Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Observation-

Observation is an art perfected by artists of different hues. To lesser mortal like me that is a quality farthest from the personal chemistry. The observation that some of my kind has perfected from days when we graduated into trousers was to look agape at the lass that pass by, (Though in my case subtly, I do not believe in offensive gander).And in any case that is not the observation I thought about.

Being away on travel, though was not strange to me, living in a foreign land and in a society which, compared to my origins is culturally like wine and water, is an alien experience. So that in itself gives ample for watching, understanding and inferring. It is only when you pass through a society or live in its midst, which has not had  culture or traditional values that survived and helped the society or a nation to build, that one realises the fortune we Indians for example are bestowed with and enjoy. It can be a value that may be an offshoot of a certain religion or a political system, or just simple nihilist living. But sometimes what that you believe or that is imposed on you in itself – it can be a religion or a political ideology may constrict you, domineering and defile centuries of tradition and refinement.

Look towards Tibet .The culture of Tibetans have been usurped. Centuries old monasteries that were repositories of Tibetan culture were lost forever. The great march of Mao Tse Tung eliminated the great part of Chinese tradition. The Bolsheviks did their gory part in Russia. The wealth of Alexandria, the greatest asset bequeathed to humanity from the Ptolemy of Egypt was finally lost to the marauding Muslim fanatics in the 6 the century BC. Afghanistan and its tribal heritage along with the remnants of a pacifist way of life “Buddhism” vandalised by fanaticism and bigotry only exhibited by one solitary faith in the modern world. The world’s oldest city Damascus and the city of Jerusalem are now hostage to outlandish religious philosophies. American native Indians lost forever priceless wisdom and way of existence of life in harmony with nature they brought down from centuries, to the great thought of the western world, “Democracy”. The examples are many.
I wonder if this will be disputed.

What the West affectionately term as the “Arab uprising” is nonsense. And that cannot spread or happen as they wish. For any social revolt there needs to be an atmosphere that sees people as one. Fortunately for Egypt there must still be centuries old of culture that predated the usurpation by Islam. That was what unified the country and brought forth change. It will not happen in countries and societies that are nomadic for ages and have only an illusion created and cultivated by a man who claimed to be the Providential emissary in the middle of the 6 th century AD, to hold on as succour and hope. Religion cannot unify man- the stark reality was unambiguously shown by the liberation of Bangladesh. And it is again underlined by internecine rivalry and violence in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and many other parts of the Muslim world. For even what Islam calls the one and only true Providence cannot unite the Shiites and the Sunnis. Ironical, as this is a Frankenstein created by beliefs, faith and unwillingness to think! So what the US and its allies claim as whiff of democracy blowing across the Arab world  are only ember that are kindling out of dormancy, embers of deprivation and domination of one Muslim sect over the other. They cannot meet eye to eye!

Faith has bludgeoned ancient culture in societies in Syria, Iran and Iraq- the old Babylonian haven. If faith has reversed life, constricted human mind, defiled human spirit, it is in the Muslim world. In these societies, fanaticism of faith has emasculated Man and no education will reverse his fate for a few generations to come. I have not seen greater frenzied inflammation in worshiping than here in the Muslim world. To consign it with a dismissive comment such as, “it’s the matter of faith”, is the surest way of ensuring the contagion of intolerance, bigotry and barbaric philosophies, cross the seas and frontiers.


Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

I perfectly understand and hence agree with your point. If religions could've united the humanity or as its exponents claim, take us to a higher realm of consciousnesses, the world would've been a far better place.But sadly no honest debate is possible on religions, the reason is what you put it in six words, “it’s the matter of faith.” Who gives religions the power to dictate terms for us? What disgusts me the most is the 'azhakozhamban' conclusions - that all religions are good - we reach when we talk about religions!(Though I understand that this post is not just about religious vandalism, I feel that it is the most gruesome threat the humanity faces today)

Insignia said...

Cant agree more. Each of your reasoning is crisp and true.

We have to consider how much the West understands about the Arab society. An uprising requires very strong belief for a change - for the better. What happened in Egypt was the result of years and years of distress.

Try it elsewhere; religious fanaticism would crush it to the last seed; while the rest of the world will be a helpless mute spectator as in the case of the Taliban blowing away Bahamian Buddhas.

NRIGirl said...

"American native Indians lost forever priceless wisdom and way of existence of life in harmony with nature they brought down from centuries, to the great thought of the western world, “Democracy”."

So true!

Mélange said...

Comprehensive and insightful post Anil.

About what 'west' is commenting ? democracy and uprising ?It's all this idea of interference which they have tried and tested.When they helped Saddam once,they used 'religion & Sectarian conflict there.This entire Muslim countries have major sectarian conflicts within them.Take for example Saudi's interests in Pakistan,the way they played their part in decision making..Playing the card of democracy is much old fashioned;which they themselves have to realise.

Cheers !

anilkurup said...

@ Arun,
This topic of "faith" have been discussed many times on the Blog But even people with intellect desist from any discussion as if the word is sacrosanct and inviolable.
What consciousness will one get with religion , one will get more unconscious of self and the fellow human beings- zombie!

The matters of faith are so ridiculous that it is said,"In God we trust, and all the rest must have data".

Faith as the dictionary means is belief without verification and not empirical. And faith and blindness are just one.

The threat humanity face is hypocrisy of religions and the bizzaire dictum that those who do not subscribe to our ways are infidels.Its a scourge!You know what I mean.

@ Insignia,

I see that there is vacuum in the alternate power centers in all these countries with disturbances. Iraq is one such example- after the iron fist of Saddam was gone.

And Muslims brethren will unite only when they hear the alleged burning of their book. Else they are at the others throat- Sunni vs Shiite vs Ahemedias, vs Bhoras, vs Bahais etc etc.

So if the existing power collapse , it will be chaos or the coming of the extreme brotherhoods of Islam.

Both despicable and dangerous.

NRI Girl,
thanks. And western Democracy is not all white and pure.

@ melange,

The bottom line is bigotry and intolerance. Most of all a scourge.

Balachandran V said...

Looking at human history, one can see that such has been the fate of humanity. Like the birth and death of cells, so do civilizations, cultures, thoughts and values. Some have sustained over hundreds of centuries; most disappeared forever.

No civilization has been totally free of the bane of faith; in fact, it was faith that sustained them, it was faith that ruined them.
So would continue the course of human history. What faith offers us is blindness; so shall we remain.

The best that individuals can hope for is to see the light themselves and happily go over along with the setting of the sun...

anilkurup said...

@ Balachandran

"What faith offers us is blindness; so shall we remain".

The statement,it sums up all.

Hypocrisy is hallmark of all religious practises. But, Balan what I hear and see,this is something incomparable.

....Petty Witter said...

Another thought provoking post, it certainly gave me lots to ponder on.

anilkurup said...

@ Petty Witter,
Thanks. I guess you can equate with my points because the scourge is in your country too. People with hate philosophy based on faith making use of the freedom and liberty that your country provide and parading their ungratefulness in return.

Insignia said...

An interesting point I thought would share here.

The head of some Islmaic administering group in New Delhi has ordered Muslims to stay out of the Anna Hazare movement.

He said that his religion does not permit to praise the country or even the mother who brings them to this world but only God could be praised. So it was against Islam to chant "Vande Mataram", "Jai Bharath" and such.

No wonder nothing else can untie them apart from their religion

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,

B, this controversy over singing the anthem and the National song has been on and off going on , now for a while.

While swearing that I bode no ill to a persons right to stick to his religion or call it faith , I regret that till this moment I have not come across one man or woman who is a Muslim who asserts the oneness of mankind. They are seeing things in two tier , even the educated and the elite, the Muslim and the infidel ( who they loosely call believers in other faith).

The philosophy is obnoxious and myopic besides being absolutely untruth.
The bane is that they are so.

The solemnity of Indian heritage is that we are advised to see Mother, Father and Guru as the Gods in visual mode.The bankruptcy of the contrary is to not.

P.N. Subramanian said...

I fully endorse your views. Notwithstanding whatever you have written, that community will stick to their faith. Because they are forbidden from thinking and not always that they do not want to think. A matter of faith!

anilkurup said...

@ P.N.Subramonaiam,

Sir, "matters of faith" , that is the easiest alibi for perpetuating incivility.

Yes indeed they are forbidden to think.

Happy Kitten said...

Matters of faith!... Faith is fine as long as it does not turn us blind, deaf and mute. Faith is fine if it urges you to see this world as one. But it does not do so.. instead it creates fear in the heart of the faithful and makes them love their religion more than mankind. The zealots, religious ones have taken away any goodness that religion ever offered to a common man.

anilkurup said...

@ Happy Kitten,

You are right in every word you used. Moreover the fact is faith has nothing to do with empirical matters. It is just belief and hope that you are right.

The frenzy and hullabaloo that goes with practise of faith by the faithful is universal and the greatest misfortune of mankind.