Sunday, August 28, 2011

Three options & Mine

There is much happening in India, which is my country and all Indians are not my brothers and sisters. Because the guy living next door is Christian and the fellow who sells me meat is Muslim. Then I have these swarms of low caste wiggles and moths around who are caste and many sub caste. It is a cauldron of discordant wiggles big and tiny, India. The bane or boon as you see fit, the legacies of the Hindu way of life.
And what am I? I’m pure blood, chaste( by birth something that is not determined by our volition) Hindu. But will I qualify among the elite class of socially upper caste among Hindus; the Aryan blooded (as claimed) Bhramnical species? Well that can be debated when we have dealt with the menace who sells meat and the proselytising nuisance next door.

The Pepperoni, Macaroni eating Italian lead Congress and their cahoots must cede power to the party who represent the majority of eighty percent plus Indians. That by now, they must have amassed their share of plunder and loot so mammoth since the Bofors which can dwarf the combined efforts of Muslim hordes and invaders from the times of Muhammad of Ghazni and Muhammad of Gowri.  It is time to give the rest of the cohorts a chance a fair one at that. Once the dynasty is gone ,the party  of Hindus, the BJP the pure Indian nationalist force , can then elect Mr Praveen Tagodia ( the Mullah Omar) of the VHP as the Prime minister and Mr Narendra Modi( the Adolf Hitler) of the BJP as the Minister of Home. Bajrang Dal can be the moral police. Because they all put together is combination of force having the trait, gumption to effectively cleanse, purify and Talibanise this land off foreign and defiled blood. Amnesty International, human rights the whimpering Court at The Hague, the UN – my foot!

A law that is said to be codified by Manu the law giver in ancient India , who is considered  the progenitor of mankind-his Smriti or “Manava Dharmashatra” was the codified laws of the ancient land. The Hindu militants want to provide authority to the text by insisting that they were codified as given by Bhrama, the creative genius of the pantheon .And then give it an aura that can rival or stand up to the some other codes that prophets in the orient who predated and came  after Manu lay claim to.It will be the official law book, the Sharia of modern India. Mercifully there is no account related to this ancient text, that Manu was given these treatise by God when he was incommunicado in some remote mountain cave. 

The History of India will be recast. Like Emperor Constantine who destroyed all pertinent documents relating to Christ and many other versions of the Bible to finally choose the one which he deemed fit for posterity and refurbish the life of Christ and the history of Christianity.The new dispensation in Indraprastha will redefine and sauté medieval Indian history in chaste hindutva,(what is chaste Hindu is still not defined and cannot be as there are no tyrannical  code of conduct  a Hindu must follow). The fact that Indians were not Hindus and there was no Hinduism in the land until after the Harappan Era and the Vedic age towards the 1500 BC is a matter that will be erased once and for all. May be India and the Hindu Indian will replace the cradle of mankind- the African continent.

Modern Indian history will be devoid of renegades and traitors such as Gandhi, Ghokale, Subash Bose, Tagore, and Nehru and so on. The ones who blasphemed Hindus and Hinduism, who gave away much to the ones left behind by alien cultures. And fittingly their names will be erased from Indian history.

Converts and those who were lured by foreign faiths may either reconvert or sail over to their promised lands. All places of alien faiths that are certainly built upon the real places of birth of Hindu legends and supermen will be demolished and rebuilt as temples of modern India.

A new India that is cleansed will be born. An India based on the hierarchy of caste, rules enforced by the Hindu Sharia.

That doesn’t augur well with the Vatican who has much stake in the country and has to care for its flock of the diasporas scattered across the sub-continent. Though, more so because the Vatican has serious threat from the revelations that it protected within its prelate core, sexually perverted and starved shenanigans. Its stock among faithful has plummeted. And the days of the Inquisitions are gone for Vatican to retrieve by means of terror, its lost ground. Also it has serious threats from inroads made into its fabric, its following, by the Neolithic evangelists. A bigger threat than when Martin Luther rebelled and broke away and formed the Protestant order.

That may ask for a Crusade of the Modern era. The Hindu Taliban would have banned   proselytisation that is akin to severing the life line of the Church. Morally repugnant too because the sole road to salvation and God’s will is only through the corridors and maze of winding passages the Church opens for its laity. So crusade it will be (It will need some imagination!). And this is the time to resurrect the dictums in the old version of the Lord’s Book-“an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. As a prelude the laity will entrench a wooden crosses at every square , and send faithful scampering up mountain tops and rocky cliffs to paint the “Saviours” words in white enamel paint. It is time to go back to the belligerent version of the Lord's book.

We have now reached an interesting phase as to how the contemporary Indian history may be written. However the Armageddon has not arrived yet. It will in the name of the Merciful!

A caliphate extending from the Straits of Gibraltar, spanning across Eurasia and through the Indian sub-continent on to the shores of the pacific. The old dictum , so effectively practised in the middle ages , conversion by the sword, will be the official policy. A dream - the God’s will that must be made a reality, so much of the world is devoid and purified from infidels. As for the Americas they would be obliterated, their people and the factories, the skyscrapers, as already once proved.

Barbers, hair dressing saloons will be thrown out of business and forced to close shops. For, all men will have to keep their hair and whiskers. As for women it really will not matter if they do or do not  manicure or pedicure for they will be cocooned in chadors. Black as the Grim Reaper! Temples of the infidels and churches of the apostates  will be blasted into oblivion. The wealth hoarded within will be used to build schools that produces catamite’s .Revolutionaries  and suicide bombers will  unfortunately go jobless. No more necessary, as the planet will be cleansed of the big Satan and other infidels. Music, movies, dancing, revelry all will be outlawed and punished with death by severing the head or stoning. Firing squads will be avoided because the colour of blood of the infidel when it gushes out of the gaping hole in the torso is Gods will, a pleasure to watch! After all it must be understood all is in the name of the Supreme Providence, the merciful and the compassionate and for him the blood of the dogs are shed.  Canines will be electrocuted out of existence , for they are filthy creatures like the swine.

There will be no tax, no bank interests for loans and deposits and police will ensure that citizens pray prostrating  many times a day. Men would marry many, have concubines and catamites too. Education of women will be banned. And they, even  will not be allowed into the preparatory schools  for journey to paradise. They would be taught social acceptance of life within citadels and coexistence with other women inmates in the harems.

The new way of life , the life as decreed by the Supreme being will ensure that every citizen will be transported ( males) to heaven after death, where,  there in Paradise awaits  each of them a score of exotic voluptuous women and half dozen chubby catamites. All for the taking. Yes you may also  consume spirit in Paradise.

If suggested these options I would prefer an easy exit to paradise - explode a thermo nuclear device!


Jijo Kurian said...

My only option is to opt out of all three options. Thought provoking and well written!!!

Insignia said...

Haaa wont someone like Buddha come to rescue? :-|

Daniel said...

This is simply beyond my comprehension but i have to admit this is very well written.. will read it a few more times..

NRIGirl said...

Who is this Daniel? How did he know what I have to say?!

Mélange said...

Hilarious I must say.
The way we are narrowing ourselves on a daily basis,even we can't imagine.

What seems interesting is the heaven offered for MEN.I salute you for writing that sensible here.When it comes to justifications,for any so called lunatics of the world,they speak the same language there.

And then,you opted for the awaiting paradise..hehe..God Bless !

Happy Kitten said...

What made you so disgusted with this world so as to pen the truth in such a cruel manner?
nd now all I can hope is that you are not a prophet :)

adithyasaravana said...

I am actually.. what to say.. not confused and all .. what happened to be a thought provoking one, laced with dry humor ultimately left depressed..
but have to come back again to read..( off to madikeri on a family vacation- long overdue)

anilkurup said...

@ Jijo Kurian,

Yes your option is indeed wise. But yet, I d hold the view that it is better to nuke the planet than live dreary through any of these madness.

@ Insignia,

Buddha? Do you remember that the second nuclear explosion of India that took place under the BJP led government had a code named for it,"The Buddha smiles". Ironical indeed to name a weapon of destruction after a man of peace!

Rescued- if you want to be rescued either do not run after any isms and dogmas or keep your faith as private as your tooth brush.

@ Daniel,

May be incomprehensible. But promise you the ideas quoted are not outlandish.They are bizzaire and in the hearts of many elements. Especially the genre I mentioned last.


Now Daniel may ask ,who is this NRIGirl? How did she know what I have to say?
And I'll be caught in the cross fire.

@ Melange,

Honestly ,the promise of paradise with the trappings I mentioned is not joke.The offer and the dream is injected into young brains.How they do it with such intensity and ease is a psychological mystery even Freudian men may not know.

And you are right when you say that the lunatics of the world speak the same language.

Ha , no I did not opt for that paradise.It was metaphorical only.

@ Happy Kitten,

Thanks for the comment, though your visit is a rarity.

Disgusted , yes I'm. Repelled!
Because what may be termed philosophies that must make man live a full life without denying the fullness to the fellow being , has always been the scourge that threatened to destroy man.

And Prophets are not panacea for the ills. And some were charlatans too.Look around you may see the results.

@ Adityasaravanan,

Sorry if I disappointed. Do enjoy your vacation with family, those are the moments in paradise that we are sure of ha.