Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Journey into Fantasy- 1

Things I like to do, I wish to do. But then if wishes were horses and if horses could fly..........!      

When it is vivid that dreams may not befall upon us as truth the wise way forward is to dream itself. And I decided to fantasise some of the wishes that may come true yet, may be not- for to  hope is the way forward. .This is for now a journey into fantasy. The beginning of the journey to places and may be people I wish to see, to be. A one way ticket!

I begin my journey from down south and in my SUV, from the south western coastal town of Thpuram. I journey straight to Munnar and then ensure that I reach the Eravikulam National Park by foot. That was a journey I, Balan and the “evergreen chum” of us undertook a few years ago and spent a few days, the three of us in the grassy wilderness. An unquenchable experience there in that abode of quiet!

I walk the fifteen odd kilo meters from a little hamlet outside Munnar all alone. Slowly, away from human settlements I walk up the gradual gradient into the hills and into  the expanse of green grass and evergreen Sholas- that Eravikulam is. And I will then revel in the solitude that the Sholas and the expanse of grass that stretches tearing through the horizon and the hills; the howling winds, the cold and the lush green swaying grass all round ; with lush dark green shoals spotted in a haphazard beauty only nature can perfect with imperfection; solitary in that hut with trenches around to ward of the Pachyderms and other beasts of the wilderness.As I  tread by the whiff of wind that blow past me take with it the human scent  and the herd of Sambar deer grazing in the valley afar turn their heads in suspect and alert. They watch me move along and dismiss my presence .

 I stay there for days, know not how long. I take bath in the pristine stream that runs nearby -its source from the  springs amongst the expanse of grass that surrounds ;watch the kite hover a few ten feet above me for hours at length as I lay gazing up at the sky.An occasional jackal might sniff by inquisitively, a hare.... The herds of Nilgiri Thar may watch me up close but wary. And I will blissfully fall in trance aided by the berceuse that the minas, the sparrows, the jays, the robins and the thrushes sing in abandon.

At night I sit by the front of the hut and gaze at the clear starry night sky with a glass of the splendid whisky from the Scottish Highlands-“Glenlivet” without defiling it with water or other additives. The moon in its full will have slowly lurked out from behind over the hills and envy at what it may perceive as my nonchalance. Then know not why, she decides to shine on me like an irrepressible damsel. I enjoy and salute her goodwill raising my glass .The sound of cymbals of the forest -trumpeting of the Elephants will be heard not too distant far and the stars up in the sky twinkle in recognition.  A pack of jackals will howl from the stream nearby- perhaps announcing the moon rise or a lingering carnivore, but they will sound like the music of the night. .The leopards or the tiger that may be lurking in the nearby Shoalas will watch the intruder – me with some bother. But they, will soon smell I m no usurper.  The fireflies fly in the dark as sentinels that guard me.  
Then, there I will not hesitate to bow if “death” comes by. Because it is only a lucky few who can die in Paradise.


Insignia said...

:-) Whats up with you guys? Weekends so Whiskey?

Just read Balan's latest post.

I have experienced that "I can die now" moment a few times. Thats when you realize - its not the SUV you drove, the wealth you have, the fame you earned....nothing matters.

Its the fulfillment got from few loving people around you, the nature's beauty...its bliss.

kavita said...

I know this feeling Anil ,i know :):)

Balachandran V said...

Like Gerald Durrell's mother's famous comment when she saw a place she really liked: "I'd love to die here"!

anilkurup said...

@ Insignia,

I scrambled to read Balan's post as soon as I saw your comment. The guy was in his mood , his elements.

Its not fulfillment actually.That matter is relative.It is the little things in life one wish was real for the taking. May be a small experience of something makes you wish that it was there always for your taking.

An ordinary persons feelings.Just ordinary!

@ Kavitha,

You feel the empathy.Thanks.

@ Balchandran,

Do not know what Mama Durrell said. But sometimes may be often one feels that a lot has been missed out

Bikramjit said...

I had that moment when i jumped from 14000 ft .. IT was blisss


adithyasaravana said...

aha.. unadulterated whiskey.. of everything else.. this brings a smile to my face..
and I keep smiling..
all my whiskey friends have abandoned me..
I experienced this bliss some 2 years back in meghamalai.. this was the other side of munnar towards tamilnadu..

anilkurup said...

@ Bikramjit,

I have the most terrible feeling when on a roller coaster or a giant wheel. But then thrill is as you may have felt. Was it sky diving? Imagine the thrill of a mountaineer when he steps on to the top of the Everest!!!!

To be blissful even for a moment is fortune in plenty!!!

anilkurup said...

@ adhityasaravana,

Thanks for the visit. Honestly Im less than a novice when it comes to such expeditions.,
But I did have one such trip to Eravikulam that was unfortunately not as it should have been. Though I savoured moments there. The fantasy and the Whiskey is in aid to a paradise not gained.

....Petty Witter said...

At night I sit by the front of the hut and gaze at the clear starry night sky with a glass of the splendid whisky from the Scottish Highlands-“Glenlivet” without defiling it with water or other additives - also my husband's idea of fulfillment.

anilkurup said...

@ Petty Witter

The spirit alone cannot do the magic. The spirit and the ambiance!!!
Hi to your husband. Will remember him next time around when in such bliss.

Ifra Khaliq said...

Last line are just amazing! to die in paradise, who will hesitate :]

anilkurup said...

@ Ifra Khaliq

Yes paradise is here in this world and not metaphorical illusion like they teach in some faiths.

To know is to experience.

NRIGirl said...

Enchanting! Mesmerizing! The dream I mean...

anilkurup said...

@ NRI Girl,

I wish it came alive!