Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Chat

Radhika , my daughter connected with me on the NET today and had a long chat. She presumably was on an outing from school and was accessing net from a Cafe.She is in twelfth doing her ISC at the "Pallikoodam" run by Mrs Mary Roy,( Arundati Roy's mother). Well that has nothing to do with my accolades or brick bats for Ms Roy ( junior).
The chat slid into the talk of the country , 'Anna Hazare" .And I felt  the excerpts would be some interesting light into an young mind. I did some editing to delete things concerning other matters and home .The rest are posted as it was typed out by us.
(Atcha is Mallayalam for Father).


Yes Radhu?
Hw R u?
Im ok , hw abt U?
Im fine too. I just gt over wth my exams. Hv 1 mor left, bt thats a stupid one.
Hw was the exams?
Was fine.. history was vry bad... literature wasn’t gr8 either, the rest were fine... gud ...can say.
Ummm ha ur usual answer!
But Cmon I did study properly
Oh im not denying that monkey
Hmnn, so hw is it there?
Pullin on
Whn r u cmn?
Cant say nw. Did u call Cabbage ( pseudonym fr C)and ur bro?
Nope I wl after this hv to search fr a phn booth. Atcha whts the blog u have and hw do I gt into? or anilkurup musings search in Google
I thnk ha I got it . Ow u wrote on Amma in ur anniversary blog!! Well  I was just wondering, hv u heard abt this man Anna Hazare?and his issue?
Yes I did, my last post was abt that.
Do u support him?
Yes I support the cause.Its long overdue. But wht will com out of the struggle, I’m not quite sure.
Heheheh ...I thnk the man is mad... and  is drvng the country crazy too!!!
Why do u say so?
Bcoz ... initially I do agree thst he was fghtng against corruption!! But nw ..he is just getting too much into the media.and his fast is stupid.!!
He is not . the media is after TRIP ratings. They want to catch money frm viewership.
His demands ...cnt b accepted by any government bcos its stupid .
It is not . it is bcos the govt is hell bend upon supporting the looters and do no want any law to stop that.
Asking the judiciary to be under the Lokpal.not acceptable!!we hv an independent judiciary, and he cannot stop that curb!!

There are certain things in the janalokpal that I would say is impractical or need wider discussion.that dosen’t mean that u should trivialise the whole cause.and demands as stupid . The judiciary will be independent as it is supposed now. Only that the allegations of corruption against judicial officers will be dealt under Lokpal.Radhu, now u need permission  of the thief to investigate a case against the thief..

Atcha, the whole India, those lakhs of people supporting!!Him?? are hypocrites!!every single person
  there is corrupt and they themselves are voicing against corruption. See.. the whole procession.. is based on lies and hypocrisies!!  And on Arundati’s article ouch!!  Thats why Im against him.

Yes we all r corrupt. That is the sad thing abt the country. We support Hazare and his cause and at the same time will bribe an official to get something done fr us. Wht is the alternative ? thnk and tell me .

See thats why , - make truthful and conscientious  people fight... and he will have no hypocrits and supporters at all.stop corruption at all levels. May be corruption will decrease!! But there will always b corruption. Its inevitable . Cant shoo it away forever and clean.

U said that Radhika! Stop corruption at all levels, Can u do that in ur life time? Will U?

I will try.

Try. How great atry?””,medium, or sincere?

Every one shud do that sincere.

It shud not be a small time promise.May be if u could ur children wl hv abetter life!

Yes certainly.

Yes i thnk I will trust ur words.


But Imay not be around to see that. Its going to be a long while.

Thats sad atcha, sad thing.. but Ill make sure things will be more peaceful.oh u have written on Arundati’s article.

Yep that was the last one after the post on the anniversary.

Nice, fr the first time she is wth us... our opinion!! He hehe. Anyway.

No on the contrary u r not wth her opinion

No Im nw wth her on this.

Analyse her opinion dnt idolise someone whether Ms Roy or Mahatma Gandhi.

Hmmm..well let me tell u and one of the reason ..why I dnt like Anna ‘s movement...he has a picture of Gandhiji behind him..well terrible.. he cannot compare himself with  Gandhiji. And he used Gandhiji as a tool to get supporters.

If someone has the picture of Christ , Vishnu or Siva with them does that mean that they are comparing themselves wth the gods?

Well atcha everyone is comparing him wth Gandhi and so is he.

Yes he is doing wht Gandhi did- satyagraha fast and taunt the government to take action against him or agree to the demands of the people.

Whn Kiran Bedi said ..that Anna is India .. I felt like he would come to power and rule over India.. and India would become a totalitarian stste. Gandhi and Anna wht a contrast!!

Kiran Bedis statement was an aberration al apse in the heat of excitement. She is different.

Well Gandhiji wasn’t a hypocrite. Atcha this man is ... didn’t u hear him threaten the government?He did hv the RSS link.. yes. ?

I gues yes. In his earlier days.But he has no links now.

Hmmmn..nobody can prove  that!!Anyway it is 11 th day into the fasr. Hw is he surviving?

You know Radhika, this guy called Bobby Sands , in the 1970’s , he was an IRISH Republican Army man in Northern Ireland. He fasted to protest the British policies in Northern Ireland. He died after more than a hundred day into his fast. He died of starvation and anemia. So 11 days is not great , though fr an old man like Anna it will take its toll.

Okay!!!U know Mrs Roy , the Principal. She is sometimes difficult lady. Why?

She never listens .. to others.. any1 against her opinion , she shoos them away!!

Some people r like that. I guess Arundati Roy too has got some of that.

But then she is the only sensible woman in school. But fr her the school would be a concentration camp.!!!

Ha ha!! As ususal u hv a problem wth women teachers .At the Laidlaw too u had the same difficulty.

Hehehe!!Oh atcha .. red the book ..”To Killa Mocking Bird” or seen the movie? Of Harper lee. Its noice the father charcter reminds me of u!!

Yes I did watch the movie who reminds u of me?

Atticus , the father

Idnt remember the character. What abt that and me?

His character, behaviour and the actor who did the role.. so much.. has a resemblance of u.

Behaviour, what did he do ?

OMG forget it atcha.Lol any way there ius this book Sonia Gandhi wrote abt Rajiv. I must read it

Ha u changed the subject.There is no great to read abt them. Honest!

Heheheh, why u so against them?Why?

I’m not against them. There iwas nothing really good or bad abt RajivGandhiOnly that he was stupid.

You mean visavis the tamil tigers?Who is not stupid according to u?every one is!nope Rajiv was affine PM uknowlol!!We’ll hv this debate later.

In all that he did while being PM he showed he was foolish, without ideas and even the Bofors he got stupidly implicated. He was silly.fella!!

OH that u. Im very much fr the Gandhis’cant help it.Oh atcha did u watch the TV show devils advocate?its so interesting!lol

U watched it Karan Thaper’s?

Yes Karn Thapers.

U have tbe well researched and knowledgeable to interview people like Thapar.

I know!! He intwd Aravind Kejerwal and PRasnth Bhushan... was so great.. we cud not study but watch lol  !!

Wht did u feel abt Prasanth Bhushan?

He is part of the tem Anna!!So hmm... nothng much abt him.

Yes but what is ur opinion abt him after watching the programme?Did he make any sense?

Wellwell ... it make me change my views no.

It made u change or not, wht is it abt Prasnath Bhushan?dod u see him honest?

I did see him on the show, he didn’t really say much . It was Aravind Kejerwal doing the talking. Maybe I can research on him and tell u
I see and abt Aravind Kejerwl?
I”M NOT FOR TEAM ANNA.......SO MY VIEWS AREAINST HIM MY DEAR FATHER!!!!got to go now . must call amma too bye atcha luvvuuuuuuuu

Ok da bye lvuuu


Insignia said...

:-) Nice to know father and daughter having a healthy debate. Anil, do you think your daughter will change her opinion anytime soon?

Its difficult to take sides here...both are right :)

anilkurup said...

Your comment came i faster than a bullet. I hardly switched off the Laptop after posting.

I do not want her to tag on to my opinion or for that matter any other. Until and unless she has examined the facts and reached her on conclusion.That counts for all of us .Aping is losing ones faculties .

Sometimes the twain shall never meet. It is healthy too if handled with civility.

Insignia said...

Well being Saturday I was hooked onto laptop without anything else to do.

Yeah thats the beauty of it. Though opinions differ one to has believe in it; not just ape.

NRIGirl said...

Cabbage? Ha ha! :)

Makes me wonder what they call Dad when the Mom and daughter get to chat...

Mélange said...

Nice one Anil.I enjoyed it completely.

My father was/is the most admirable man to me,with his honesty,simplicity and kindness.Moreover he was the synonymous of tolerance.We used to have debates in almost everything till I was 18 (he passed away that time).But you know Anil,I had my own views and if he feel/convinced the fact that what his teenager daughter says is sensible,he used to somehow acknowledge.But I have to prove.I mean in a harder way.
I owe everything to that simple human-being, for being my best friend,of substance.

So,cheers there Anil.

Balachandran V said...

There are certain fresh angles in R's observations. Subtle things like Gandhiji's portrait, Anna's previous links with RSS, Kiran Bedi's freaking out, the cracks in Team Anna - these are the little pinches of salt I had hinted at in the comment to your last post.

When in doubt, ask the young, they will give you new insights into life!

anilkurup said...

@ insignia,

ha B, if there is an award for the most regular, unfailing , honest, prompt Blogger, I'm certain than daylight , you will corner that without doubt. Thanks

@ NRI Girl, They call the dad H.W.Longfellow.

@ melange,

I'm moved by your sublime thoughts of the gentleman who mattered with all the difference to you.

Yes indeed interaction with the parents, especially the father was something that I miserably missed during my formative age. And if my kids do not miss it, it may still be a consolation for something that never reached me.

@ Balchandran,

The adage , "Child is the father of Man" is indeed sensible one.

There are things that perhaps did not strike us that R mentioned, as u also said now, the Gandhi picture and so on. The RSS link, the excited stupid comment of Kiran Bedi - well perhaps many of us are so desperate and longing to see a system in place when all these khaddhi clad felons and their accomplices are guillotined.
Hence the pro Anna campaign!

August 28, 2011 9:17 AM

kavita said...

Most interesting and refreshing.God Bless .Radhika is beautiful ,smart and intelligent.You are a great dad Anil .I see True democracy in your household:):)

anilkurup said...

@ Kavita,

Thanks for the comments. Democracy at home! I sometimes have to be coercive like Anna Hazare, but of no vail. My coercion or attempts whimper out with irritant moods that I show. Nothing much works out ha. Especially with Radhika's mothers very ridiclous intransigence!

As for Radhika, she is tough and argumentative ,no pushover. The boy is perhaps a
bit sensitive for the world.

Happy Kitten said...

A beautiful, intelligent daughter.... even after reading her beloved Father's views she remains adamant in hers... but let me hope that she is proved wrong :)

anilkurup said...

@ Happy Kitten,

Does it really matter if the father is proved right? I guess if we are able to instil a temperament of discussion and debate in the relationship,rather than the autocratic attitude of the elder or the delinquency and obstinacy of the juvenile we have won much for us and for the child. don't you think so?

Erratic Thoughts said...

This is very interesting and it reminds me of my debates with my dad...hmmm now I know what he might be thinking about me debating like that!
You have such an intelligent daughter, you make a very adoring father-daughter duo :)

anilkurup said...

@ Erratic thoughts,

Thanks for the comment. I earnestly hope that your observation stays true.
Do visit the pots often.