Friday, August 5, 2011

Little Romance

Looking back it is funny, bit fascinating and a little blushful to recollect the silliness that surrounded the infatuations of the golden days of teen and early youth. And to now put them into words would look like kind of self-confessions of a juvenile delinquent. The prelate and the confessor are the same. Nope, it is not confession, as there is nothing in this matter that is sinful to seek  absolution through confession! I’m trying to live a bit in the past to see how fanciful and fascinating some of the romantic fads were. If one cannot find fanciful, cheering thoughts from those days it will be a wasted la affaire  with life. Those must be seen as the lighter side of experiences that one would be unlucky to miss out. Not many are unlucky, I guess but as I mentioned many may see it a bit awkward and embarrassing to savour it at a time when one has crossed much of life. It is funny to turn back now and look. Come on, though it was intense and (serious) affairs of life then!
I’m glad I’m no bard, no poet and or can I be operatic and bring all those into folklore.

I met her again quite by chance many years ago. I was in my home town for a weekend and a car that went past me a distance screeched to a halt. And she opened the door and came out beaming. It was an unexpected meeting, meeting of a kind as I had not had a thought of her for a great while.
 ‘Hello this is a pleasant surprise’, I said my mouth agape. ‘Were you following me or is it that I went the way you would travel’, I asked rather mischievously not waiting for her to reply.
She smiled and we shook hands. She had put on a bit of extra pound and the “Zeenie baby” (Zeenath Amman) looks and appearances that attracted quite a few eyes towards her was vanishing.
She laughed and said. 'Take it any which way you want’.
I was a bit wordless for a brief while, did not know how to move on the conversation and neither did she. A few seconds that resembled ages went by. And then I gathered to ask, ‘are you on vacation here from Hyderabad?’
 She told me that was so.
“Well what about the boss?” I asked and honestly wishing he was not there in the car.
She said with a squint and a slight smile, perhaps reading my thoughts, “He has not come down; he stayed back in Hyderabad on some business”.

‘So what is up with you? Continuing to enjoy life as a loner, don’t you have any plans to have a suffix after your name?’ She enquired with a naughty smile. I told her that it was the suffix after my name I was worried about all the while so I decided to let it be so for a while until I can fool someone.

‘Don’t you go down to Hyderabad for your work?’ she inquired.
 ‘Yes I do rarely, have been there a few times just for a day or so and would journey back as soon as I get done with the work’.
‘You could have got in touch. Oh yes I see perhaps you was bored with all that long ago uh?’ She may have meant that as an accusation of sort.
“Hey, are you accusing me? How would I know where in that city you live?” I pleaded helplessness.

‘Come on man if you wanted you could- get the address from my dad.’ She shot back.
 ‘By the way, how are they your brothers and parents?’ I asked as I wanted to divert from the subject.
Incidentally they were from Sind who migrated long ago to Th'puram. She let out a sigh and said. ‘Ill luck seems to be cloistered with us. D, died last year, the same end as you also feared and told me once, “He crashed head on, on his motorbike.”
It was some years earlier to that she lost her sister who was a few years older. C was allegedly murdered by her husband’s family. It was a case of bride burning, dowry death if one can call it. The matter was closed as self-immolation- suicide.

This boy D was a freakish speedster on two wheels and a brat, spoiled at that. Though I knew him as her brother, he got to know me from an incident where I played the “Good Samaritan”, when he got fairly bruised in a scooter accident right in my view some years ago while I was in college.

 Two little faces extended out of the car window. Hey I said moving a step towards the car, ‘what is it you have here’ ,I exclaimed and  patted the little faces and peeped in to see a third one- a cute little cuddle spread-eagled in the rear seat.
‘Yea my kids’, she said.
 ‘My goodness, hey this is a fast scoring rate’. I cried out loudly pulling my head out and facing her.
‘Yes man, what can I do, my husband wanted it so’. She confessed her helplessness.

That was the last time I saw her and it is now about twenty five years.


Insignia said...

25 years you said? Oh dear! memories still so vivid and fresh.

Yup, like it or not, smirk or smile; those infatuation were serious and intense and life affecting ones then isnt it?

Bikramjit said...

Well well god knows how many times I fell in love and then had a broken heart.. But a funny thing happened .. this was during ncc days in college , had a camp in luchknow where again as usual my eyes met a lovely beautiful punjabi kudi, and as usual it was love at first site .. we did talk as we were doing the dance show anyway camp finished and we went to our respective places , she to amritsar and me to chandigarh..

years later I met rather she recognised me at Dubai airport i was going to india she to usa and we got talking , she had two kids and as we got talking her flight got announced and she said as she was parting .. Why did i not propose to her :)

Those were the days..


....Petty Witter said...

Big sigh ..... So good to take a walk down Memory Lane. Funny how big our trials and tribulations seemed then when life seemed to be lived at 100 miles per hour.

kavita said...

The meetings are much more vivid and alive in memories than the actual infatuation period made me remember something similar :):)

Balachandran V said...

In the background, fading notes of violin and flute...

anilkurup said...

@ insignia,

Yes indeed , it is a pleasure to think of those days.And damn serious were the thoughts.Some graduate with it and the rest like me relive the moments now.

@ Bikramjit,

Yes ofcourse most have a similar story if not a hotter one.

@ Petty Witter

Ye Memory lane ,like the "penny Lane" like Beatles sang. It was a crazy trip then.

@ Kavitha,

Good to know you are a company .And yes indeed the aftermath , meeting after those many years are vivid.

@ Balachandran,

Yehudi Menuhin and Chaurasya would do. But got to bring back the former from the nether world.

Mélange said... know Anil,you are real naughty..The way you have converted the 'Zeeny babe' past,the feelings,I loved that.It's like truly a nice memory,yet have a smooth pattern of communicating with that subtle humour..That's the way,perhaps the one with 'Anil touch'..

anilkurup said...

@ Melange,,

Oh that was an observation that sparkles.When my friends opine that I have a knack for directly offending.

dr.antony said...

Little sparks of celestial life !

anilkurup said...

@ doc antony,

celestial oh not certainly not now. But then may be yes . S in most cases.

NRIGirl said...

Anil Sir! Just love your posts - where you open up about yourself!

anilkurup said...

@ NRI Girl,

Oh thank you . Believe me not so sale out confessor I;m!