Friday, July 29, 2011

The Contagion

Sometimes I wonder why do people always sport a smile, why are some jubilant in words and the way they conduct. Even in the 'Blogdom' some have not yet posted a piece that is melancholic or depressing. In the presence of some, one could feel their positive, happy chemistry in the air. They spread the redolence of their being, their personality. That becomes contagious.

Whereas some like me though not the exact opposite, one may not find the fullness of the day neither vocally nor in what is now ostentatiously aired on the Blogs. It may be that, only the limited few are my friends is because I'm  so .And the many prefer to vanish at my sight? Yet some are very depressing to be with and gives the feeling that one is cloistered in a subterranean drain. Some people seem to radiate only the sunny side of life. It can be a wonder if it is so true about their lives in real!

Cynicism is betrothed to the state of disappointment in the mind. Isn’t it? But often one cannot help not being cynical and any amount of contrived exuberance may not help and may be unfair to ones reason. But still why is it that some have only stories of ill, sadness and tragedy to tell? To some the dissatisfactions and discontent they get or see in life reflects in their countenance as penumbra and again, even that is also contractable.
My friend often talks about corroding one’s mind and the black bile would diffuse in your being. The intent of his advice is warm, but what may become corrosion to some may not be necessarily the outcome always. Reactions, thought or action is corollary to what we have in life as I mentioned before. The goodness that we had may be imbibed to pervade in ourselves. And to me reactions are an outcome of the situation. I do not see corrosion afflicting my mind, but the reaction on the contrary washes out the pent up elements that can corrode .For me it is a letting out, fortunately so, because by nature I confine .Again it differs from people to people.

But it takes a great effort to radiate positivity and only that. Or is it in the body chemistry, inborn? To not tell a sad story, to not hold bad blood, but to see only the goodness in things is a very lofty trait. Though I would debate if wishing away will make bad not exist, perhaps?

Sathyan Anthikad is a very good director of movies. He has been churning out movies in Malayalam, from the late seventies. I have not missed even one movie of his. What is unique and that stands out in his films and stories are the ending. It is always felicitous and happy. There are no villains in his movies. Yes there are elements that seem lost, who stumble, but they seldom evoke a feeling of revulsion, disgust, fear or dislike in the viewer. We sometimes even pity the bad and the ugly in his movies. The goodness that is in life that we all would like to see is with what he ends his movies.


Insignia said...

You often wonder what keeps such people so lively and happy. Nothing can bog them down.

Is it that they put up a smiling face and cheer everybody around but are sad deep within. Your post reminds me of a character from the latest Hindi movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - Farhan Akhtar's character.

Balachandran V said...

Guess we can only say that people differ. Why some are smart and others aren't? Some see positive sides and others the negative?

What I sometime miss in me is the survival quality, the street-smartness that some people have. They are the SURVIVORS, who can, by hook or crook, survive any situation. That has nothing to do with education and culture - my knees wobble, thinking of them... I see them around, in the Bank, among acquaintances, relatives - I secretly envy them too...

Mélange said...

The category who just keep it all inside can be tolerated.But there are many in the blogsphere who just desguise themselves as someone from royal terrain..This is disgusting to me,but what if they start describing you that this is a relief ? Ahem..people can make us masters of disappearing art..

I think being what we are,that does matter.

As Balachandran mentioned here,so called street-smartness I too lack..Never mind.Keep going is the attitude.

kavita said...

I feel that positive attitude can be developed with some efforts .I have always been inspired by people with positive outlook.Counting our blessings helps too.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

I agree 100% with Balan sir. There are times I really think, street smartness is all that matters. I envy a friend of mine, younger, a school drop out for the way he deals with situations. Tell him to fetch a dossier from Pentagon, he'll get it!

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia. @ Balan, @ Melange, @ Kavita, @run meethale chirakkal,

Certainly people differ from one another.
There is no point in ruing over ones inability to be as canny and street smart as the guy next door. It is in ones body chemistry, natural disposition. Conditioning may also play a good extent in formatting.

I remember at a lecture the emphasis given by some commentator that it will not pay by only being hard working , one must also give an equal dose of "smart work".

But then as Balan said the "smartness" may also have lot of definitions.

But it is a fact that sorrowful people, and the ones with positive charm , both can be contagious.


dr.antony said...

In simple terms,it is the way you are made,not on your own merits!

anilkurup said...

@ doc Antony,

Yes you are right, I guess. Makes much sense too

NRIGirl said...
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NRIGirl said...

I know a Joy who was never joyful. Then there are a few who are always cheerful. Then there is ME!

I am kind of glued to your blog now for the past hour or so... Can't get myself to leave... Thank you for the hearty welcome with such a lively array of posts!

Will be back to read the older and of course the newer entries.

anilkurup said...

@ NRI,

Overwhelmed! that is me now.

Thank you for the encouragement to speak my feelings, thoughts and state my opinions.I would equally appreciate if you choose to agree or differ.