Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hail Mahabali

Americans celebrate Columbus Day each year. In fact that day is a national holiday in the USA.
The officialdom and the citizens of the most wonderful and greatest country in the world exults on that day in memory of a alien from Spain who began the systematic annihilation of the native Indians  who owned and lived in the ‘new world’.
It happens in the Worlds greatest country who has acquired plenipotentiary powers from the creator himself.. And that necessitates that we respect that!

This morning I read a Blog relating to the Chinese manacling of Tibet. Again it was proved that there is no certainty that the native inhabitants of the land will have any right over the land, the culture, heritage and life that they preserved and brought down the ages. The Tibetans are foreigners in the land of their birth and the land of their ancestors..
Again all including us acquiesced the usurpation because of  the might of the Chinese!

The Palestinians are aliens and dispossessed in their on land. The financial powers of the Zionists have ensured that a fable could be treated as a historical fact and used to enforce their unnatural and dishonest right over the land of the native inhabitants.
Again might have silenced the dissenters!

Back here in India the tribals and other native inhabitants are being dispossessed and set on the run by the economic and commercial might. People are dispossessed and set as gypsies and aliens in their very on land and outside.

But the difference in the treatment of the mythical king “Mahabali” was that he was fortunate to enjoy the benediction of the Gods. Even though they dispossessed him off his land, he was retired to the comforts of the Nether land.
He enjoys a better treatment than the native Indians, the Tibetans, the Palestinians, and the natives of the many tribal and other hamlets of India

On this Onam season we can only wish that we and posterity will not have to leave the land of our birth and of our ancestors. To be homeless and alien in ones own land is perhaps the cruelest of all infliction of fate.

And let us hope that the agony of dispossession will not visit generations to come.
Besides the revelry in the reminiscence of  a bygone golden  era Onam must remind us of the agony  of being outcast in our land and  or having to live as a serf or an  alien in a foreign land.
So Wishes for a Happy Onam in Mahabali’s   name to all fellow Bloggers.


Insignia said...


I simply loved this post and in awe actually. You have weaved the message and connected with Onam so wonderfully.

There is no greater pain than not able to live in one own's country, or living in one own's country as an outsider.

I dont know if you have visited Bailakuppe near Coorg. Its the largest refugee center for Tibetans in India. The fact that they are living so comfortable there; have their own panchayats, their own land for agriculture and government facilities. Its really good to see them at peace; no other refugees in any other country would be treated this way I guess.

Wishing you a very Happy Onam.

anilkurup said...


Thanks a lot for ur understanding reply.
I think u got the message,
Special Happy onam wishes to u.
But living else where than ur own home ur own place of affinity be it in gold decked surrounds will not help.
"swarna kanchitha kootilanaengilum badhanam bandhanam thanne paril"

So the Tibetans in Coorg are still aliens in alien surrounds,

deeps said...

wish you a mood of joy n celebration this onam season...

hope Mahabali finds you and ur loved ones in good cheer :)

and wherever we are, wheater in homeland or away, we celebrate this feast in its real spirit...

Insignia said...

I agree with you. They would still love to be in their own land.

BK Chowla, said...

This is my first visit here and blog looks very interesting.I will return later.
My best wishes on Onam.

kavita said...

The country we belong to we call 'motherland'-- how could one be happy being away from the comfort,safety and happiness of her/his mother's lap.

Very well written post,wish i could write like that.

A Very Happy Onam To You Too Anil.

Balachandran V said...

History of the world is the history of conquests and submissions. From the micro level of individuals to the macro level of nations, one thrives at the decimation of another.

"Mahabali" is a myth in more than one way. That Utopia could never have existed; just look around - or read any day's newspaper.

Happy is the Onam when the jingle of money in the pocket is louder!

Hail Kerala, Hail Mahabali, Hail Pinarayi!!

anilkurup said...

Thanks young man for the good wishes.
Good to you too.

@bk Chowla
Thanks for the visit. I will certainly reciprocate. Good wishes to you too.

Yes dispossession is the loss of self respect.
Thanks for the comment. Good wishes to yiou too

Yes you are right .
The decimation of the meek and helpless that is what is".Hail Pimarayi and his likes and his ilk"

A New Beginning said...

Happy Onam and thanks for sharing such an informative post :)