Friday, August 12, 2011



In 1980 Mark.H.Macomark, a Yale educated lawyer and an agent by profession, a pioneer who transformed professional sports and athletes into money making machines, wrote the book “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School”. I bought and read that when it was published and is in my collection. I wished and fulfilled my heart that reading what they do not teach you at Harvard was a lot better than what you learn there. A various feeling of “sour grapes”!

What the Golf legend Arnold Palmer, Tennis aces of the open era ,the host of other professional sports men, the once sagging Wimbledon tournament  and many of such names and concerns that are to do with sports and athletics, saw a revolutionary resurrection in fortunes because of Macomark’s ingenuity.  His company IMG was the first agent for Tiger Woods. And Macomark was not a Business school alumnus.

This old reading came to mind this morning when I was on the Blog reading Oshu’s,"The March of a Proletarian”. The crux of the post was the absence of ethics in life. Well the quality is a premium product and best done away with if success as measured in society is what is to life.

Certainly Business schools are not to be swiped at as they are meaningful too. But it seems to be a common factor found in most high profile Business school products that we know very well and who are now around predating in the Corporate Jungle that the qualities which Mark. H.Macomark outlined in the preamble pages of his book as the Ten Commandments, seem to be an anathema to them. And they are not defiled by the exhortation.

But the moot question that defies an answer after all these years of struggle in business and I still ponder for an answer is, is ethics, morality and principles necessary to be successful in life? Is all successful corporate giants’ repository of these qualities? Will share holders accept ethics and principles in lieu of fat dividends and returns?
No, is the answer. And I watching the movie “The Informant” yesterday night only made it clearer that after all, all that matter in life is success and success is measured with money, the wealth one creates. And success measured with whatever bench mark makes success obligatory. The killer instinct has to be in the body chemistry, else....!

Here are the Ten Commandments of Mark.H.Macomark.  A man who was very successful in business and what he emphasised besides all is street smartness. And that is relative. Isn’t it?
Also, the Ten Commandments laid out here can also be the pivot for a person, be he a lay person or an elite.

1-Never under estimate the importance of money
2-Never overestimate the value of money.
3-You can have too many friends in business.
4-Don’t be afraid to say no.
5-Speak less.
6-Keep your promises, the big ones and the little ones.
7-Every transaction has a life of its own.
8-Comit yourself to quality from day one.
9- Be nice to people.
10-Dont hog the credit.


....Petty Witter said...

What a wonderful, thought provoking post. I'm fascinated by those 10 commandments - number 9 (Be nice to people) would certainly be my top one.

Ashok Menath said...

Veritas vos Liberabit

Does this ring a bell?

(The) truth will set you free

Come on, it's our college in Trivandrum! nowhere near the hallowed ones you mentioned though.

kavita said...

I don't know why but i thought of Donald Trump after reading your post.

anilkurup said...

@ Petty Witter,

Good of you. But take care at the same time.

@ Ashok Menath,

Honestly I have not noticed or remember this pasted in Ivanios. In any case Latin wasn't my Language -II( ha).

However the Harvadians too borrowed the statement.

@ Kavita,

Donald Trump. The once failed, manipulator Business man?

That is a strange thought. I too do not understand how Trump came into your mind.
Trump is the antithesis of everything Macomark stated and is the chaste example of the stinking American corporate culture. I despise his "Apprentice" on TV . "You are fired" the arrogant insensitive monologue that Trump has.

The Holy Lama said...

Ethics wedded to business gives the concern the ability to handle change and carry on. Nice bit to share.

anilkurup said...

@ The Holy Lama

I do not know if the strength that you mention goes with practise of ethics in business or for that matter life in general.,

It again is depend upon the person , the protagonist.I guess.

Bikramjit said...

Loved the ten commandments and HOW true they stand .. Keep your promise always .. thats a sign of a true man if i must say ..
a man of his word always does good ..

Thank you so much for shairng


anilkurup said...

I 'm a cynical fellow and will not hesitate to say that the exhortations or the ten commandments will remain very much in the books

Insignia said...

Those are nice commandments. But who follows it? The one who follows; wouldnt survive; isnt it?

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,

I do not disagree with you. certainly not.

But a pot shot at the B schools which of the lot will give a course in ethics , social responsibility and accountability?
I wonder. Will some one enlighten me? The way things are in the corporate world "Hail Mary"!

Insignia said...

Oh those are to be 'studied and forgotten' :)

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,

I presumed so.