Monday, August 16, 2010

"I wish I was wrong"

I m certain that if not all, many of us might at some point or other times, long and pleadingly wish that what we feel and fear about another person  and his or her character is not true and are misplaced.

How would it be if we are proved wrong and it is revealed that our judgment about the person was wrong, mercifully? Would not such a state be like the air jetting out from an inflated balloon? And in some other case the reality when it dawns, or say revealed will be very hurting within us.

On the contrary how would it be if our opinion or judgment of the person is proved to be true and correct? It can sometimes be a vindication that would give us comfort. And can also be the revelations of the feared judgment come true.

Which one of these situations would we like to be?

If it is the former well then we might have to spend some time introspecting ourselves and ruing our hasty and ill conceived or unwise judgment. Nevertheless if this is the case we still have time and opportunity to make amends with the victim of our intemperate judgment, and move on in life. There cannot be anything piquant and bad about a situation where we may have to retract and confess an apology. The word ‘sorry’ has the power to soothe feelings, hurt ego and pride. And I presume, being in the wrong by ourselves in judging some one and not letting our conceited mind accept its mistake is more wrong on our part.

The later situation of us being vindicated is a comforting state. Because we may have before hand done the needful to confront such an eventuality..

But how I wish at times, that it turns out that I judged wrong!


Insignia said...

Benefit of doubt. An interesting introspection this is.

We always wish that our judgement doesnt turn out otherwise. Apart from the hurt it brings, we also tend to question our analyzing ability.

Judging situations and actions gives lesser jolt if it goes wrong than judging people.

And if it were otherwise, we chide ourselves for doubting a genuine thing/person.

All said, it gives us further opportunity to learn and apply

anilkurup said...

I wish I had mind reading acumen.
Yes till the grave will it be a learning process??
Thanks for your opinion.

Insignia said...

Hmm....learn and make new mistakes instead :-)

deeps said...

i wonder how boring a perfect world with all saintly, holy people can be!! no one is perfect ha? no wonder we tend to prick the other thinking we are on the right side ...

Balachandran V said...

Frankly, a bit confusing. Especially, the first option. An illustration would have been useful.

anilkurup said...

@ Balachandran,

Yes it is confusing to me as well/ And that is what that hurts.
Illustrations ... well well!!