Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reminiscence of College days 2


I mentioned in a previous post on memoirs of College about the tour to Bangalore. And how we broke the ranks and control of the Asst Professor and ventured out in the night.
I managed to retrieve after much search few photographs of some of us who made it to Bangalore in 1978.Appearances of some are funny, and some look pretty. Some look emaciated including me.Looking back, quite a contrast nature had decreed for every person! This is manifested when one look back at the photos during the farewell party twenty seven years ago and during the trip to Bangalore.
 On the sides of the reunion function and the luncheon some of us recalled the vapid fun some had and the little, subtle infatuations during the days in college. We however concluded that a smile, an incessant ageless smile should not be taken as the acceptance of amour, of intimacy. And we were also unanimous in the opinion that the realization was quite late in coming ha ha ha ha !!
All said and done the reunion was a master act, and I m certain that the kids who came along and the spouses too would never have thought of such grand and earnest response.It is fascinating to look at the faces and try to recollect what they looked twenty seven years ago, branded as a bunch of impertinent rascals.


Insignia said...

:-) What do I say? Its a great deal to have a reunion and meet everyone whom you studied with. And after so many years, few decades that is, its awesome :-)

Balachandran V said...

Tried hard to locate you in the old photos! :(

Reunions are occasions, not only to learn where our old friends are, but also to learn how they have fared in life - in comparison to ourselves! ;)

anilkurup said...

Oh yes . That was hell of a day.

@ Bals,
Always at vantage point in such photographs!!!!
Comparisons are sometimes disconcerting aren't they?

RGB said...

Meeting your college mates after so many years must have been real nice - a Reunion where you can catch up on the lost years and renew those friendships! Great that you could share those pics with us :D

anilkurup said...


Yes it was a good time. Thank you