Saturday, October 5, 2013


Vailopalli Sreedhara Menon  the renowned poet of Kerala sang, “Bandhura kanchana kootilanengilum, bandhanam bandhanam thanne paaril”!!!  It loosely means that a life of (plenty) even if incarcerated in a gilded cage is yet a life of incarceration. I now, over the past few weeks have begun to realize that there can be exceptions to the adage the poet wrote. Because I’m in the past three weeks relishing a life though not interned by any means but grounded by my own volition; not a life indulgent and sumptuous. I joked to C that it is a refugee status. She was a shade offended, I presume.

So it will be until a while (I guess) I will be with my mother and indulging rather gauchely in gastronomic plenty. The plentifulness of taste - those dishes that leave a lingering aroma, smack and atmosphere that it stays in you even long after many moons and all have faded. I do not think that one should believe in niceties and hold back when enwrapped by food that can entice you to live another day only that so you could have more of it. Food, that is simple and unpretentious, but makes you lean sideways to guess if it was made in heaven. So I devour them and ravenously.
An unexpected twist of events!

“Gastronomic plenty” may be a phrase that may be quite misleading. Because often it is like we miss the wood for the trees. Not that I have been through famine all these days leading up to now, nor is it now vulgar indulgence in regal and princely food. It is simple and bare food made at home and which is in the menu of any ordinary people. But the gilded difference is it is being prepared by someone special, someone who has the uncanny knack of adding drops of ambrosia into each little dish prepared and that makes the food exceptional at that.

So here I’m virtually flying thrice each day to paradise after passionately eating food cooked by her. And after every meal I’m content and at peace, Zen like, that would not mind even falling dead.
And, I stay embattled in the battle of the bulge.


Insignia said...

Aptly being in Zen phase. Simple home cooked meal anyday Anil. And if its cooked and served by your loved one, heavenly

jijo moolayil said...

"“Sometimes too much technical training can get in the way. You cook with your head. Your head is full of noise. You must learn to cook from the quieter place deep inside of you. Each bowl of ramen you prepare is a gift to your customer. The food that you serve your customer becomes a part of them. It contains your spirit. That’s why your ramen must be an expression of pure love. A gift from your heart.” - Mother of Sensei to Abby (Movie: RAMEN GIRL)

KParthasarathi said...

I am not going to suggest moderation.
The food should be homely and safe but with liberal dose of those special touches ,be it in ingredients or the method of preparation or the variety of preparations unique to ones own home.
The battle of bulge can be won later when you are back.

Shilpa Garg said...

What is this thing with men that when it comes to food, it seems that their mothers -- not wives -- know best. :D

Usha Menon said...

Nice you are enjoying food cooked by your mother.
Somehow men will always relish food cooked by their mom rather than the one which is cooked their better half.(This is for C )
Have a nice time.

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,

Yes B.
Is it the person who cooks that enhances the bliss the food provides or is it the special place the person who cooks have in us that heightens the taste?

@ jijo moolayail



Yes certainly the bulge can be a bulge.

@ Shilpa Garg,
A honest and I'm sure a question that only wives can ask and keep wondering.
It is better that men leave you folks to ask the question and keep wondering - why and what.

@ Usha Menon,
Thanks., It is not that what C cooks is less savoury. and she cooks well too. But when one goes back in his mid life to his mother and indulges in the food she cooks , there are emotions, feelings and something immaterial that adds to the pleasure.

adithyasaravana said...

I totally agree with your indulgence. .I was miffed when the simple food made by my mother was replaced by more exotic north indian preparations , to impress me.. when I went to my brother's place last weekend. My satiety was gratified only after the next day , when she prepared something simple for the dinner , because we had heavy lunch elsewhere that day

Happy Kitten said...

It is your mother's cooking that you have grown with or it is she who have won you first through your stomach. The first love remains strong though we poor wives try every trick under our sleeves to lure you..but sometimes it does succeed! :)

Enjoy the love and curries!

anilkurup said...

@ adityasaravanan,thanks

@ Happy Kitten,

I guess it may be the days from the umbilical cord.

A wife is a wife and a mom is a mom.They are both unique in a man's heart as far as I can say personally. So the comparison in culinary skills is not relevant.

Meera Sundararajan said...

Mother's cooking is what is called "comfort" food. She may not be the best of cooks but her food gives a security that no one else's can. Home food is my favorite food -especially when cooked by those I love! So indulge yourself to your heart's content!!

anilkurup said...

@ MeeraSundarajan,

Yes you have a point there

Renu said...

we say in ke haath ka khana to alag hi hota ha and everybody cherishes that even wives love their mother's food the most:)

I think its a matter of habit, one has grown up eating that and acquires the taste..

BK Chowla, said...

Here I dont agree with Shilpa....
after a time,it is wife's meal which is the realstuff and not that of Mother's

Asia Explore Adventure & Travel said...
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Happy Kitten said...

I agree that they cannot be compared..but with enough time in the hands of the wife, the stomach of the men may start liking what the wife cooks.. I said the stomach :)

Just like my hubby even I love my MIL's cooking but there ares some dishes that she can never make which my hubby loves..more because she is very picky :) which means I can cook whatever she cooks!

anilkurup said...

@ Renu,

Yes it could be matter of habit and old habits seldom go away.

@ BK Chowla,

I would say that matter of taste is different and cannot be compared.Each has its own perspective here. I hope you will agree

@ Happy Kitten,

Well, I do not place wife's ( C's) cooking on a lesser platform. She learned the art after we were married.
I, from my experience would say that both these women are unique in a man's life. And the taste acquired is different too

rudraprayaga said...

Each cell of your body has its root from mother and so naturally your mothers will turn gilded ladles.And more over your mind has evicted all the thoughts other than your childhood(the best part of life)atmoshere and hence it can enjoy the tang.The other food preference depends upon appetite and mood.An interestingly nostalgic post.

Musings said...

@ rudraparayag,

I see that you have connected. Thanks for the comments

lolan said...

Bandhura kaanchana.....this lines written not vyloppilli.thats vallathol narayana menon.