Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Missives- of mutual encouragement

" Certain is that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic of a father to a daughter.In love to our wives there is desire;for sons, ambition;but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express".( Quote)

It is great feel to write to one's children , especially when you are separated by much physical distance. And exhilarating  it is ,to get back in reply a missive so comforting. I reproduce below  letters exchanged between a father and child, these came to me a day ago. First the letter that came in reply to mine.

Hey atcha ( Dad).....
Everything here is going good.... So there is no need for u to worry since you are far away!!!!
I'm going back to school today!!!!and will be back next month....my studies are going well.
Its gtng better now....my exams are beginning on the 16th of august....I will be. COming home next month 13th.....
I will keep mailing you!!!!whenever I get to use the Internet.... There is always a problem with that!!

You take care atcha.... ( Dad) ,don't keep worrying yourself about the things here!!!!
See you sometime....sooooon.

With love,


Dear Monkeys,

I only want to remind you ,that, you both must take care of yourselves
and one other. Don’t slip. Take care and well of your studies. If I was
there it would have been comforting for me,but now as it is I might
have to live away from you for long.
Do not make Amma unhappy.

Remember that most important, do not lose your self-respect. Make all
effort to build up a good future. Now remember, especially Aravi, not to
 feel disheartened. And do not be unduly worried about your
future. There is not something that should make you apprehensive. You are only twenty. And still some way to travel before you reach a place to settle down. You know what I mean? Take good care of your studies and be sincere to the field you have chosen.

When people realise that you are sincere, honest and dedicated
they will all lend you all help. Aravi, remember to meet Sangeeth uncle.
Send him your number and as he asked you meet him in Trivandrum, call him on the day he will be there and meet him.

Aravi now that you have realised the limitation  you have because of the
absence of any reading habits, what you and also Radhu must seriously
do is to develop a good reading habit. It is never late to possess good qualities.Aravi remember to read at least
three books a month. Begin reading good fictions and slowly
develop reading  serious stuff, writing will follow. Remember, even Sangeeth's father
reminded you of the need to cultivate reading.

Aravi you have capable people who really matter in their profession and that which now you have chosen, who are willing to assist you. Utililse that gratefully to your
A stint at the Film Institute  and under good  tutelage will do wonders. Just imagine the fortune of having men like Santhosh Sivan lecturing in the class!!!!

Radhu your college admission and your liking for Mumbai and Pune Universities  will depend solely upon the marks you
score in your ISC 12 th examinations this year.So take care. When you study , learn not just from the exam
point of view., but use that to develop an all round knowledge.

Always be careful about people. Observe them. Do not jump into
conclusion of a person being good or bad. All smiles are not smiles and sincere.Absence of smile also should not discourage you.
Especially Aravi, you have a habit I feel, of trusting and loving
people. Good, but take care and not to  be carried away. Most people are
opportunist and will vanish when you are in need or after they make use of your proximity and labour.
Again never lose "self respect". That is the worst form of suicide.

Keep a positive outlook to life. Sunshine  and rains will happen in life and that must be
taken with equal feel.

And both of you keep in mind to do today what you must do today. Don’t procrastinate,
postpone things that you can finish today.

Keep mailing me.
love Atchan ( Dad)


Bikramjit said...

reminds me when dad would write to me , i was in hostel I still have those blue inland letters with me ..

Now dad is no more I do go through them once in a while when i am homesick here ..

God bless the kids ...
you are indeed raising them so well hats off to you sir..


Insignia said...

"Again never lose "self respect". That is the worst form of suicide."

I liked this advice a lot :)

Mélange said...

I miss my Daddy..my precious Daddy.
The unique relationship between a father and daughter,you have to experience,I mean you can't describe,it's to be experienced.What I believe is the best form and character of a MAN can be seen in him as a FATHER.
Anil the daddy is rocking !!

dr.antony said...

That is a letter to keep.

We realize the value of things and relationships when we lose proximity.When we are awy from them,we realize how much we have loved them and cared for them.When we are together,we often taken things for granted.

One thing we often forget in life is to express our love to the near ones. We forget to tell our wife or children that we love them.One might ask,is there a need for that?I belive there is.

The time we stay away from our families is the time to realize the gift of having a family.

Thommy said...

The letter is in a class of its own...!!!

anilkurup said...

@ Bikramjit,

I can understand your feeling.
Bringing up is only half the job , the rest is up to the children, isn't it so?

@ Insignia,

Yes B, what is the respectability in living if one lives sans self respect? Having self respect will also ensure that one dose not go astray. don't you think so?

@ Melange,

Yes you are right. A fathers emotions for the daughter is unique.
Not rocking, trying to do my bit.

@ doc antony,

Cant agree with .you more doc

@ Thommy,

Yes some little pieces makes you look forward to...!

....Petty Witter said...

What a wonderful thing to share with us, many thanks. If only all fathers were like yourself.

anilkurup said...

@ Petty Witter,

Thank you for visiting. I cherish your comments

Shilpa Garg said...

Wow! What wonderful heartwarming letters! Thanks for sharing here! :)

anilkurup said...

@ Shilpa Garg,

Thanks SG. Yes you right.

Insignia said...


I agree with you. :)