Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An attempt with trepidation

"It is some time since I began to pen ( in fact type on the Lap top key board), my thoughts, feelings, emotions, rejections, revulsions, hope, apprehensions, experiences, reactions, likes, dislikes, so on and so forth. And soon enough became a blogger too.
The activity gives me immense and much comfort and an open door to exhale myself. Sometimes blogging something others may not have the patience and understanding to accept, but still gives me a way to express and talk to my alter ego, that is comforting.
This morning I sat and brought them out in words, some feelings that went through me. And with a bit of trepidation I found it was something in verses. So here they are- my first attempt in years at putting something that came to mind into verses".

Lay me to your bosom

I wait with excite, for her to wade in
Take me in her arms, lay me to her bosom.
And let the beauty of her dark countenance sooth my heart.

I close my eyes at her fondle
fall back again into peace within;
till she departs with her dark flowing hair,
gently caressing my face!

As the flecks of dawn wakes me from
the wonderland that she held me through, and the paradise;
Walking by her side, in bliss and delight
in peace and calm

I lay with yearning for her to be back
to caress me back into the wonderland
of darkness and clam.


Love is a lesser word; gratitude , too mean a word
I grope in the dark and day, and cannot find a way
to thank her for her ways.

In moments of torment and in days of tempest,
She holds by my side, fiercer than the rock in tempest.

Moments when I detest, my helpless state at its worst.
But still to tell her with an embrace be by my side
lest I slip aside into the nether world and be torn asunder.


Insignia said...

Ohh awesome. You should try more.

Your verses give colors to the imagination.

More more!!

anilkurup said...


Im humbled by your comment. Yes the attempt is again a way to let out.

The Holy Lama said...

You write fine. But did I see a person wishes to be alone?

anilkurup said...

@The Holy Lama,
Thank you for the appreciation.
I did not understand your question

RGB said...

Sounds good. Like they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

deeps said...

i liked it... just like the way i began jounry around here...

i m sure this attempt is going to go a long way...

anilkurup said...

Would you elucidate your comment pls ?

Thanks let me try and enjoy this

Balachandran V said...

Dark countenance? Angels are fair-skinned, remember?

At first I thought the reference is to C, but her countenance is never dark, not by the colour nor by emotions!

I would like to believe the 'she' in your poem is sleep or death....
2. Well, thats a nice thought about C! Nothing like love and care...

anilkurup said...


Why cannot Angels be dark skinned? If black pearl can command awe and value why not dark skinned
Well I only tried to paint the night , comfort of deep sleep!!