Saturday, October 16, 2010

How Many More to Go?

Honestly it has been a welcome avenue of release, relief and empathy with distant others, many I have not even seen in person or even in photographs. It has been an avenue to put the load down and sit by the way in some comfort .I once wrote in a post titled “Why”, on the help blogging gives me. And why-because I feel so good about opening out to a great extent as it is like talking to someone who may listen. Not even one’s spouse or child would care to. It can also be talking to your alter ego.  If in the bargain someone manages to excavate an offence, presume hurt, or feels peeved, well, can I help? The medium itself is an excellent avenue to retort. So a riposte is always welcome. It is not a war or battle we are in!

I greatly appreciate Voltaire’s dictum, “I may detest what you say, but I m prepared to die for your right to say that”.

It is not “One hundred years of solitude”, metaphorically, but a few lines I could post as the one hundredth posts, and like the other ninety and nine, borne out of varied moods and disposition.

How many more to go.............? I know not!!!!!


Balachandran V said...

A milestone is a milestone, be it on the long roads of life or in the blog. Let's mark the milestone, lift an arm and squirt a little love and camaraderie! Congratulations!

Insignia said...

Wow!! Congratulations. Its no easy feat to write; and 100 is definitely a great one. Wish to read many more of yours and lets celebrate 1000 sooner :-)

kaalpanique said...

cheers.. thats a lot of good writing! heres to the next hundred!

anilkurup said...

@ Bals
I have only know about millstones not mile stones, Cynical ##@?%#, that I'm Nevertheless your opinion of the milestone is accepted.

@ Insignia
Come on one hundred is just a beginner.There are many others in Blogging fraternity who have crossed many a hundred and with substance.I wondered if I should ever mention the one hundredth post. But when I saw the media raving about Tendulkar's many hundreds, I thought why must I lag behind Ha ha ah !!!

@ Kalpanique

Thanks friend. It is almost thirty minutes past seven in the evening and your toast"cheers" reminds me that it is time to cheer a bit.

dr.antony said...

You are one of the bloggers I respect.
Don't take it as greasing,but you write so well.I don't generally feel envy,but when I read your blogs,I have wished if I could write the way you do.
Keep on writing.It is only the beginning.

anilkurup said...

@ doc antony,
Well doc thanks for the encouragement.