Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The irony and contradictions of life  as noted many times over in  his powerful verses,
The late Tamil lyricist and poet Kannadasan
 Here is one which is quite thought provoking,

( I note this in the traditional Roman letters as this computer dose not help in typing it in Tamil)

"Buddhi ulla manitharellam vetri kanpethille,
Vettri petta manitharellam budhishali allai".


Insignia said...

Kannadasan's lyrics were like nails driven hard into your forehead. Such truth.

This song especially is abounds with the truths of life. This song has 2 lines that I love.

"avan kanavil aval varuvaal avalai paarthu siripaan
aval kanavil yaar varuvaar yaarai paarthu azhaipaal "


RGB said...

Powerful message and so true!

Balachandran V said...

Well, you know that i love almost all the songs of Kannadasan . esp, Oraayirum Parvayile... :-) Good old days, uh?

Raveena said...

I've heard these lines before only because they are lyrics to some famous cine song.

Ah, the ignorant generation that I'm a part of!

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,

You went a bit romantic , (and melancholy as well) with Kannadasan's lines.Sublime isn't it?


Yes you are right.

@ Bals
Oh ye " orayiram parvaile.......unforgettable those days

@ Raveena

That is the sad part the pity. We tend to shoo lyrics and film songs as trivial. But there where and are poets who pen them ,they are not just lyrics but poetry in sublime form.There is another piece,"meen shathal Karivadu, manithan shathal verum thode".

Insignia said...

I am a die hard romantic; thats why :-)

Yeah I did go a bit melancholic as well; you know thats what happens most times. You like someone, but that someone likes someone else!!

Why cant that someone like you...weird ways :-)

A New Beginning said...

Nice to know about him through your post :)

anilkurup said...

@ insignia

Perhaps that was why poets termed love - blind, sometimes devoid of reason.

@ A new beginning