Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I had a dream

I had a dream, and I was on the precipice
The rocks were keen and steep, I clutched them with my life.
Looked below and dread the abyss deep.
The piece of bread seized 'tween my tattered fingers,
because I was 'fraid to let go the crump
Lest all go hungry and vain..

As I moved down edging,
Afraid of the slide and the fall any moment to come
The ground beneath my feet
ne'er reached me soon.

I had a dream, and I saw the dead
Rotten and dried cadaver of men and women
Hung on the string like meat put to dry
Mummies, beyond reckon, and couldn’t know who they where,
and why?

I had a dream, and I saw the deluge.
Of gushing water that took me down
I gasped in the swirl, knowing not what-
the whirl held for me, down under.

I had a dream, and I saw the dawn
raise me in her arms, coddle me long
I woke up in time,
and saw it was morn.


Balachandran V said...

Vivid, haunting images! And to most of us, our mothers are the last resort for love and security.

note # 1: You have the habit of typing 'where' where you mean 'were'. In some previous posts too.

#2: 'tattered' fingers? check.

#3: ... hung on a 'string' would be better than 'strand', don't you think?

#4: ... 'deluge of gushing water'. Deluge would suffice.

Insignia said...


I was wondering why was that all dreams were such nightmarish; until I read the last few verses.

Once again; hope behind everything.

deeps said...

the next time plse have happy thoughts before bed-time :)

i wonder if the deluge has really made u reach the 'dawn'..!!

Rhapsody B. said...
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Rhapsody B. said...

Your dreams if it is indeed your dream. It speaks of...
-Fear of change.
-A resistance to letting go of the accustomed familiar things.
-The dawn represents new light, new beginnings; one the spirits are asking you to embraced, to trust that though fearful will bring forth triumphs.
-Your Resistance (represents the edge) to taking the leap of faith
-Be mindful that an unwillingness to flow with the changes that are to be will manifest in a drudgery of struggles for you(hence the macabre parts of the dream)
-Do not be so consumed with fear that your feet become encased in laden and you miss the blessings in the evolution of what is to come.
-The Arms of dawn is the Divine's way of showing you testament to the fact that you will be alright and rise through it all.

“Fear whilst an immobilizer can also be a motivator to courage, triumph and personal growth”
-Self quoted


The Holy Lama said...

Was this written long ago? Like when you were 15-20?

anilkurup said...

Noted ur points. Stupid silly error this "where & were".
"tattered fingers"- can be used to denote shredded, bruised, etc.

Do u think string gives better feel than strand ? Though both has the same meaning.

"I saw the deluge".
"Of Gushing water...."
perhaps read that as two sentences/verses

anilkurup said...

there must be a window open somewhere, isnt it so? even in nightmares and dreams!


Guess so the deluge took me under and into the dawn.

@Rhapsody B

Your analysis is interesting.

@The Holy Lama

Falling from heights and fear are with us even from the womb, dont u think so?

RGB said...

I had many a dream
But before dawn they seem to vanish
Into thin air...

anilkurup said...


Oh ye they do. But honestly some stay in the shadows to haunt or remind you of it. don't they?