Monday, October 3, 2011

The Void

It has been some days since I could collect myself to write and post on the Blog. And today is no different, though I have been almost daily, visiting blogs, reading posts and commenting on them. Some of the regulars have not fallen by the wayside like I have. Doc Antony has given an excuse of being over worked and Balan an alibi of nesting in Alleppy. Oshu who used to bring sharp topics with good language, vanished for a while resurfaced with something honest and candid, but that can still be abhorring to many. There are the earnest faithfuls like, Melange with her never ending repository of cuisine , Bindu with her usual self, NRIgirl as always, KParthasarathi  with his fictional chronicles, SG with her perennial challenges, Petty Witter with her tittle-tattle that has no dearth and Deeps with his discourses mantras.

We have Arun Meethalle still insisting to be an irregular frequent, Sandy still a blue moon, and the others as infrequent as they can get.

Should I infer that many others are also going through the intermittent phases when mind is blank and staunchly refuse to gather thoughts?  Do I go wrong if I deduce that the regular ones are unaffected by the numbness life craftily enforce? Some hold forth a reason of busy schedule and shortage of time for even a square meal. Should I understand that Bindu is having a relentlessly energetic time that she is faithfully and incessantly blogging? Or is it that she has the resource to overcome the malady of mental stress and ennui?And, Melange to churn plethora of gourmets delight? 
I cannot tell! But here I feel absolutely steamrolled over and cannot escape from the throbbing that happens. The mirror refuses to project the image of that stands in front -It is blank. Is it blank from soot? Or is it that it refuses to oblige? 
The Void!

A weekend in Dubai with a friend on an escapade plus a bit of prospecting has not helped. His generosity in cleansing me with good whisky and good food has not alleviated my plight. And makes me wonder if the medication that I faithfully intake has done little to assuage hypertension that afflicts, and Scotch has only been momentarily helpful- a transient tool and aid.

It is a damn thing, this mind is, that it worsens the situation that surrounds you! Seems to play up as it is a cul de sac.


Balachandran V said...

Every blogger/writer goes through it; i have, many times. Guess blogging too is an addiction, like a sundowner that we anticipate for the next evening. Maybe one should wait it out...

adithyasaravana said...

i would have written this blog myself.. you could see that it was almost more than ten days since i visited any of blogs.. like Dr antony, I too was tied down with practice.. I thought, I would stop blogging because i couldn't gather anything to tell..

NRIGirl said...

I was just begining to wonder and here comes the explanation!

Nice to hear from you anyways...

KParthasarathi said...

As Balachandran said this void is an occupational hazard that every blogger undergoes.But out of this malady ,you have contrived a delightful post and made your regular faithfuls happy at their names being mentioned.
As for me I am not busy except that I sleep in the day time and remain awake in the nights after returning from a stay of six months abroad.Still I manage to comment at odd hours.

Meera Sundararajan said...

First time on your blog. The thing about blogging is that you get used to having some people over visiting you and you reading what they write. So when they do not post and we are not regular it sort of creates that Void that you mentioned.

Insignia said...


Since I have started blogging; I have noticed that the state is contagious. Bloggers around you are energetic and enthusiastic; it sticks on to you; same otherwise.

Blogs are stress busters for me; when I dont get to read my favorites; I go low. I dont believe in "no time" concept but yeah lack of quality time can do harm. You can always post a pic or a one liner on your blog if you have no quality time; but we dont want to do that.

We connect with like minded people through this medium; we treat it as window to the world. This phase too shall pass. I am exhausted; not with the topics; but just not finding words!!

Lets wait for spring :)

anilkurup said...

@ Balan,

It is not dearth of subjects or ideas.In fact every act that we love are triggered by addiction isn't it?
Sundowner has not been an exception.
May be one has to wait it out as you say.
The ones who are not cowed down by the mind perhaps win the race.

@ Adiytasarvanan,

You Doctors can always hide behind the practise.But can that be a excuse? You have stuffed in more than you can consume.

@ NRIgirl,

Thanks for the kind remembrance. In fact I was trying to see what ails.

@ KParthasarathi

Good to know that you liked the scribbling out of ennui and helplessness.
I'm delighted to know you are enjoying the moments in your days.

Meera Sundarajan

A odd post that you stumbled upon when you are in my blog the first time. Yes a fellow blogger's hiatus can create a void in us.

@ Insignia,

Bindu, I cannot help agreeing with you in all sense of the word.
Yes this is a stress buster. But now the latter has taken a better measure of me.As Kavitha's Blog name says"My room" and how true!

Let me wait for the tide.

ousu said...

Anil - "the void" is just as contagious as Insignia said :)

maybe the sumptuous onam lunch did have an effect not just on our gastric juices, but the thoughts as well

anilkurup said...

@ Osu,

Discount the Onam indulgence. I'm away.
May be seasonal , and contagious.

Mélange said...

Cool,you will come out of this.Cheers !

anilkurup said...

@ melange,
I guess so. hope so.

Juxtaposition said...

Although I rarely comment on your posts, I always read them and find something new in each. Now this void, I am not really sure if its because you have a writer's block or if its because you don't find anything good to read in blogs anymore!

Blog is a totally personal space. It reflects the person behind it. And the person behind "Musings" can not feel this void for long. He is too good at voicing(wording) his opinions.

Take Care

Happy Kitten said...

Blogs and blogging have always been stress busters for me too.. maybe I am not stressed enough at present and hence am away from the blogging world. But this lets me read at one go, all that my fav bloggers write :)

But I hope you get out of this void soon....

anilkurup said...

@ Juxtaposition,

That is too good a confidence than I have ha. Thanks for the encouraging comment

@ Happy Kitten

Thanks , and I appreciate your comment.