Monday, May 23, 2011

"Elementary and Silly"

The state of being peeved, feeling piqued, and desperately trying to hide behind any available apron from the silliness and stupidity of one’s conduct, is indeed an unpleasant state, but a fascinating display from the perspective of the onlooker. Especially when the onlooker has been made the center of the protagonist’s childish ire! The facial expression they bear when the ludicrous folly is apparent to the world is something that must be discerned at close quarter and enjoyed.In fact it does not make any sensible bearing to feel offended and angered by the puerility of the person.

I’m not referring to an oration or conduct with criminal intent. That is not the subject that I’m thinking about. This is of the absolutely childish and stupid kind, irrespective of one’s age or educational background. And it may be a harmless act or utterance, or one that has some malice sautéed.

How many such instances have some of us been through!                                                                              

I have been through some, and honestly I have had the amusing pleasure to watch at close quarter the discomfiture of the other. Saying something that had no reason to be told or doing something that was out of sync and silly, probably driven by ego and an imperious nature as also by the character of impatience towards anything and everything that is different from one’s predilection are what that sends such people into discomfiture and is overrun by the urge to hide his/her face from the glare of others. Such tribe never cease running and being grouchy .No sympathies from my position because, such conduct deserves such state of misery or discomfort. It is surprising why even erudite and the intelligent stoop and succumb into this silliness.
But do they will to accept the folly of their infantile disposition? Many may not! And that evidently tells that scholarship alone cannot be a panacea for the serious short comings in outlook and conduct. The ill luck is such people hesitate or decline to own up their folly- they apparently believe to be infallible.

Old habits die hard, don’t they? Or they may not. The onus of moving on will be on those of us who may not want to be as silly as the other. 
And it is true that when such person does something silly and of which he/she may be ashamed of, he/she always will declare that it is his/her duty.


Balachandran V said...

Are you commenting on yourself? ;-D

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Till the last para I thought it was an intro and something was to come, but then, all of a sudden it got concluded :)

Insignia said...

Errrr...I had the same feeling as Arun. Abrupt end?

kavita said...

Truth has this good/bad habit of coming up one day or another....they don't understand it hence are silly.

kavita said...

And i want to understand Balan's comment :)D

Thommy said...

Old habits die hard...YES

anilkurup said...

@ Balan,

Judge yourself.

@ Arun
@ insignia
Writing this far I have a good comment to boot from Balan. Any further would have been different, badly different. Somethings are better unsaid in full!

@ Kavitha,

The other might call us silly too. And it is their perception. they think that they can pontificate because they presume they are infallible so be it. Nevertheless I would convey my point of view.

Did you not understand Balan's comment!

@ Thommy,

It doesn't die hard. It stays till death do part