Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Surreal Experience

It seemed like the inside of a catacomb. Or was it an Egyptian tomb? It was feebly lit; darker perhaps inside- a solitary oil torch seemed to be eternally shimmering.
The air was archaic, the smell was stifling. I wondered how I came about inside there. I moved down the bend the granite walls menacingly pointed at places. They were colder than the mummified cadaver I stumble upon in the semi darkness. Beyond the bend in the tunnel it was darker, as the light thrown from the oil lit lamp was too feeble to reach farther.
I saw ancient trinkets strewn leisurely on the floor, partially covered by the dust and sand. Dust inside a catacomb? I wondered. Looked very much like the inner self of “genteel" world outside from where I wandered in, covered intermittently in dusty sand and corroded too.
I do not know how long I moved around. Deep in there, time seemed to have stood still, comprehension of time was nonexistent. Time ceased to exist. I slowly realised that I was not claustrophobic, I did not feel stifled, though it indeed must be repressing, I failed to feel though!, I did not miss the air outside, or the light of the day.. I felt more at ease in there amongst the mummified kings and queens.

There were many, some were laid on their back. And I felt some seemed to squat as if they held the posture for eons. And some were quite dismissive at my appearance inside there. Yet some seemed to frown the intrusion. Their convoluted faces and limbs seemed to tell that they were unforgiving, for being interned for those many past centuries.
Rattle snakes sans rattle slithered in silence- were they fearful of the mummies?Mummies who have now been constricted and interned for centuries and in temperamental existence. 

I moved into another chamber, then another, and still many other. Each chamber had a paraffin wax torch claiming to be burning to eternity; they were haughty in their statement even with the pale light they threw around.

And the Kings and Queens, perhaps, consorts too resting in perpetual anger. I did not feel fear, did not see the need to flee the way I took to flight from the world outside. But I saw that it was a one way ticket to in there- you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.
I remembered the song I loved much, because it reverberated from far away gently and then vehemently into my nerves and I felt the mummified Kings, Queens and their cohorts were coming alive, “On a dark deserted high way, cool wind in my hair……” 


Balachandran V said...

Surrreal, indeed! was it the mention of catacomb in my post that triggered your hallucination? Eerie!

Tomz said...

was it just an imagination...if you had made such a trip, kindly tell me d details..however d writing style was breathtaking...

dr.antony said...

I was reminded of the movie" The Vanishing".Try to download.It is the story of a woman who always dreams of travelling in golden eggs to the ends of universe.
I am sure you had a realistic experience.You smell,see and touch them,may be even talk to them.Do you believe in the other world?

dr.antony said...
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Insignia said...

Let me ask you this? Have you had a chance to visit the Catacombs of Paris? or any other catacombs?

It seems you have. The description seems you were recollecting those moments. Super!

Ashok Menath said...

A beaten flower pot will experience much more than this! ( atichchu pookkuttiyaayaal ithum ithinappuravum kaanaam: for those who don't speak manglish!)
Earie indeed.

kavita said...

One way ticket -feels eerie when you say that !Was it a dream or imagination ?

anilkurup said...

@ Bals,

You got it right. "The graveyard of Books" did the damage.

@ Tomz

Pyramids and catacombs of ancient have always been a source of mystery.and fascination. My friend this was just some imagination running through amok.

@ dr antony,
I will check the movie.
Do I believe in the other world?
Even the present world is too much to believe - well I do not know if there is another or other world.

@ Insignia

I have been to the ones in Rome and the fascinating place of skulls and bones there.The rest is something from reading. And honestly also the pic on the Post of Balachandran "The Grave yard of books" did it. I must be the funny one who wrote on Catacombs looking at a
shelf of dusty books!!

@ Ashok Mentah,

Ammachiyanne fit alla irunnu.

@ Kavita

"Hotel California" the song of Eagles. It ends on the note of a one way ticket dosent it? " You
can check out but can never leave".

Shilpa Garg said...

Very vivid description... felt like I was taking that trip myself!! Kudos! :)

anilkurup said...

@ Shipla Garg,

Thanks. I enjoyed the trip too.

kaalpanique said...

gripping! u cud write a thriller!

anilkurup said...

@ Kalpanique

Thanks friend just a try.

Sukanya said...

Through your imagination, we saw the catacomb and all without moving a little.

anilkurup said...

@ Sukanya

Thanks. I presume it is so inside.