Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Columbus, Osama and the Star of David

I posted some portions of this as my comment on a Blog post that came up on the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The fact that the USA is more often “the villain of the piece”, is a known matter and I’m certain acknowledged by the USA as well. Please go through the Nobel lecture of the British author Harold Pinter to know more about specific cases where the USA displayed hypocrisy, and criminal acts.

Osama like India’s Bhindrenwale was the creation of the State. If Mrs. Gandhi and the pliable joker Zail Singh cultivated and nurtured Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrenwale, successive governments in the USA did the act on Osama.

It has been the US policy of playing dirty in any third world or developing country if it feels that the government of the country has a policy of "equidistant".During the era of the cold war they did that under the guise of hunting communism under every bed.And after the fall of the iron-curtain they have a vital tool in Islamic exteremism  and the subject that has been at their heart since Christopher Columbus landed in the New World- "trade and usurping native resources".Though the Soviet Union (former) showed no qualms in playing dirty in countries that did not toe its line, one could understand that, because the so called communist in the former Soviet Union did not swear by values and principles of democracy and human rights. Fair play was not in their lexicon. But the USA, a country that spirits in calling itself the “new world’, the beacon of freedom and democracy- mauling societies and governments in poor third world is a paradox and symbol of decadence and hypocrisy that has eaten into its system.

Remember, the USA is a country built on sweat and tears of immigrants from diverse national background, who journeyed across the Atlantic. But also understand that it was the forefathers of some of those immigrants who ventured into the New World in the schooner Santa Maria from far flung Spain and thence began the systematic depravation and annihilation of the meek and the less powerful. The very same policy is continued since the last years of the 15 Th century, but in various other forms.

As long as the World does not exercise the will and the courage to designate a fair deal for the Palestinians who live as refugees in their own land,.men like Osama bin Laden will usurp the Palestinian cause and showcase it as injustice perpetrated on the Muslims of the world. The irony is that men like bin Laden do not care a hoot for the Palestinians and their cause. And in the same vein neither the Fatah nor the Hamas are interested in cahoots with the terror groups of bin Laden and the likes.  These terror groups like the Al Qaeda, Jaissemohammedh, and LET etc have only one agenda and that is the proselytization and cultivation of  perverted religious philosophies,bigotry and fanaticism.Finally a medieval and archaic Caliphate to invoke the manna from above! Issues like the Palestinian cause is  only an opportunistic tool in their ulterior venture.

If Muslims all over have a grievance that can be addressed by the world community, the US and the West in particular, it is the creation of a democratic Palestinian State, but, also ensuring that it accepts the necessity and the inevitability of coexistence with Israel. And rest of the grievances, injustices, and atrocities if any on Muslims elsewhere are often the making of the Muslim themselves. When Muslims – Shiites and Sunnis vie to extinguishing the other, when the Ahmedias and other schools of Islamic faith are hounded, when bigotry and obscurantism is pedaled by religious schools called madrasas, when medieval laws are inflicted on the hapless, when education is relegated to the background and when women are seen as instruments and trivia, then certainly its is the core problem within the community and that the making of the community itself. Why has not a Bin Laden come forward to tackle the dirt  and scum that has incised within Islam and Muslims like limpets? Why is it that as often said the majority of the Muslims are moderate and silent? They are silent and in my opinion pliable too, else men like Osama will not be able to hypnotize and brain wash young men and women to blow themselves into oblivion at the promise of a paradise full of fornicating women and men, of pleasure and spirit, but manifestly from where   nobody has yet come back to write a travelogue.

The misfortune of today is that even people amongst us  who laud and swear upon acceptance of dissimilar views and dissent as a civilized way of living, turn out to be extremely volatile and incapable of accepting a divergent view or opinion. Even in them lurks the bin Laden intolerance and extremism. And they engage not in discussion, debate or negotiation, but in playing spoiled, (the Blogdom has ample examples).Is not that a form of extremism?  

Extremism and intolerance in any form and guise is harmful. If there are two forms of extremism and madness in this world today that can perennially threaten the existence of man kind it is the fanaticism of Islam and Zionism.



Mélange said...
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Mélange said...

A very sensible post in all respects..I was terrifically upset listening to a debate in Ndtv,in which,Geo Tv MD heard categorically stating that India can't do any covert action since US will pressurise and so on.Practically they may withdraw troops from afgan they were threatening.Ha,the same was repeated by an International Affairs expert from US.
With the criminal hypocricy tempered with immense arrogance from US,it's pathetic that we dont have anything to act upon..Bartering hatred..and revenge..life is not so beautiful in this world !

Insignia said...

The US created a Laden and this man was capable enough to gather so many young men and women for his so called fight against America's foreign policy. He was influential enough to change the minds of so many people.

I laughed out at this statement - but manifestly from where nobody has yet come back to write a travelogue.

Yeah, there are caveats within the religion and the outdated beliefs. Intolerance is aplenty, education is lacking. Adding to it are the lack of opportunities as well.

To lead a normal life, to earn a decent living....

Bikramjit said...

US has become how do i say spoilt brat and russia going the way it did, did not help at least then there was someone to check the USA.

What more silly is USA crying over stuff when what they themselves did to the RED INDIANS in there own back yard is worth looking into.

They have themself created all this mess, they were the ones who were funding Taliban and supposrting them when Russians were there.. Now USA itself is in there.. How can they forget that Afghan's is a race which fought for so many years againt russia and in end the soviets had to leave the country, How to americans think they can over power them I dont know.

Then same with pakistan America has been funding a lot of ways to pakistan and now when the cat is out of the bag that pakistan did help terrorism they still carry on.
USA has always acted when it was threatened otherwise it hase never done anything worth mentioning for global pease etc.. They went into Iraq an made a fool of public about weapons and guess what THey found nothing there.

Regarding india I do side as the above comment mentioned india doing a covert operation, I doubt if india can do it, we dont have the leaders who can take the decision, otherwise how many proofs do we need kargil-mumbai attacks .. what more do our leaders need a nuclear bomb dropped on india will then the indians react .. i still have my doubts.

End of the day if we look all over the world USA is hardly in good books of any nation, yeah the only reason it plays the big daddy is because it can, the day another nation stand up against USA it will know..

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

A very informative piece. The U.S funded the mujahiddeens to fight against Russia and eventually they turned against their creators. Kind of a Bhasmasura syndrome. Wherever there are conflicts around the globe it's highly likely that the U.S has a role. From funding insurgents to selling weapons, this self-proclaimed world police is a threat to democracy around the world!

Happy Kitten said...

A well balanced post.

And now that Pakistan is finding it too dangerous to play games with US, (who is a better schemer) it seems to be taking the help of the Chinese. (Today's TOI news) And I do wonder how the Islamists and the Chinese shall get along!
If Russia had her ambitions in Afganisthan, wont the Chinese have theirs?

Not sure how this is going to affect India. Some of us can only pray.

anilkurup said...

@ Melange
@ insignia
@ bikramjith
@ arun meethale chirakkal,

Thanks for the comments.
" Chickens will come back to roost", though metaphorical, isn't it true many time?

And B , pity no one has come back from the nether world to tells us the story.

Happy Kitten said...

Dont know where my comment went...

Sandy said...

Hey there again........just saw your comment thing..with the blue background, I could not see a thing..I like your philosophical theory/outlook on your last two post..You are a great writer and an avid follower of the news happenings from inside out....

anilkurup said...

@ Sandy,
Thank you. Honestly I love appreciations and more brick bats. Because when some one is not in favour of your conversation then there is a lot of space for debate, discussion and even arguments- constructive arguments that are substantiated with reason. I do not like shutting out to views and opinions diverse to mine ,as that is a form of extremism a bin Laden kind of extremist blogging.
Thanks again.

anilkurup said...

@ Happy Kitten,

When the Blogger was shut down by Google last week, many comments too got wiped out on the NET

Thommy said...

Thoghtful observations....

anilkurup said...

@ Thommy,

Thanks for reading and the comment.

Haddock said...

I am very happy for him.
Now when I look up at the sky I can see him sitting, flanked by his 40 Angels

anilkurup said...

@ Haddock,
Male and female angels!!!

Sandy said...

hey anilkurup, I am totally bewildered as to why my comments are not showing up today...This is twic that I have been here...I must be looney......I can not imagine what is wrong..... Sandy

anilkurup said...

Hi Sandy,
I'm equally bewildered. Don't understand what "Blogger" has against your comments.