public--

why we think that secularism means deriding hinduism..

KParthasarathi said...

What I wished to convey was that I don't see eye to eye with some of
the points you had raised on your latest post.But I am generally in agreement with you on many social issues as reflected in your posts.

When I said i am apolitical and I am not communal, i wished to stress that I am not with any political
party and am liberal in outlook.It was not meant to say you are political etc.

But I want a change.I wish we had a two party system without wide differences between them but keeping them on their toes.The same dispensation, whatever it is, for long duration is not desirable.
I want new leaders being thrown up who are distinguished for their intellect,probity and passion for
public service.I am against professional politicians.I would like younger lot to be at the helm and not oldies.

rudraprayaga said...

First of all let me express that I am apolitical and non-religious,though I believe in God.But what you said is merely congress's view .An MES leader has recently opined that the Muslims are the highest beneficiaries for the last decade or more in India. Why should there be religious discrimination?Let the downtrodden be uplifted.If Muslims are under-privileged, they can enjoy more benefits,if fiscal condition is the basis of altruism by the govt and vice versa also.The govt.opens banks and schools for Muslims.Special scholarship for them.So the young children do not have occasion to mingle with the children of another religion religion.
All have same kind of flesh and blood,same type of body parts and same way of eating habits.Let there be a single civil cod.Why religious segregation.

Now India has become the lone property of a single family. Let the people exercise their franchise wisely.'Onam vannalum unni pirannalum,koranu kumpilil thanne kanji.'

anilkurup said...

@ jijo moolayil

Yes you are right. the Congress ( UPA) and the Modi bandwagon are the evils on either side of the same coin, making jackass of us all.
The tenor of some comments below would tell which way the young India is looking.So will the campaign on the Change org serve?

@ meerasundarajan,

I'm appalled as well at the fascination for this man and his philosophy.Reminds one of the popularity Adolf Hitler enjoyed during his triumphant rise. The result is history which we may be foolish to forget.

@ K.Parthasarathi,

We all are free to have our opinions and I welcome dissent . It is because of that I suggested that you have no misgivings about posting an adverse comment or disagreement in this blog post.
The only requirement which I insist for any dissenting comment is an articulate reason and not blind disapproval.
I want a change too from this sick dispensation of Mr. Singh. But is Modi and his perverted ideology the alternate? If young India say so I pity the education and the intelligence these savvy young generation possess.

@ Usha Menon,

Should we be passive and wait for the elections to dissect this man?His remorseless countenance and utterances are ample to decide. don't you think so?

@ Insignia,

B, what is best among the worse? Abomination. don't you think so?

Who is not fed up of this corrupt UPA? Because of that do you opt for a Kul Klux Klan for the Third Reich,metaphorically speaking?

@ Renu,

Yes indeed democracy, respect for the decision of the majority , but we have not reached there yet. Have we?
Yes indeed I used some harsh observations and words in the post. Tell me what else will aptly describe this man and the ideology of his ilk?
I do not decry Hinduism in fact I was born into a Hindu family and hence I believe in inclusiveness. I wonder and fail to see where and when the faith Hinduism got usurped by bigotry, hate and fanaticism.
You want to believe that Modi is not what I made him out. If so what else is he?
A man who presided over the most horrendous carnage and still shows no remorse! If the Mumbai terror blasts in the 1990s and the subsequent terror acts was by Muslim fanatics do not in any way justify the communal cleansing and Modi ideology.
The congress secularism is appeasement of Muslims , while the Modi brand is annihilation and silencing of minorities.


I', not political, I'm irreligious and hold no affiliation to a faith and far from communal.My post too will not show partisan signs. Is it that you believe if one is against Modi, one is for the corrupt UPA or the Congress?That is not true and wrong contention. And to believe that the alternate to the Nehru- Gandhi clan and the Congress is the Modi brand is grossly erroneous .

Why was it that the BJP when in power the previous occasion did not abolish personal laws and bring about an uniform common civil code?

The very same NDA and the UPA are hand in glove when it comes to perpetuation of reservations . Why?

Happy Kitten said...

Like everyone else I blame the Congress for the Modi-fication of this nation. But having said that, whatever you have written against Modi can very well be pointed towards Congress and most of the allies that they partner with.
Community appeasement?
Corporate appeasement?
Tell me frankly, how has Congress who has governed this nation for ages different in all the above?

Hence how much ever apprehension I may have of Modi and mainly heard from the media which I dont trust these days, I am willing to give him a chance. Let him rule just like how the rest have. Let him prove his mettle. Else let this nation be rid off him!

Rama Ananth said...

It is really a sad situation, and today we have no choice, it would either be some milli jhulli kichidi parties coming and creating havoc in the center, or some slightly mixed baggage of UPA/ BJP.
To expect change in India is a real pipe dream. Even the so called educated and young leaders who are in important positions in the government have no say in any matter of importance.
Till such a time comes, when we have choice of good parties and leaders, we would have to choose between the two devils only.

anilkurup said...

@Happy Kitten,

The post was meant to be an impassioned and dispassionate plea against Modi ideology. It was not in any way an endorsement of the Congress policies that has now brought the country on the precipice.
The Congress was certainly guilty of the 1984 anti Sikh riots and they have orchestrated and fished in troubled waters often. The happenings in the UP recently is also another instance of political parties playing dirty games.
My question is why must we endorse a ideology that is blatant and completely xenophobic and communal?

Do we have to bear the fantasies of Modi and the saffron brigade for another five years and only time can tell where we will be then as a nation

@ rama

Sad indeed. That youth and young blood is no different from the old brigade has been proved by Akilesh Yadav in UP.

Choose between devils ? I shudder.

Ashwini C N said...

Agree with most of the points, but this seems to be the best among the worst, right?

anilkurup said...

@ Ashwini,

Best among the worst? Umm that is dangerous . isn't it?

Ruchika said...
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BK Chowla, said...

I dont seem to agree with you.
In fact,this is an issue,like religion,that should be left alone.
Last ten years of Cong rule has ruine dthe country.
Rest,let elections decide,especially when you so concerned about democracy.

Red Handed said...

First of all...This blog shocked the hell out of me. My fathers name is ANIL KURUP....or ANIL K KURUP. Only when I saw your picture did my heart resumed its beating. :D
Now for the post, I am a NaMo supporter. So we are not on the same page here!! But i respect yours :)

Insignia said...

No Anil. Doesn't cause Abomination. Most of us are fed up with UPA; in particular the Gandhi family. Why do we only talk about Gujarat riots? What about those numerous other riots that have gone unnoticed. Lets give the man a chance before dismissing him off. Haven't we given a chance to everybody to screw us? If there are some positive things that comes out; why not

anilkurup said...

@ B.K.Chowla,

It is not ten years of Congress but almost sixty years of Congress after independence!
The irony of Democracy is that it is a green pasture for all who claim democratic credentials to graze unhindered.Yes indeed we will have to accept either of the two evils who win elections. But why a man who directed the killings?

@ Rsed Handed,

Thanks for coming by. Hope your father is not a disappointment holding the opinion I have on Modi. Please do come by.

@ Insignia,
Who is not fed up of the UPA. But why must we have a man who is by all means responsible for the mayhem and holds an obnoxious ideology lead the BJP? Modi is no Vajpayee.

rudraprayaga said...

I could re-enter only now. I didn't mean Modi was a remedy for India's diseases.But UPA and regional parties stand for nepotism,dynasty the common man has no say ere.Might be NDA following the same track but those two evils(Nep.&Dy.) are very less there. so let some people other than the duo or trio(Sing,Snia,son) hold the bridle.Only Time willspeak what is there in store for us.

rudraprayaga said...

I could re-enter only now. I didn't mean Modi was a remedy for India's diseases.But UPA and regional parties stand for nepotism,dynasty the common man has no say ere.Might be NDA following the same track but those two evils(Nep.&Dy.) are very less there. so let some people other than the duo or trio(Sing,Snia,son) hold the bridle.Only Time willspeak what is there in store for us.

Musings said...

@ rudraparayag,

If corruption, nepotism and dynasty politics along with sycophancy are te bane of the Congress rule, as you mentioned the alternative is not a comfortable option too.
I can understand the BJPs moorings on nationalism which is in their opinion Hindutva. But do we need to be ruled by a man who excelled in mass murder?

Daniel said...

I think J.Jayalalithaa should become the PM :)